Jesus, mental note to thank that woman at the grocery store for helping me choose what to cook. “Like I’ve already said, baby, you scored when you found me.”

She laughs and shakes her head. Pushing me away, she mutters, “Let’s see if you can cook, Mr. Rockstar.”

“What do I get if I pull this off?” I play with her. She doesn’t know my mother taught me how to cook beef stroganoff when I was twelve.

“You’re all about getting stuff today, aren’t you?”

God, I love going back and forth with her. “Yes, I am, ‘cause I can’t get enough of you.”

I watch as that desire hits her gaze again. Her voice goes all breathy when she gives me her answer. “If you can cook that dish, I’ll give you whatever you want tonight.”

Thank fuck I had a mother who taught me to cook. “You’re on, sweetheart. I’m going to cook you the best damn stroganoff you’ve ever had.”

“And if you don’t, then you have to give me whatever I want tonight.”

Her words stop me dead in my tracks. Giving her whatever she wants turns me on so fucking much. Finding her gaze, I murmur, “So maybe I won’t cook you the best damn stroganoff.”

She holds my gaze, the look in her eyes causing need to ricochet through my body. At this point, I’m not convinced we’re going to make it through to me even getting so far as chopping mushrooms. “Maybe you should forget cooking and just fuck me.” She says the words any man would kill to hear from her lips.

I don’t need to be told twice. Less than a minute later, I have her under me on her kitchen table. Spread out in front of me like a fucking banquet. And I’m a starved man.

Her hands reach for the button on my jeans but I push them away. My lips are almost on hers as I say, “Soon . . . it’s my turn first.”

I love the way her lips turn up in a lusty smile as she takes my words in, and I can’t help but take a taste of them.

I could spend every minute of every day at this banquet.

When I finish with her lips, I undo the buttons on her top and remove it, along with her bra. I trail my fingers down from her throat, past her breasts, to her stomach. When I reach her jeans, I undo them, lift her ass, and pull them off. The only thing blocking my path now is her panties but I want to draw this out so I leave them on. Besides, they’re red and lacy and driving me wild.

I bend so I can suck her nipple into my mouth. My hand moves to her other breast and I knead it. Fuck, I love her tits. Can’t get enough of them. I could devote my days to worshipping them. But I also have an addiction to her pussy. It’s a catch fucking twenty-two.

Letting go of her breasts, I make my way down her body, licking and sucking every inch of skin as I go. When my mouth hits her red panties, I run a finger down the centre of them, and enjoy the the way her back arches up off the table and the moan that escapes her lips.

“You like that, baby?” I ask even though it’s a redundant question. She loves the fuck out of that.

Her eyes meet mine and she bites her lip.

My dick jerks at the lip biting she’s got going on.

“You know I love that,” she moans as I do it again.

I kick it up a notch and slip my finger inside her panties. Finding her entrance, I dip my finger into her wetness, and although I’d only intended to tease her, I can’t fucking help myself and push my finger all the way in.

She grips the table as her back arches up off the table again, and she closes her eyes and bites her lip again. She’s sexy as fuck laid out like this and I make a mental note to use the table more.

“Tell me what you want me to do to you, sweetheart,” I demand. I’ve no intention of letting her direct this but I want to hear the words out of her mouth. I want to hear her say she wants me as much as I want her.

She opens her eyes, and finds my gaze. “I want you to fuck me hard, Jett. I want your cock in me. Now.”

My breathing picks up and her words send a need like I’ve never known through my body. Presley demanding my dick is something I want to hear more of in my life. I’ve had hundreds of women demand that of me before, but none have managed to do what she does to me. None have caused an insatiable desire for them like she has.

I bend so my lips are near her ear. “I want that, too, but first I need a taste.”

Her pussy squeezes around my finger that is still inside her and it feels so damn good. My dick jerks again as I imagine her pussy squeezing it. “Hurry up,” she begs, and who the fuck am I to decline her request, so I finally remove her panties and shift my mouth to take a taste.

Fuck me, her pussy may well be the death of me. I take hold of her ass as she rests her legs on my shoulders, and I eat like the starved man I am. My tongue dives deep and my lips work hard to bring her to orgasm. My dick is screaming to have a go, but fucking her with my tongue is all I can think about at the moment.

“Jett!” she screams my name as she orgasms, and it’s the sweetest sound in the world.

“Ride it out, baby.” I take one last taste of her before moving to kiss my way back up her body. When I reach her lips, I kiss her, letting her taste herself and say, “Let me know when you’re ready for more.”

She pulls me back for another kiss and deepens it, taking every last drop of herself she can from me. Presley loves it when I eat her out and then share that with her; it gets her off almost as much as the eating out does. She moans as she ends the kiss. “I’m ready for more.” Her voice drips with a mixture of that just-fucked quality and the desire she has for more. And I can’t get enough of it. I would do anything to hear that voice twenty-four-seven.