Once he’s naked, he leans on the bed and moves on top of me. His lips find mine and he kisses me, deep and slow. I welcome his tongue and I don’t even care that all I can taste is the bourbon he’s been drinking. The hold he has over me when his body and his lips and his hands are on me is something I’ve never experienced, and I am powerless to fight it.

My hands move along his skin, up his back, and into his hair as I wrap my legs around him. I’m still fully clothed but he’s in no rush to remove them; he’s focused intently on owning me through his kiss. And he does own me. I press my body up into his and kiss him harder; I need to be as close to him as I can be tonight.

His hands are on the bed, either side of me, and he ends our kiss and pushes himself up away from me. I watch as his gaze trails down my body, slowly, as if he’s devouring me with his eyes. Goosebumps flood my skin as I shiver under that gaze. He moves suddenly to a straddling position and his hands slide down my body to grab hold of the bottom of my shirt so he can remove it. Once he has it off, he slides my shorts and panties off to reveal my naked body to him.

“Fuck,” he rasps as he traces a pattern over the skin of my throat and then trails his finger slowly down my body, over my breasts, my nipples, my stomach, and then down to my pussy. My core clenches as he softly rubs my clit with his thumb and teases my entrance with his finger. Our eyes meet and don’t let go as he builds my pleasure.

My hands slide across the silk sheet so I can grasp the bed and hold on while my body trembles under his touch.

I close my eyes, unable to focus on him anymore. The pleasure he’s giving me has set my body alight with lust and want and need.

God, how I need him.

My back arches off the bed and my head turns to the side as I squeeze my eyes and bite my lip.

I clench the sheets at the side of the bed as the intense pleasure builds and fills me and sends white light shooting through my mind.

And I come. My release shatters through me, splintering shards of bliss to every corner of my body.

His fingers still and while I’m in the midst of pleasure, he brings his beautiful lips to my breasts and runs his tongue around one nipple and then the other. Then he takes one of my breasts into his mouth while his hands slide up my body to take hold of both breasts while he worships me with his lips and tongue.

I barely recover from my orgasm before he begins to build my pleasure again. While he’s working his magic on my breasts, he pushes his cock against my pussy. I can hardly contain my need for him there. All I want to do is push myself up to meet him, but he’s intent on teasing me at the moment. He pushes against me and then pulls away, over and over.

Over and fucking over.

We dance like this together for what feels like eternity. I’m almost going out of my mind with desire, and I’m fairly sure Jett is, too. I have no idea how he’s holding himself back because each time he slides through my wetness, he lets out a grunt, as if he’s torturing himself.

His mouth hasn’t left my breasts but I need his lips so I thread my fingers through his hair and pull gently to let him know what I want. He lifts his face to look at me, and I almost come just from the feral look in his eyes. They are wild with lust and I connect with that look; I want him as much as he wants me. And damn that turns me on even more than I already am. And I’m not even sure if that’s possible because Jett’s driving me fucking insane with his mouth, hands and cock.

“Will you fuck me already?” I finally beg, my voice heavy with sex.

He stares at me for a beat, as if he’s lost and can’t claw through whatever has him in its grip. And then he pushes his cock inside on a growl. He begins a slow and maddening dance of sex. He’s never fucked me like this before. I’m used to his more possessive style; this is something completely different.

His hands rest on the bed next to me and he stares down into my eyes as he pushes in and out, slowly and deliberately, going deeper each time. My legs are wrapped around him and I hold tight, moving with him and helping him work us toward our release.

“Fuck, baby,” he groans as his face contorts with pleasure.

His thrusts are getting a little faster and harder, and when he drops his head and begins to thrust with more determination, I know it won’t be long. I squeeze my legs tighter around him as he loses himself completely in it. He’s moving and thrusting and grunting, and all I can do is hold on for the ride.

My body thrums with pleasure and I cry out when I come. I’m falling and tumbling and I surrender totally to it.

I only exist in this amazing bubble of ecstasy.

And then Jett roars, “Fuck!” He thrusts hard one last time and his body tenses as he orgasms.

His roar pierces through my bubble and I’m alert again. And I’m exhausted. The pleasure has ripped through my body, using up every last drop of energy I had in me. I let go of him and he pulls out and collapses onto the bed beside me.

My eyes flutter shut and I begin to drift off into sleep. I try to fight it, but I can’t.

The last thing I hear is, “I love you.”

As I roll over in the bed, I stretch and reach for Jett, but the bed is empty. I crack my eyes open and look around the room. He’s not here. I check the bedside clock and see it’s nearly nine in the morning. Shit, I’ve slept late. I push the covers off and go in search of him.