She studied his expression, the determination on his face. The man was stubborn. If he truly believed he was a Hunter, nothing she said or did would deter him from becoming just that. “Do you think you are?”

She blew out a breath. “What does that mean? Because Gabe and Sarah were separated for months while he trained.” And if Ryan left for months to be trained, Glory would damn well be going with him.

“Don’t worry so much. I’m not leaving. I told him he could shove it up his ass if he tried to get me to go.”

Glory immediately relaxed. As stubborn as he was, Ryan would put his word to her above anything Barney wanted. Ryan wasn’t going anywhere. “Good.”

“But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to train, and train hard. If I’m going to be a Hunter, I’m going to need to learn everything Barney and Gabe can teach me.”

“As long as you come home safe at night, that’s fine by me.”

She squirmed in his grasp when she realized what she’d just said. Damn it. Why did she keep stripping herself bare in front of him? She might as well tattoo Ryan’s on her ass, because now the shifter had to be aware he owned it.

Glory wasn’t willing to admit out loud what else the Bear owned. Not yet, anyway. Let him work a little harder before she admitted to him how she really felt.

The satisfaction in his gaze wasn’t making it any better. She had the bad feeling he was already aware just how much Glory was willing to give up for him. “That’s a promise I intend to keep, sweetheart.” Ryan kissed her, holding her with a possessiveness that should have had her fighting to get free.

Instead, she sank into his embrace, giving as good as she got. Because damn it, if her ass belonged to Ryan, then Ryan’s belonged to her.

And it was about time she laid her own claim on the man who’d knocked her off her feet.

Ryan had refused to leave the shop, even to return home long enough to get his laptop. He sat in Tabby’s empty station, watching like a hawk every single customer who entered, sniffing the air to make sure there wasn’t anything odd about any of them. It was almost closing time, and he’d stayed right there the whole day.

Glory would never admit it, but just having him around calmed her. Knowing he was right there where she could keep an eye on him had soothed that strange feeling of other inside her. She’d been shaken to the core, more by the attack on him than on herself.

It had been unexpected, the rage that had filled her at the thought of Ryan so badly hurt he needed Super Bear’s special touch. And until they caught the fucker who’d hurt him, she was going to insist he bring his laptop to the shop with him. Between Tabby, Cyn and Glory, Ryan would be safe.

She snorted, amused at the direction her thoughts had gone in. The man was the size of a small country. She was pretty sure if she told Ryan why she wanted him here, in her sight, he’d laugh his majestic ass off at her.

Either that or she’d find herself bent over the break room table again. She shivered. She wasn’t sure if she wanted a repeat performance or not. The fact that she’d done him on there was going to fuel her fantasies for years, but the look on Julian’s face had embarrassed the hell out of her.

Ryan fucked like a god, and that bite? Her cheeks flushed as she remembered how wonderful that bite had felt. Glory was looking forward to a repeat of that performance. She’d had some pretty decent sex in her life, but Ryan’s bite took it to a whole other level.

I’ve developed a new kink, and its name is Ryan Williams.

Just as Glory was getting ready to close her station, the bell over the door jangled. A familiar voice called out, “Ryan?”

Glory grinned. Chloe had been coming around more often, getting out of her postage-sized apartment, much to her brother’s relief. They were all thrilled that Chloe felt well enough to try and get out more. She’d tired so easily in the early days of her healing. Hell, she still tired quicker than Glory liked. “Hi, Chloe.”

Glory shouldn’t be surprised that the Fox could scent that on her, but she was. “I didn’t know you could sense that.”

“You smell of each other.” Chloe looked genuinely happy for her as she pulled back. “You’re good for him, you know? Most women bore him pretty quickly, but not you.” Chloe waggled her brows. “Keep him on his toes.”

Glory eyed him sideways, almost grinning when she saw him pale. “Has a lot of girlfriends in his past, does he?”

Chloe started to laugh. “Cheerleaders were all over him in high school. And in college? A couple of sorority sisters got into a fistfight in the student center.”

“What? Should I tell her about all those bored housewives watching you when you were working the landscaping part of the business?” Chloe leaned in and whispered loud enough for all of them to hear. “The late-night phone calls kept waking me up. The best one was the lady plumber who kept offering to check his pipe for leaks.”

Glory didn’t know whether to laugh or snarl, but the decision was taken out of her hands when Ryan abruptly stood and covered his sister’s mouth. “Ixnay on my ipes-pay.”

Glory lost it. “Let me guess. You trimmed her bush?”

“I think he raked her leaves.” Chloe was giggling behind her hand.

“You suck.” Ryan took hold of his sister’s head and pushed her gently away. “Little sisters just suck.”

Chloe was laughing so hard she could barely breathe. “P-planted his tree in her garden.”

“I did not!” Ryan threw his hands in the air. “She was hairier than I am!”

Glory collapsed into her station chair, laughing so hard her stomach hurt.

Suddenly Ryan turned on his sister with a scowl. “Did you walk here alone?”

Ryan growled. “It’s not safe to be walking alone at night.”

Chloe stilled, then sighed. “I’m okay, big brother. I’m not nearly as fired as I used to be, and I’m using all my Foxy ways to stay safe.”