Don’t forget to dance in the rain…

If there’s one thing I wish for you, it’s a lifetime of happiness. I’m sorry I can’t be there to see that through with you but you need to promise me you’ll carry on now that I’m gone and fight for your happiness. I know you struggle to let people in and I know you’re so worried about losing the people you love, but you can’t live your life that way. Life is like a storm, one minute calm and the next it’s all chaos and mess. Promise me you won’t wait for the storm to pass. Promise me you’ll dance in the rain.

I whack my hand over my best friend’s mouth before she can blurt out anything else. “Shh,” I caution her while she wrestles with me to remove my hand from her mouth.

“Don’t tell me to shh,” she mutters as she wins our wrestling match. “Don’t you think women everywhere need to know there are men on this planet who are well hung and know how to use it?” She grins at me once she has the words out and I can’t help but laugh with her.

“You’re right; it’s a rare gift,” I concede and raise my glass at her. “Cheers to men with huge cocks and the talent to use them well,” I say before throwing back the rest of my drink.

The bartender shakes his head at us but there’s a smirk on his face. Leaning across the bar, he looks at Erin and says, “If I knew all you were after was a guy with a big dick, I would have let you know weeks ago that you’ve found one.”

We’ve been coming to this club for a couple of months now and these two have been flirting ever since. He’s hot, but I’m fairly certain Erin is after a guy in a suit, not a dude pulling beers.

She leans closer to him and says, “I’m after more than a guy with a big dick, Romeo. If he can’t use that thing well, I’d rather fill my vibrator with batteries and sort myself out.”

He leans away from her and reaches for our empty glasses. “No need for vibrators, babe, my dick is extremely talented. All you gotta do is say the word.”

Erin waves him away. “Yeah, yeah, that’s what they all say.”

Mr Bartender shrugs. “Your loss. Now, do you girls want more drinks?”

I nod and he gets to work on our cocktails. We’re each about five drinks in and I’m feeling the buzz, which is exactly what I needed after dealing with Lennon yesterday and last night.

“So tell me, how did Jett handle learning about Lennon?” Erin asks, looking at me expectantly.

“You’ve been hanging out for this all day, haven’t you?”

She grins. “Yeah, you know how much I love juicy gossip. Now spill.”

Sighing, I fill her in. “He was great. To be honest, he was more interested to know why he’d never met me before, because it seems as if he’s known Lennon for years.”

Erin seems disappointed. “Is that it? He didn’t get all possessive of you? Didn’t have a punch up with Lennon over it all?”

“No. He did tell Lennon to leave but that was about it.”

Her shoulders slump and a frown lines her face. “Well fuck, I was hoping for something more interesting than that. Jett can’t be perfect all the damn time. His flaws have to show soon.”

Smiling mischievously at her, I tease, “The interesting part was when he took me home -”

She cuts me off. “For fuck’s sake, Presley, I don’t need to hear how fucking awesome he is in bed again. Can’t you see I’m dying of sexual frustration over here? Women like you with their perfect, penis-slinging men should never be allowed to mix with sex-starved women like me.”

I can’t help but laugh. Pointing at our bartender, I say, “You could change your sex status tonight, babe. Romeo here would be more than happy to help you out.”

He is just placing our drinks on the bar as I say this, and nods in agreement. “Happy to help where I’m needed.”

Erin sighs and places her head on the bar in defeat. Still laughing, I hand him some cash to pay for our drinks and he leaves us in peace.

“I think he’s got the message; he’s gone,” I tell her as I take a sip of my mojito.

She looks up and mouths a “thank fuck” as she drinks some of her cocktail. “He’s fun to flirt with but I was never interested in sleeping with him,” she admits.

“He’s not really your type, is he?”

As she opens her mouth to reply, the noise in the club suddenly grows loud, and I look around to see what has caused it. We’re a fair distance from the front door but I can make out that a group of people have just entered and are heading our way. The crowd has surged toward them so I figure it’s perhaps someone famous.

“Is that Jett?” Erin yells out, trying to grab my attention over the sound of the crowd.

Squinting, I realise she’s right. As they come closer, I can see all the guys from the band.

“Did you know he was coming here tonight?” she asks before I can reply.

“No,” I yell back at her because the noise is getting even louder the closer they come. I’m beginning to feel claustrophobic with all the women who are surging through the crowd with the guys, desperately trying to latch on to one of them. Thank goodness for the four security guys with the band; they’d be crushed without them.