“You are so far from an idiot it isn’t even funny, babe. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to spend your time with Jett and there’s nothing wrong with having a boyfriend after walking away from Lennon. Jett’s brought something into your life that you never had with Lennon so I vote you embrace the shit outta that and see where it takes you.”

“I say it again, how the hell did you get so smart about relationships?”

Laughing, she says, “It’s easy to watch everyone else around you do relationships, a lot harder to be in them and work at them. I’m not a fool, though. I doubt I’d have anywhere near this sort of insight into my own relationship if I were in one. Now, as for you not knowing what to do with yourself while Jett’s away, I think it’s a perfect time to explore your career options.”

I sigh. “I know you’re right, but every time I start to think about that, I get blocked. It’s like my mind is sabotaging me.”

She drinks some more of her cocktail. “It probably is. This is a huge change for you so no wonder you’re struggling with it. I think you should actually stop thinking about it and just do.”

I pull a face at her. “What does that mean? Do what?” I take another long sip of my drink; I definitely need alcohol for this conversation.

“Get out there and take photos. It’s what you love to do so go do it. You never know, inspiration might hit while you’re doing it.”

I drink more and contemplate her suggestion. “Shit, maybe you’re right,” I mutter.

“I’m always right.” She grins at me, full of herself, and I have to laugh.

Rolling my eyes, I say, “Oh God, help me, I’m surrounded by cocky people who - ”

She cuts me off. “Who only want the best for you. Honestly, you’re one lucky bitch to have us.” She raises her glass and adds, “Cheers to that!”

Shaking my head and laughing at her, I agree, “I hate to say it, but you’re right, and I will stop moaning about it.” I stop laughing for a moment. “But babe, you’re probably gonna have to put up with me whinging about missing Jett while he’s away. And the sex . . . oh God, the sex! I’m gonna miss that.”

She bangs her head on the bar and then looks at me with feigned dislike. “I don’t want to hear a word out of you about missing that sex. You should try living my life and getting irregular and not that good sex. Then you’d have something to whinge about.”

I laugh again; I can’t help it, she looks so wronged. “This is why I keep telling you to find a man to settle down with, even if just for awhile.”

She raises a finger in the air to halt me. “I’ve looked and there’s no one out there that interests me.”

An idea comes to me and I get momentarily excited. “I could help you look! While Jett’s away. There’s gotta be someone out there for you.”

A pained expression covers her face and she downs the rest of her drink. “God give me strength. No fucking way am I letting you shop around for a man for me.”

I ignore her and begin scouting the club for a man.

This could be fun.

A little over four hours later, we’re both drunk and are sitting at a table with two guys of which I am trying my best to get Erin interested in one of them. He would be perfect for her. Tall, dark and wearing a suit, I’ve gotten out of him that he’s a lawyer and comes from a family of lawyers and has a judge for a father. He’s never been married, has no kids and is thirty-two. That’s a perfect match for Erin’s tastes, but she’s resisting him. Probably because I’m pushing so hard for it.

“I propose these two go out on a date at least, and see if they have anything in common,” his friend says.

I turn to him. “Yesh! Great idea.” I’m slurring my words all over the place. Directing my attention to Erin, I say, “I am sooo drunk . . . you jush need to say yes and then we can all go home and shleep.”

Erin throws her hands in the air. “Okay, yes, I will go on a date with you,” she says to the lawyer, “but you better be good in the sack ‘cause I’m sick of bad sex.”

I high five his friend. We’ve been working on them for hours. “Thank fuck,” I mutter and he laughs. I’m just about to say something else when my phone rings. Checking caller ID, my heart jumps when I see it’s Jett. “Hello, baby,” I answer the phone trying hard to get my slurring words under control and act sober for him.

He’s not fooled, though. “Are you drunk, sweetheart?”

I giggle like a bloody schoolgirl. I try not to but I can’t stop myself. Damn alcohol. “Jush a little, but it’s all good, ‘cause we finally got Erin to say yes, so it was all worth it.”

He sounds concerned so I do my best to put his mind at ease. “I’m at the club but I’m okay. We’re with two lawyers so they are safe.”

“What do you mean you’re with two lawyers? Fuck, Presley, you’re worrying me.” I can hear the worry in his voice but I can also hear his exhaustion and I feel bad that I’m causing more worry for him.

“I’m shorry, Jett, but you don’t have to worry about me. Erin and I are jush having a girl’s night out and I found a man for her. We’re going home soon. How was your flight?”

“Long.” His tone seems a little off to me but I figure it’s because my brain isn’t at full speed after drinking all that alcohol.