I process what he’s said and know in my gut he’s right.

I wrap my arms around Jett, wanting to cling to him but knowing I need to let him go. “I’m gonna miss you,” I murmur into his chest.

He places a kiss on my head and strokes my hair. “Not as fucking much as I’m gonna miss you.”

We hold on tight for a few minutes, and when we finally let each other go, I say, “I know this is the right thing for you guys to do, but it sucks that some woman can dictate your life to you.”

It’s been two days since the rape allegations hit the news and the controversy it’s caused is only getting worse. It seems women over the world have had enough of famous men supposedly getting away with whatever they want when it comes to sex. It sickens me that they are so quick to decide a man’s guilt without getting all the facts.

The resigned look he gives me makes me even madder at the situation. Jett’s the kind of man who knows his next step at all times, the kind of man who decides what he wants and goes after it; I hate watching him struggle with this. “Are you sure you don’t want to come?” he asks.

He’s been asking me this for two days now, and I’m not going to change my mind. “I’m sure. You’re going to be so busy with work and the last thing you need is me getting in the way. I just want you to focus completely on what you’ve gotta do without any distractions.”

His beautiful blue eyes don’t let me go. “You’re amazing, you know that, right?”

“Because I only just promised you last week I’d put you first and make time for our relationship, and here I am taking off overseas for God knows how long and you’re supporting me.”

“Of course I’m supporting you. This is an awful situation, and not one you could ever predict would happen when you made me those promises. I don’t ever expect you to turn your back on your band or your band mates.”

He gives me a smile and kisses me. “Thank you.”

I return his smile and smack his ass lightly. The driver waiting outside for him has sounded the horn for the second time. “You should go now, otherwise I may never let you go.”

His smile turns into a grin and he drops his lips to mine again for one last kiss. It’s deep and it’s possessive; just the way I love his kisses to be. “You’re gonna lock yourself away, right?”

He’s confused me now. “What do you mean?”

Pulling me tight against him, he growls, “I mean I’m not gonna come home to find the men lining up outside your door, am I?”

“You seriously want me to stay home the whole time you’re away?” I can’t work out if he’s serious or not here.

He groans and rests his forehead against mine for a moment. “No, I don’t expect that, sweetheart, but honestly, all you have to do is run down to the supermarket in old tatty clothes looking like you just got out of bed, and the men are falling all over you. I hate having to deal with that here so I’m sure as hell not looking forward to having to think about it from a country away.”

I take hold of his face with both hands. “Jett Vaughn, you have nothing to worry about. My heart is yours and that’s all that counts. I don’t even notice those men supposedly looking at me.”

“Oh, I can assure you there’s no supposedly looking at you going on, they are fucking looking at you.” He pauses for a moment and gives me the softest look I’ve ever seen from him. It causes butterflies in my tummy. “I’m falling in love with you, baby,” he says softly, and my heart beats faster in my chest.

“I’m falling in love with you, too,” I tell him honestly. It wasn’t something I was looking for or something I wanted, but it’s the truth.

Jett leaves and I spend the rest of the day catching up on the things I’ve let slide since I met him. My accountant has been bugging me for weeks to give him the rest of my paperwork so he can file my return so I get that done amongst other things. When six o’clock comes around, I decide I’m done for the day and wander aimlessly around my apartment trying to decide what to do next. I’m at a loss. I’m so used to always working that to have all the time in the world to myself leaves me unsure of how to spend it

Finally, I give in and call Erin. “What are you doing tonight?” I ask when she answers her phone.

“I’m taking you out to a club, obviously.”

She laughs. “Be ready by nine. I’ll swing by in a cab and pick you up. And get ready to get your drink on, girl, it’s been too long between drinks for us.”

Three hours later, she picks me up and we head to our favourite club. She leads us to the bar, orders us a cocktail each and then asks, “How the fuck are you?”

Raising her brows, she says, “Not what I was expecting to hear, but go on, because I want to know what you’re basing that on.”

I settle myself on the barstool. “I didn’t want a boyfriend so soon after ending my marriage, and yet here I am with one, and he’s gone away, and I’m left not knowing how the hell to pass my time without him. I’ve turned into one of those women whose life revolves around their men. So yeah, I’m a fucking idiot.” The bartender brings our drinks and I drink way more than one sip.