My body is buzzing with anticipation; he’s moving pretty fast but he needs to speed it up more. I need him in me now.

When he lifts my dress and runs his hand over my ass, I shut my eyes as the pleasure shoots through me. A breathy moan falls from my lips and he hisses when he hears it.

“Fuck,” he mutters and his hand leaves me.

I turn my head to see what’s wrong. He’s got his wallet in his hand and a pissed look on his face. “What’s wrong?” I ask, desperate to have his hands back on me.

His gaze finds mine. “I don’t have a condom. Do you?”

“In my bag, which is downstairs.”

“Jesus, I’ve had this hard on all fucking day and I forgot to bring a fucking condom,” he mutters, looking as desperate as I feel.

“I’m clean,” I say, broaching the subject we’re yet to discuss.

“I am too.” He waits for my response and I almost laugh because he reminds me of a teenage boy who’s desperate to have sex. I love that I bring that out in him.

“For the love of God, don’t stop now then,” I say and close my eyes when his hands move to my panties and slide them down.

And then his hands take hold of my hips and he thrusts inside.

Every time he fucks me is nirvana.

His thrusts grow more insistent and soon he’s slamming into me over and over as we chase our orgasms. I reach behind and grab on to his arm, needing to touch him.

“Fuck, baby, feels so good,” he says, his breathing laboured.

My mind begins to lose focus as the pleasure explodes in brilliant light. I lean my forearms against the door because my limbs are growing unsteady, and as I do this, I fall over the edge and tumble into pure bliss.

Jett’s still working for his but I’m lost.

And then he comes, too, and we’re falling together.

He holds me while his orgasm takes over, his grip on my hips still strong.

Eventually he pulls out of me and puts his arm around my waist to drag me to him. His lip brushes my ear and he says, “I love your sex addiction.”

His body shakes with his own laughter and he turns me in his arms. His eyes drift over my body for a moment before coming back to meet my gaze. “I’m done for. You know that, right?” His words and the raw honesty with which he says them surprise me. When I don’t respond, he continues, “You have me wrapped around your little fucking finger and you have no idea.”

He stares at me and I can’t help but take in his beauty. I’ve never met a man as sexy as Jett. Tall with dark hair that looks as good rumpled as it does smooth, blue eyes I could get lost in forever, tanned skin that stretches across well-built muscles and the confidence to go with it all, he has everything that screams ‘take me and never let go’ at me.

I’m having trouble forming a reply because he’s stunned me. “You just say whatever you’re feeling, don’t you?” I finally say.

“Not always, no. But you seem to be bringing that out in me.” More honesty that I can’t help but respect.

I pull his face to mine and kiss him.

I want him to know what his words mean.

I need him to know how much I appreciate his honesty.

When I end the kiss, he leans his forehead against mine and the only sound I hear for a couple of moments is our breathing. “You ready to go back downstairs?” he asks quietly.

He guides me downstairs with the help of his security guard, and after a quick stop at the ladies so I can freshen up, we make our way to the VIP section of the club where Erin and the guys are. Watching Van who has a girl on his lap and West with Erin, and taking in the women staring at the band members with predatory eyes, reminds me how much I hate this scene.

Why the hell did I let my heart rule me instead of listening to my mind? It was hard enough doing this with Lennon. I’m not sure how I’m going to cope this time around. But I know I couldn’t walk away now even if I wanted to.

Jett’s got me under his spell.

Two hours later, Erin’s gone home, and I’m three more cocktails in. My veins are buzzing with alcohol and lust, and Jett’s doing his best to drive me wild. The man has one dirty mouth and I’ve been listening to it for hours, and I’m way past ready for that mouth to do more than whisper dirty promises in my ear.

“You ready for me to take you home and fuck you again?” he asks gruffly, his voice so goddam sexy and inviting.

“You ask that like there’s an answer other than yes,” I say, moving off his lap where I’ve been sitting for the past couple of hours.

He stands and takes hold of my hand.

“Are you leaving?” Van interrupts us and we both turn our gaze to him.

Van pushes the girl off his lap and stands to walk over to us. “You’re gonna be there tomorrow morning, right?” His tone is almost angry and I wonder what is going on between the two of them.

Jett scowls. “Don’t fucking push this, Van. I told you where I stand on this album.”

“And what if the rest of us don’t stand with you?” His body is tense, like he’s ready to fight this out.