“Did you just say you love me?”

He moves into my space and cups my cheek with his hand. “Yes, I love you, Presley Hart. And I want you by my side forever. I’m just sorry it took me this long to realise it.”

“What caused your change of heart?” I ask, needing to know what’s going on in his mind.

Pain shoots through his eyes. “Claudia and my Mum, actually.”

A smile creases his face. “Yeah, I found a letter she left for me.” He pulls a piece of paper out of his pocket and passes it to me.

I unfold it and read it, my eyes welling up with tears. “She’s always teaching you to dance in the rain, isn’t she?” I whisper through my tears.

“Yeah, she is” he says gruffly, and I can tell how affected he is by this letter.

“Why? You’ve got nothing to be sorry for,” he says, clearly confused.

“I’m sorry she’s not here anymore.”

I watch him struggling with his loss and his need to protect himself from further loss. And I think about the fact he’s standing in front of me, laying himself bare and exposing his heart to the very thing he fears the most in the world, and I’m suddenly consumed with love for this man. He’s a good man with an amazing heart and soul. And I know in this moment that I want him by my side forever, too.

Moving as close to him as I can, so our bodies are touching, I press my lips to his and kiss him. Deep and long. I wrap the kiss with all the love I have in this world and hope it touches him as much as he’s touching me. Our arms go around each other and the only thing that exists to me right now is Jett. He’s taken ownership of my mind, body and soul completely.

When we end the kiss, I look up into his eyes and say, “I love you, Jett Vaughn.”

His lips spread out into the biggest smile I’ve ever seen on his face, and he bends down to kiss me again. “Thank you for giving me another chance. I’m not going to fuck this up again.”

I grin. “Oh, don’t you worry, I’m never letting you fuck it up again.”

I roll over in bed and lie on my side so I can watch Presley sleep. Her beauty never fails to blow me away and she’s even sexier to me when her hair’s messed up from sleep. And that first moment when she opens her eyes, looks at me and gives me one of her smiles… a man could relive those moments over and over.

As I let my gaze travel every inch of her skin, I remember the way she let me back into her life last night. I hadn’t expected her to be so quick to forgive me, but something I’m learning about Presley is her amazing capacity to love. I don’t doubt her promise to never let me fuck this up again. And I’m so fucking thankful for that.

“What are you thinking right now?”

I find her eyes and smile. Bending to kiss her, I say, “I’m thinking how much I love the way you love me. I’m thinking how beautiful you are. I’m thinking how grateful I am that you’re mine.” I dip my face close to hers again. “And I’m thinking how much I want to fuck you right now.”

Her eyes and her body can never hide her need from me and this moment is no different. Desire glazes over her eyes and her body instinctively moves closer to mine. Her hand comes to my cheek and she pulls me in for another kiss. “I’m thinking that you have good thoughts first thing in the morning,” she says, her voice heavy with lust.

I roll onto my back and pull her on top. “I had one other thought I forgot to share with you.”

She moves so she’s straddling me. As she reaches for my cock, she asks, “And what was that?”

“I was thinking you should do all the work so I can watch while you fuck me.”

I love the hell out of that tone.

Gripping her ass, I nod. “Yeah, sweetheart, really. It’s been too fucking long since I’ve had my eyes on this body.”

“Well, get them off my face and get them on my body, Mr. Rockstar. And do the same with your hands.”

She doesn’t need to tell me twice and I drop my gaze to her tits and then to her hips and legs. Running my hands along her legs, I groan when she takes hold of my dick and begins stroking it. A hiss escapes my lips and she smiles before bending her face to mine. She leans one hand on the bed beside me while continuing to stroke me with her other hand.

“You okay with this being quick?” she asks. “I woke up wet for you so I’m good to go.”

I grip the back of her neck and growl, “I fucking love how ready you are to fuck me and I don’t care if it lasts a minute or an hour, so long as I get my dick in that sweet pussy of yours soon.”

Her lips meet mine and she kisses me with an intensity she never has before while at the same time positioning her pussy over my dick. I grab her ass and pull her down. A feral growl comes from deep inside me at how fucking good she feels, and when she begins to ride me, I abandon myself to the pleasure.

Presley was made for me.

I know this deep in my soul.

There’s not another woman on Earth I’m interested in.

No one comes close to her.

“Jett… fuck…” She’s panting as she fucks me.

She sits up and leans back a little, slowing her movements. I’m transfixed as I watch her tits bounce, and when she alters her position and squeezes her pussy around me while she takes me in deeper, I’m sure I just hit heaven. She’s taken hold of all my senses and I’m completely under her spell.