“Oh shit.” Ryan clawed at his jeans, wincing in pain as the material tore, but didn’t come off. “You know, that works a hell of a lot better in the movies.”

She laughed as he rubbed his abused hip. “Poor baby. Want Mama to kiss it all better?”

“Um, could we not talk about my mother in bed?”

“Do you want a blowjob or not?”

She held up her hand, trying desperately not to laugh. “I will seriously end you.”

He pouted and pointed to his cock. “The condemned have a last request.”

Well. Nothing sexier than a woman on your bed, giggling so hard she cried, right?

At least, Ryan seemed to think so, because he finished taking off his clothes (the normal way, thank God) and crawled into bed with her. He then proceeded to ignore her laughter, gently removing her shirt and lace bra, tossing them on the floor next to his destroyed jeans and his T-shirt.

By the time he was done, the giggles were under control. She wiped the tears from her eyes and sniffled. “Oh God, I needed that laugh.”

The warmth of his hands was seeping under her skin, but his smile was warmer than anything. “You’re so beautiful.”

“Even with my runny nose and red eyes?” She struck a pose, which was a lot more difficult than it seemed when you were lying on your side. “Oh yeah. You know you want me.”

“Hmm.” He kissed her, runny nose and all, soft and sweet and filled with something that absolutely terrified her. Something she recognized from the way Julian stared at Cyn, and how Bunny couldn’t keep his hands off Tabby. “Yeah, I do.”

“Ryan?” It was too soon, wasn’t it? Love wasn’t possible yet. They hadn’t known each other long enough for real love, the kind that lasted forever.

Ryan smiled as if he knew exactly what was going through her mind.

Ryan, that sweet smile still on his face, nodded.

When the fuck did that happen?

“Shh.” He took her lips again, the quiet peace of the previous kiss slowly replaced by heat and need. “Let me in.”

She knew he meant more than her body, and while part of her spread its heart’s legs wide, the other was still clenching her heart’s knees together.

And man, I need more caffeine if I’m thinking… Oh. Oh.

While she’d been thinking, Ryan had spread her real knees and decided on an early lunch. She smacked him on the hip to get his attention. After all, she’d offered, hadn’t she? “Me too.”

His muffled groan sent vibrations through all her sensitive places. “Yes, please.”

They rearranged themselves so she could taste Ryan to her heart’s content. She took him in her mouth just as he began to lap once more at her pussy, driving her insane.

God, his scent. It was so strong here, so fierce. She licked the head of his cock like a lollipop, teasing him with what was coming.

But she couldn’t tease for long. She wanted this just as badly as Ryan did. His cock slid between her lips, stretching them. It didn’t take long to find a rhythm that pleased them both, and soon he was throbbing against her lips.

He was close, and she wasn’t sure she wanted him to come in her mouth. She wanted him to—

She pulled away from his cock and screamed as Ryan’s teeth pierced her inner thigh, the pleasure so intense she thought she might pass out.

Shuddering, vision dim, she barely felt as he rearranged her and slid inside her still-quivering body. “Mine.”

“Ugh.” Her head was against the mattress, her ass in the air. The thickness of him stretched her almost to the point of pain in this position, but somehow the pleasure/pain of the bite he’d given her was intensified. His thigh kept striking the mark over and over, like stroking her clit but better, somehow. Like hitting her g-spot, but on the outside of her body. Glory could barely grunt and groan as Ryan took her, her hands scrabbling to grab hold of the mattress, the sheets, anything that would stop her from going headfirst into the headboard.

And he wasn’t holding her down. His hands kept stroking her back over and over, tangling in her hair, cupping her ass. She could sit up at any time.

She just didn’t want to. It was too fucking good to mess with.

Ugh. There he went with that whole speaking thing again. Apparently he didn’t understand the meaning of “fucking her brains out”, despite the fact he was doing an admirable job of it.

“I will bite you again.” His voice was husky, the tone seductive rather than demanding.

She stared at him over her shoulder, unable to believe he’d said that. “This is a deterrent why?”

His grin was savage as he bent over her, completely blanketing her. His skin, his hair, his scent, all of it filled her even more than his cock did.

I’m doomed. She’d fallen, and she no longer cared.

“Say it.” He licked the side of her neck.

“Pfft.” She tilted her head. “Do your wor— Oh, right there.”

The son of a bitch swiveled his hips again, and damn if Glory didn’t want to sing hallelujah. His breath blew against the place on her neck he’d bitten before, the sensation teasing her with an orgasm that would make all the others look like a peck on the cheek. “Say it, SG.”

She reached behind her, swatting at him, landing maybe one blow in three. “I swear to God, Ryan, if you don’t bite me I will kill you.”

But damn if he didn’t listen to her, because those big Bear fangs slid beneath her skin and Glory’s body became one huge mass of bliss. She didn’t even have the breath to scream as Ryan marked her once again.

And when it was over, and she could breathe, and think about the possibility of one day getting her sight back, Ryan curled up around her and rumbled happily, “Mine.”

Ryan followed the scent of the Wolf right to Glory’s old apartment. It was strongest here, now that he knew what he was looking for, covering the area right across the street from her bedroom window in a funk that left Ryan furious.

In order for this much scent to have covered the area the man had to have been here for quite some time, a month at least. How come Ryan hadn’t noticed this before? He’d been haunting the area around his mate’s home for a lot longer than that. He should have noticed someone else acting all stalkerish, but he hadn’t seen, or sensed, a thing.