She looks at me with wonder. “Only you could manage to do that.”

I tweak her nipple and ask, “Do what?”

“I’m trying to talk to you, and you’re ignoring me, but the way you word it, you make it sound like you’re doing me a favour by ignoring me.”

“I am doing you a favour,” I say with a grin.

She smacks my hand away from her breast. “Well, I’m making that decision for you, and you are going to listen, okay?”

I groan and try to move my hand back to where it was, but she pushes me away again. She’s playing mean but I can play meaner. I push my cock against her, teasing, and hoping like hell to distract her into playing my way tonight. She’s quick, though, and in two seconds flat she’s got my arms pinned to the bed above me, and is on her knees so her pussy is miles away from my dick. Well, not miles, but it may as well be.

“If you want to fuck me tonight, you have to listen to me first. You got that, Mr. Rockstar?”

Well, shit, if she wants to boss me around like that, I’m up for it. I grin at her again. “Sweetheart, you never said there’d be bossing. Feel free to continue; I’m all yours.”

She rolls her eyes and I laugh. Playing with Presley has grown into my favourite sport. Just when I think she’s going to boss me again, she surprises me and dips her face to mine and kisses me softly. Her lips are magic and grab my attention more than her breasts ever could, and I’m a fucking tit man. I struggle with her to let my hands go; I need to hold her while she’s kissing me like this.

When she’s finished, she pulls away and murmurs, “That’s better, I’ve got your attention now.”

I take hold of her face. “You haven’t clued on yet, but you’ve always got my attention.”

Her face softens and she gives me a smile. Settling her body on top of mine, she says, “I think you’re amazing, Jett Vaughn. The way you had that crowd in the palm of your hands tonight was amazing. And that red carpet . . . hell, I don’t know how you do it, but I was impressed. I think you managed to change the conversation tonight.”

She doesn’t know what her words mean to me. Sure, the guys and I have people all over the world who think they love us, but when all is said and done, the only opinions that count are those of the people you love. And Presley’s opinion counts. I shift us so she’s under me. Looking down at her, I sweep the hair out of her eyes, and attempt to express what I’m feeling. “The last week has been hell but it’s brought me something I never thought I’d have – you. Knowing you’re in my corner is everything to me, and I never imagined I’d ever feel this way about someone.” I brush my lips over hers, and then whisper, “Thank you.”

“I’m right there with you. I wasn’t sure dating you was the right move, but I’m one hundred percent convinced now. Oh, and you might want to thank your sister for that. She set me straight.”

“What did Claudia do?” I don’t really care, though. I’m fucking grateful for anything she said to help me get Presley one hundred percent on board with this relationship.

“She sang your praises and made me think about things a little differently, that’s all.”

“Well, thank God for that. We’ll take her out to celebrate when we get home.”

“I’ve already made plans with her for that,” she fills me in, and I fucking love that she and Claudia are getting on.

Raising my brows, I tease her, “Oh have you? You already taking charge of my life, sweetheart? Next thing I know, you’ll be in control of my calendar and dictating my every move.”

She grins and plays along with me, “You’d love that, and you know it.”

I push my cock against her entrance. So fucking wet. I have to restrain myself from pushing all the way in. “What I’d love is to have my dick inside you. You think we can manage that?”

Her grin grows larger and she pulls my face to hers so she can kiss me. And then she wraps her legs around me and presses her pussy against me. I can’t hold back any longer, and I’m pretty fucking sure she doesn’t want me to, either. I push all the way in and close my eyes as her tight cunt welcomes me. She fits me perfectly, and the way we move together is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced with another woman.

The way we move tonight is different, though. There’s none of the hard or the fast we’re used to. Tonight is slow and, fuck, it’s out of this world. Presley’s even kissing me differently, almost as if she has to take everything she can from me tonight because she’s worried she’s never going to get it again. I feel the urgency in her touch and I respond. I take everything I can from her, too.

We might not have exchanged the L word, but I can feel it here tonight. We’re both blessing each other’s bodies with the love we haven’t yet said out loud, but are feeling deep in our souls.

And when we come, it all explodes in colour in my mind as I fall over the edge.

I’m freefalling and I don’t know where I’m going to end up.

All I know is that I need Presley by my side wherever that is.

I wake up to the sound of voices. Rolling over, I see Presley at the door talking to someone in hushed tones. “Baby,” I murmur, still struggling to wake from the best sleep I’ve had in over a week.

She turns to me and smiles. “Tom’s here. He’s got good news.”