Those two words kick my brain into gear and I sit up, motioning for him to come in. When I see his face, I know the news is more than good and I lift my chin at him. “What?”

“The news isn’t as good as it would be if I were here to tell you the rape allegation had been dismissed, but it’s good, nevertheless.”

I rake my fingers through my hair and frown at him. “For fuck’s sake, Tom, spit it out.”

He beams and points at Presley and me. “You two are all over the place today and your fans are loving it.” He looks at Presley and adds, “They fucking love you.”

“Fuck yeah, not a word today about him disrespecting women, and no talk about the rape.”

“What’s our next step then?” I ask Tom, knowing he’ll have a plan for our next move. One good day of publicity doesn’t mean my previous bad behaviour will be forgotten any time soon.

Giving me his full attention now, he says, “You two have been invited to a charity lunch today so I suggest you go and continue to wow everyone.”

I drop my head into my hands. Raising money for charity is something I love to do; attending charity lunches is not. Looking back up at him with a groan, I ask, “That’s all you’ve got? Please, anything but a fucking lunch.”

He shakes his head and gives me a regretful glance. “Sorry, man, that’s all we’ve got so suit up and bring the Jett Vaughn charm out.” He drops two tickets for the lunch on the bed and exits the room.

Presley crawls onto the bed and into my lap. With her arms around me, she suggests, “It could be fun. Me, you and some champagne. Oh, and that suit you promised you’d wear.”

Laughing, she kisses me. “How about we show our faces for a bit and then sneak off somewhere where you can have your way with me.”

“Fuck, I never knew you were into that.” The day is getting better with every word she breathes.

“There’s a lot you still have to learn about me, baby,” she promises, and I’m suddenly very awake.

I run my finger lightly across her lips and down her throat. Tracing patterns over her skin there, I ask, “Will I learn some of those things today?”

She catches my hand and places another kiss to my lips. “That’s for me to know and for you to find out.”

Hell, this charity lunch is looking more and more appealing.

My only concern now is whether I’ll be able to keep myself under control with Presley by my side. At the rate she’s going, I’m gonna last all of half an hour.

I eye the woman who is flirting with Jett and drain the glass of champagne in my hand while glaring at her. We’ve been at this charity lunch for two hours now and I can see why Jett hates them. Although the lunch was amazing and the room is beautifully decorated with gorgeous flowers and delicate touches everywhere, the women seem to be mostly superficial bitches who are looking to hook up with a celebrity. And the busty blonde who has her hand on Jett’s arm is no different.

I’ve been listening to her throw herself at him for the last ten minutes, and I’ve held my tongue for that long, for Jett’s sake, but she just told him she’s not wearing any underwear, and as far as I’m concerned, she just crossed a line.

“You do realise I’m standing right here, don’t you?” I ask in the iciest tone I can manage.

Her gaze comes to me and she looks me up and down with distaste. “And who are you?”

My eyes widen and I snap, “Are you fucking kidding? Jett’s hand is on my ass; does that not tell you who he’s here with?”

Her look of distaste doesn’t let up. “It’s always been my experience that it doesn’t matter who the men have on their arm because they’re always up for some fun on the side.” She shrugs and adds, “I’m just making sure Jett knows the offer’s always there.”

Jett opens his mouth to say something, but I pull on his arm to make it clear I’ve got this, and for him to let me speak. “Jett’s not interested in your nasty vagina that sounds like it’s had more men through it than I’d ever care to imagine, so I suggest you back the fuck off and never come near my man again.” My voice has raised a couple of decibels and my breaths are coming fast as I get more worked up over her lack of respect for me.

The bitch raises her brows and forms a perfect ‘O’ with her mouth before looking back at Jett, and saying, “Any time you want to trade up, just call me,” before turning and walking away. She even has the nerve to swing her ass from side to side as she leaves; as if he’d even be fucking looking.

I’m wild and ready to go after her to give her a piece of my mind when Jett grabs my wrist and pulls me back to him. “Leave her, baby, she’s not worth your time,” he says, and I can’t help but note the chuckle in his tone.

“Are you fucking laughing?” I demand, twisting to face him.

He puts his hands up defensively. “Me, laughing? I wouldn’t dream of it.”

I smack him on the chest and give him a filthy look. “If you have any plans of getting in my pants today, you better stop laughing this minute.”

His arms go around my waist and he pulls me to him. “I like it when you’re jealous,” he whispers in my ear. I try to pull away to reply to that but he holds me firm and says, “It doesn’t happen often so I have to make the most of it.”