He stroked her legs, trying to calm her shivering. “Shh.” He brushed his tongue over her clit, smiling when she gasped and lifted her hips. “Let me taste you. I’ve been dying for you.” The mate dreams weren’t enough, never had been, and now that he had her spread out like a buffet Ryan planned on gorging himself.

Glory lay back on the table, her legs dangling over the edge. She cupped her small breasts through her shirt, her thumbs circling over the nipples.

“Shit.” Ryan pressed his mouth to her pussy and began eating his mate out. He alternated fucking her with his tongue and sucking on her clit, delighted when she began to softly moan. The knowledge that he was bringing his mate to orgasm thrilled him and soothed him at the same time. He needed to make her come, preferably more than once, before he took his own pleasure. So Ryan concentrated on the spots that made her moan the loudest, took note of the ones that made her softly sigh, and mixed it up, waiting for the moment when she’d quiver in ecstasy beneath his touch.

Her hands slipped beneath her shirt and pushed it up, revealing that his hunch was right. His mate wasn’t wearing a bra, her small breasts allowing her to get away with it. He wanted one of them in his mouth almost as badly as he wanted her to come.

Soon. Soon he’d be pounding into her, one of her breasts sucked into his mouth, listening to her scream as her pussy pulsed around him.

But first, he was going to make her shudder on his tongue.

Her breath was coming in needy gasps, her thighs quivering as he pressed her legs apart, refusing to allow her to close them. He wanted, needed, full access to her quivering hole.

With a whimpering cry Glory came, her back arching, her blue hair spilling around her. He could barely stop himself from spilling in his jeans at the sight, his gorgeous, fairy-like mate finding her satisfaction at his hands.

“Tongue or cock, sweetheart?” He wiped his hand across his lips, her juices sweet on his tongue. He was willing to do either, but eventually he would sink into her warm depths.

She pressed the palm of her hand against her clit, one of her fingers sinking deep inside her.

Ryan watched, entranced, as she fucked herself, rubbing her clit at the same time. But he couldn’t stop himself from touching, stroking her soft, pale skin, tangling in the pale curls at the juncture of her thighs. Before too long his finger joined hers inside her.

Her blue eyes were glued to his face, her free hand stroking over his chest, tugging at his shirt.

He began lifting the edge of the shirt with his free hand. “You want this off?”

Ryan whipped the shirt over his head, dropping it beside her panties. Her free hand immediately went to his chest, her fingers bringing his nipples to stinging life.

Ryan brushed her hand off her pussy and lifted her legs over his shoulders. He bent and once more took her clit in his mouth, sucking on it strongly. His fingers entered her, fucking her in time to the strokes of his tongue.

“Oh. Oh, Ryan. Yes, right there.” Glory’s hips rose and fell, her thighs clamping down around his head.

Ryan could feel it, the quivering wetness of her, and knew she was close. He wanted to drive her over the edge one more time before sinking into her. He’d ride her, thrust against that amazing ass, cup her breasts through her shirt and finally, finally sink his fangs into her once more.

Glory grabbed hold of his head and Ryan stilled everything but his tongue. Within seconds she was crying out, her legs tightening around his head as the orgasm tore through her.

Ryan kept up a gentle sucking until her legs relaxed. “Think you can stand?”

“Good.” Because Ryan had a fantasy that involved her lying against the break table, her ass in the air, his cock in her pussy, and damn it if he wasn’t going to make it come true.

He helped her off the table and pulled off her shirt, revealing her pretty pink nipples. He sucked one into his mouth, enjoying her soft moans as he brought it to a stiff peak. “Bend over the table, sweetheart. Let me have you.”

He chuckled, aware how raspy it sounded. God, even now she was pushy. “Yes, ma’am.”

“Damn straight.” But her ass went up, her legs spread, and Ryan was completely lost.

Grabbing her hips, Ryan slid inside her, groaning at the feel of her tight, wet heat. Slowly he began to move inside her. “This good?”

Ryan refused to go any faster until he knew for certain her knees would hold her. “No.”

Glory growled and reached behind her, slapping his hip as hard as she could. “Faster.”

Glory started to laugh, but it was abruptly cut off as Ryan gave her what she’d been demanding. He began pounding into her, the sound of their flesh slapping together filling the room.

“Oh, yes, fuck yes.” Glory began to thrust back, meeting him move for move. “Do it, Ryan. Fuck me hard.”

She was going to be the death of him. Ryan grabbed her hips and began to really fuck his mate, thrusting so hard she was moving jerkily against the table. He could see her breasts bouncing, the hard tips rubbing the table top. Her hair, that mass of wild blue curls he loved so much, brushed against him with every thrust. She felt so good, so tight, Ryan never wanted to leave. He wanted to stay buried inside her for the rest of his days.

She grabbed hold of the edge of the break table, steadying herself against his thrusts. “Yes, yes, yes,” she chanted, inflaming him further. His mate was a talker, and he loved it.

“Tell me. Tell me it’s good.”

“Fuck, so good.” Glory moaned, going on her tiptoes. “I need it. I need, Ryan.”

She lifted her hair away from her neck. Her blue eyes were glazed, the red mark left by his teeth stark against her pale skin. He’d healed the Wolf’s bite as he’d claimed her, leaving nothing but his own mark behind.

She was so beautiful, so fierce, his tiny mate. He could feel himself near to coming, ready to spill inside her.

Lightning fast he struck, sinking his fangs into her neck.