Glory shrieked, spasming around him so hard he thought his dick would be ripped off. The tight spasms of her orgasm forced his own, and Ryan spilled inside his mate, blind with ecstasy. It felt like it went on and on, the pleasure wringing him dry as Glory cried out his name.

When it was over Ryan tried to hold himself up, tried to keep from collapsing on his tiny mate. “Fuck.”

Ryan lost the battle, collapsing on top of her with a laugh. “Give me a minute, SG.”

She patted his hip. “Take your time, son. Take your time. I’m just gonna rest here with a pole up my—”

“You couldn’t wait, could you?” Julian’s amused voice floated over him, startling them both to silence. “You just had to do it on the table where I eat my lunch.” Julian tsk’d. “There’s not enough antibacterial cleaner in the world.”

Ryan froze, aware his bare ass was facing the curtain that separated the main part of Cynful Tattoos from the break room. He was giving Julian one hell of a view, his jeans barely to his knees, his cock still sunk in his mate’s pretty pussy. “What can I say? I was hungry.”

This time, when Glory smacked him, he just laughed.

Glory could not believe she’d had sex in the break room. What the hell had she been thinking?

She shot a glance toward Ryan, who was filling his parents in on the attack against her. He winked at her when he caught her staring, his expression unbearably happy.

Oh, right. I was thinking of getting me a piece of that.

God, the man knew what he was doing. She hadn’t taken so much pleasure from another person in… In…

Glory huffed out a sigh. He was going to be insufferable now. No doubt his couch surfing days were over too. He’d crawl into bed with her tonight, and from the way her body tingled she wouldn’t exactly be kicking him out again. Hell, she probably wouldn’t complain too much if he left entire sandwiches in the bed, let alone crumbs.

No way in hell would she admit to him how good he was. He had a fat enough head already.

“Hey.” Glory turned as Cyn put an arm around her shoulders. “You okay?”

“You think Ryan managed to overcome the mark the other shifter put on you?”

“You tell me, oh Sniff Master. What do I smell like?”

Cyn took a deep whiff of Glory’s neck, tickling her. “You smell like Glory.” She stared at Glory for a moment before bellowing for Julian. “Super Bear? Come sniff Glory and see if she’s going to be Bear or Wolf, will ya?”

Glory felt her cheeks flaming with embarrassment as Julian sauntered toward them and took a deep whiff. “I can’t tell. Right now I smell Ryan more than anything.” He smirked, but there was a hint of silver in his eyes and hair. The Kermode was either healing her, or had recently done some healing, the mark of his power plain to see. “I can’t imagine why.”

Glory rolled her eyes. “Can I help it if Ryan went all cave-Bear on me?”

Julian patted her head. “Don’t worry. It won’t be long before we know which one will win out. Your scent should change soon.” He smiled. “But I’m willing to bet Ryan’s bite will overcome the other, simply because it’s a mating bite as well as a changing one. It will be stronger than any other bite you could receive.”

“So you’re pretty sure I’ll be a Bear.” Glory was strangely relieved. As much as she loved Tabby, the thought of becoming just like her attacker had made her feel sick.

“I do, but we’ll know for sure by the end of tomorrow. Either way, it should be a few days before you change for the first time.”

“And when that time comes you’ll listen to what we have to say. The last thing you want to do is change in the middle of the shop.” Ryan tugged her close, kissing her with a possession he hadn’t shown before. “I have to go to work.”

He sounded so cute and pouty. “Then go already.”

“Listen to what my parents say. They’ll keep you safe.”

“We need to call Gabe and let him know what happened.” Julian was already dialing the phone. “We should have done that while you were, um, making sure Glory wasn’t hurt too badly.”

“Yup. He checked my tonsils with his tongue.” Among other things, the thought of which made her blush furiously.

The man was seriously talented. Just the thought of a repeat performance had her squirming in her seat.

Ryan laughed. “What can I say? I like playing doctor.” He cuddled Glory close. “Want me to take your temperature?”

He grunted when she jammed her elbow into his stomach. “Go to work.”

“Yes, SG.” He cupped her chin, his expression serious. “Listen to my parents.”

“I will.” The last thing she wanted was to be attacked again by the psycho. “Ryan?”

She used her best puppy eyes on him. “But I don’t know where that guy’s been.” Honestly, she didn’t want Ryan to go. She felt safer when he was hovering over her. It didn’t matter how nice, how fiercely protective his parents were.

They weren’t him, and already the beginnings of panic began to fill her. She took a deep breath, trying to get her raging emotions under control.

Ryan growled. “Maybe Bunny can work without me today.”

“Ryan?” His father, Steve, came over and studied them both. “If you’re going, you need to head out.”

Glory continued her deep breathing. She’d be okay. She really didn’t need Ryan. Cyn would keep her safe.

“Panic attack.” Ryan picked her up, cradling her close. “Calm down, sweetheart. I telecommute, remember?”

“Going to use your amazing psychic powers to dig holes?” Glory closed her eyes and breathed deep. Was it her imagination, or did Ryan smell really good?

“Damn. You figured out my super power.”

“Seriously. I think Bunny will understand if you need me to stay here. I’m pretty sure I can keep the books from your shop.” Ryan kissed her forehead. “Say the word and I’m on your Internet, not checking out porn at all.”