He drops his duffle and plants his feet wide while crossing his arms over his chest. “Do I even get a say in the band anymore, Jett?” The hostility radiating from him can’t be mistaken, and I rack my brain trying to figure out where it’s coming from.

“Of course you get a say,” I throw back at him. “Where is this shit coming from?”

My question fires him up. His face twists in fury and he snaps. “This shit comes from me never getting a say in the decisions we make. It’s either you or Tom or the label, and for once, I want to feel like my opinion fucking counts.”

I stare at him in confusion. Frowning, I say, “You do get a say; we all do.”

He shakes his head furiously. “No, we don’t. If we did, I’d get a say in going home today, I would have gotten a say in coming here in the first place, and I sure as fuck would get a say in our next album.” His chest heaves with a harsh breath and he jabs his chest with his finger before thundering, “I get no fucking say!”

“Do you think I wanted to come here?” I yell back at him. “And then to practically turn straight around and go home… yeah, that was high on my list of priorities. And the new sound on the album? I’m for that but like I said, we have to be smart about it. You’ve got your head in your ass if you think we don’t listen to you. No, strike that… I think your head is out of the game, I think it’s been screwed up by Caitlin, and I think you need to hurry up and sort that shit out in your mind because it’s clearly affecting your ability to think straight.”

His face reddens at the mention of his ex-fiancé and the vein in his neck bulges. He drops his arms and clenches his fists at his side. “That bitch is wiped from my memory. Don’t fucking mention her again.”

“I’ll keep mentioning her for as long as you keep acting like the dickhead you have been for weeks now.”

“She’s got nothing to do with this!”

“We’ve been friends for over ten years, Van, and I know you inside out, and I’m telling you, she has everything to do with this.”

He glares at me in silence for a minute before picking up his duffel and throwing one last statement at me. “A friend would pay more attention, Jett.” And then he stalks off to a chair, leaving me baffled as to what he means.

Before I get my thoughts together, though, we’re given the go-ahead to board the plane. I’ll give him some space for now, but we need to sort this the fuck out, and quick. Our band’s future has already been threatened by scandal. We don’t need to put a nail in the coffin by losing a member.

“You’re wide awake, aren’t you?” I ask Presley as she tosses and turns in my bed. We got home about an hour ago and came straight to bed, but she’s been restless ever since.

She shifts in the bed again and rests her head on my chest. “Sorry…” she murmurs, “I shouldn’t have slept so much on the plane because it’s coming back to haunt me now.”

I put my arm around her and pull her closer to me. It’s nearly four in the morning now and I’m past the point of exhausted where I probably couldn’t sleep even if I tried. “I’d suggest we have sex but I’m not sure I could get it up, I’m so damn tired,” I say as I press a kiss to her head.

Her body shakes gently with laughter and she lifts her head to look at me. “Jett, you could get it up in a coma. Just be honest, you’re too lazy and can’t be fucked.”

I laugh and move my hand so I can smooth her hair and then pull her face to mine. Kissing her, I mutter, “You might have a point there. Now, if someone was to do all the work for me, I wouldn’t say no.”

She licks her lips and smiles. “No isn’t in your vocabulary, Mr. Rockstar.”

Raising my brows, I ask, “So, is my dick gonna see any action or are we all too lazy this morning?” She has no idea how awake I am now.

Faking a yawn, she slides her body on top of mine and puts her head down on my chest. “Maybe I’ll just sleep here.”

“Or maybe you won’t,” I growl as I move us swiftly so she’s under me. Placing my hands on the bed, either side of her, I stare into her eyes, and say, “How ‘bout I wear you out so all you’ll want to do is sleep.”

Her eyes light up with anticipation. “Someone’s woken up.”

I take her lips in a rough kiss, and when I begrudgingly let them free, say, “Someone did a good job of waking me up.”

She wraps her legs and arms around me, and my cock hardens more when her warm breath floats across my skin. “Someone needs to shut up and hurry the hell up. A woman could die of dick drought when her man insists on talking too much.”

Lust courses through me and I push my cock against her. Thank fuck we’re naked already; I hardly have the patience for foreplay here, let alone removing clothes. I bend my face so my lips are near her ear, and rasp, “Someone’s got a dirty fucking mouth that drives me the fuck wild. Maybe I should shove my cock in there so that we all stop talking.”

The way her nails dig into my back, and the way her pussy meets my dick as she thrusts up, tell me she’s down with that idea, but suddenly the need to be inside her is overwhelming and I know there’s no way I’m letting her pussy go now. Her mouth will have to wait.

“Fuck, Presley…” I groan as I resist the temptation to drive my cock deep inside her.