Jett’s cocky grin comes into full view and a minute later he’s in front of me, his hands going straight to my waist so he can pull me close and kiss me. “Hello, beautiful,” he murmurs as he ends the kiss, and his warm breath and fuck-me voice shoots desire through my body.

I don’t want to swoon, but I’m fucking swooning. Even amongst this noisy, threatening crowd, I only have eyes and ears for Jett. And as much as I’m still trying to guard my heart from falling too heavily for him, it’s falling. Fast.

“How did you know I was here?”

His hand rests on my ass and as he presses himself into me, I can’t help but feel his erection. “Does it matter?” he murmurs against my ear. “The main thing is I’m here now, and I’ve gotta tell you, I’ve been thinking about you all fucking day.”

My arms go around him and I pull him closer against me. The groan that escapes his lips turns me on even more than I already am. There’s nothing sexier to me than a man who is vocal in his appreciation of his woman. “What have you been thinking?” I ask, playing with him.

“I’ve been thinking about how much I want to do this.” He has me backed up against the bar and his hand on my ass moves down my leg to pull my dress up so he can reach his hand up to my panties. His fingers trace the skin along the edge of them. “Do you think that was a productive use of my time? Thinking about that all day…” His voice trails off as he kisses his way down my neck to my throat.

My entire body is alive and I feel needy.

I place my hands on his chest and gently push him. As much as I want what he wants, I don’t necessarily want it here, in this club, in front of a few hundred people. My gaze finds his and I’m almost bewitched enough by him that I would fuck him in front of a few hundred people because of his ability to make me see only him. His eyes are full of lust, and I love what I see there, but I need to get my head back in the game. “I do think that was a very productive use of your time, but I also think I don’t want to share this with everyone in the club.”

God, I love his grin, and he makes me swoon.

He moves into me again and says, “I love that you want me all to yourself, sweetheart.”

I listen to his words and can tell by the grin still gracing his lips that he has more to say. “Why are you looking at me like you’re about to devour me?” I try to push him away again but he’s not having any of it; he continues to press up against me, his cock driving me wild.

“Because that’s exactly what I’m just about to do to you,” he informs me as he grabs my hand and turns to Erin. “Can I steal Presley for a bit?” I have no doubt she will give him whatever he asks for. Even my take-no-shit best friend would be hard pressed to say no to Jett.

Her gaze drifts to West for a moment and then she turns her attention to Jett. “Be my guest. Your friend can keep me company.”

“Oh God,” I say. I can only imagine the fun she’ll have with him. Those two let loose together could cause all sorts of havoc.

Jett chuckles and pulls my hand. “Try and keep him under control, yeah?” he says to Erin as he begins to lead me away.

The last thing I hear her say is, “I think it’d be a lot more fun not to keep him under control.”

One of Jett’s security guys leads us through the crowd. It’s pretty much died down now after the initial excitement of the guys arriving, but the security guy and Jett shield me from the lingering groupies.

It seems to take us ages to reach our destination, which is a room upstairs. We’re ushered inside and as the door closes behind us, I realise we’re alone in the room. The noise of the club is blocked out and the lights have been dimmed, and I instantly love this room. I love the fact I have Jett all to myself now.

He pushes me against the door and his hands begin to roam over my body. “Thinking about you all day is most definitely not a productive use of my time, but it’s certainly the best way to spend my time when you’re not with me,” he rasps as he kisses my neck again, causing my core to clench.

I wrap my arms around him so that my hands can tangle in his hair. “If this is what thinking about me all day causes, please do it more often.”

He drags his mouth away from my neck for a moment. “You know, I’m glad your husband showed up last night.”

I have no idea where he’s going with this. “Why?”

“Because you opened up to me more about your life and told me stuff I’m not sure you would have shared with me yet if it hadn’t been for him. And it’s as if the wall you had up between us has been pulled down a little.”

After Lennon crashed the party last night, Jett took me home and we talked for hours about my life and marriage, and he’s right, I have knocked that wall down. I’ve decided to take a chance on him. Smiling at him, I agree, “Yeah, the wall is down.”

His eyes glaze over with desire and he presses his erection against me. “How ready for me are you?”

He has no idea that just looking at him or listening to him gets me more than ready. I move my arms down his back and then around to the button on his jeans. Keeping my eyes firmly on his, I undo his button. “Let’s just say we don’t need any foreplay tonight.”

If I thought I could see desire in his eyes before, I don’t know what you’d call what I see now. It’s a whole new level of need. A wild energy circles us and his movements are swift and determined. He turns me so I’m facing the door. Then his arm slides around my stomach and he pulls me back so he can position me closer to him. My hands go to the door to hold myself up as I bend slightly at the waist. His foot nudges my feet wider apart and then I hear the slide of his zip as he undoes the rest of his jeans.