“Yeah, we’ve gone through it all, and he’s advised me of what he thinks I should do and I’ve agreed to that, but shit, it’s fucking hard to think about the loss from today. I just hope to hell the market doesn’t crash further.”

“I hope so, too.” Her words leave her mouth as she takes one more step.

The anticipation rushes through me and I feel like a fucking junkie craving a fix. I don’t think I can hold myself back much longer. If she doesn’t take that last step soon, I’m going to lose my cool.

She takes the last step and I exhale when her arms slide around my waist and end up planted on my ass. Her lips come to mine for a moment and then she feathers kisses down my neck, causing my dick to jerk.

“Fuck,” I groan, needing more and trying like hell not to rip her clothes off. For once in my life, I’m trying to let someone else have the control.

“Is that a ‘fuck, keep going’ or a ‘fuck, stop’?” she murmurs against my neck while her hand moves over my ass.

“That’s a don’t-you-fucking-stop fuck,” I say and move my hand to her breast. “I’m so fucking sorry I sent you that text tonight. My head was out of the game for a moment there.”

She undoes my jeans and takes hold of my cock. “Do you think you can get your head back in the game long enough to fuck me?”

My restraint comes crashing down and I sweep her off her feet and carry her into the bedroom. Throwing her down on the bed, I pull my shirt off and rip my jeans and boxers down. My eyes meet hers and I growl, “My head’s back in the game one hundred fucking percent. You want me to fuck you? Just try to stop me.”

I kneel on the bed over her and pull her to a sitting position. A moment later, I’ve got her shirt and bra off and am working on her shorts. We frantically work together to get them off and when she’s naked, I tell her how tonight’s going to go down. “Tonight you’re gonna ride my face.”

Her eyes blaze with lust and she nods before kissing me. Her tongue plays with mine and there’s an angry feel to it. She’s forgiven me for sending that text, but hell, if she wants to take her lingering anger out on me, I’m down with that.

I let her end the kiss and then I ask, “You still pissed at me, sweetheart?”

Her eyes stare into mine. “Kind of. I don’t want to be, but I am.”

She gives me the honesty I love from her and I take hold of her hair and pull her head back with it. “First you ride me, then you fuck me however you want. And, baby, the rougher the better,” I say with force.

I watch her take that in, and the moment I see the switch in her mind flip, I know we’re in for some good sex tonight. She takes charge and pushes me back on the bed, my head at the bottom of the bed in the corner. Next minute, she’s standing and positioning her pussy over my face.

I reach my arms back so I can put them around her hips and hold her to me. Looking up at her from this angle is fucking hot; an eyeful of pussy and ass is any man’s dream. I grab her hips and guide her pussy along my tongue, and she begins a rhythmic grind on my face as I bury my tongue in her, reaching deep in her core.

The soft moans coming from her lips begin to turn into louder, more urgent moans, and she starts grinding harder and faster. I grip her tight and push my tongue in further, and she cries out my name. My dick is so goddamn hard, and hearing her scream out my name only gets me harder. I move one of my hands from her hip and give myself a tug.

“Fuck, Jett, keep pulling. I wanna see you come while you’re eating me,” Presley begs, and I almost orgasm at her words.

All my senses are in overdrive as I jack off while she rides me and watches it all. My orgasm is so close but I’m trying like hell to prolong it. I want to get her off before I come. We keep up this pace for a couple more minutes until she shudders and comes, crying out my name again. And then I’m done. I orgasm and it’s the best goddam orgasm I’ve had in a long fucking time. Presley’s pussy is still on my mouth and my hand is still gripping her hip, and I’m the happiest asshole in the world.

A mouth covered in my woman’s sweet taste and the sounds of her pleasure ringing in my ears... what else could a man ask for?

The smell of coffee and the warm rays of sun hit me as I open my eyes. Rolling over, I find Jett sitting on the side of the bed smiling down at me, holding a coffee in one hand and a brown paper bag in the other.

“Morning.” My eyes drop to the coffee. “Is that a hazelnut - ”

His lips meet mine and he cuts me off with a kiss. “With vanilla, yes.” He passes me the coffee and then adds, “I have croissants if you want them.”

I sit up in the bed and put my free arm around his neck and kiss him again. “I think I might keep you around for a bit longer.”

The sheet has dropped, baring my naked breasts, and Jett can’t help himself. He cups one of my breasts and rolls the nipple between his fingers. It feels so damn good and I close my eyes. When a soft moan escapes my lips, he chuckles. “You might not have any say in that. When I decide I’m going to have something, I don’t let anything get in my way.”

I open my eyes and raise my brows. “Oh, really? And you’ve decided on this already?”

His eyes hold mine, his gaze so intense I feel it in my core. The playfulness has disappeared completely and while I love fun, playful Jett, I’ve decided I can’t get enough of intense, holy-fucking-hell-he-wants-me-bad Jett.