And then the real healing began.

Julian mended the broken bones, repaired the severed blood vessels, healed the damage to her skull. The fluid pouring into her cranial cavity was causing pressure her fragile brain wouldn’t be able to tolerate. Julian drained it off efficiently and moved on to the next wound. Bunny could tell there was something wrong there, in the soft tissues of her brain, but he didn’t possess the knowledge to figure out what it was. He was pulled along in Julian’s wake, helpless to do anything but watch and marvel.

Bunny was stunned at the strength the other Bear possessed. Julian poured his energy into Chloe, revitalized flagging organs and sped the beat of her heart once all of the blood vessels had been properly repaired. He left enough outer damage that the paramedics would not be too suspicious of what had happened here this night.

He wouldn’t have much time when he was done. Bunny could sense the fatigue that pulled at the other Bear, trying to make him sloppy in his healing, but Julian pushed through. His healing remained precise, catching even the tiniest details of the internal damage Chloe had suffered. Bunny offered his strength, letting Julian pull on him to complete what Bunny knew was impossible. It wouldn’t be enough to keep the Bear on his feet more than five minutes, ten tops when they were done, but he would survive, thanks to the strength Bunny lent him. Bunny knew that Julian’s selfless act would have ended his life. The man had to have known it before he even started.

Another source of energy poured into him. Alien, feminine, it wrapped around him, scented by wild forests and the feel of soft paws on leaves. The howl of a wolf, barely heard, the pull of the moon on a four-limbed body told him whose energy filled him. Savage strength held in check by a heart too big for its frame coursed through him, leaving him dizzy and so aroused he almost lost the spiraling tendrils of the healing path. Tabby lent them her strength, using the bare beginnings of their mate bond to channel her energy through Bunny to Julian and ultimately to Chloe.

That added strength allowed him to help Julian finish healing Chloe. Julian pulled back and released his hold on Bunny, his hair turning dark once more.

Bunny watched the white fade from Julian’s hair until not a pearly strand was left. Julian was visibly shaking, deep dark circles under his eyes, but when he lifted his face, his expression was serene. “I’ve done all I can, and it wasn’t enough.”

And then he collapsed like a broken puppet. Bunny barely stopped his head from cracking on the street.

“Shit.” The blond doctor was suddenly there, concern in every line of his body. “I was afraid of this.”

“What’s this? He’s exhausted, isn’t he?” Both men turned and stared at Tabby. “I mean, I felt him…pulling on me, but it was weak. Like he was already tiring.”

Dr. Howard nodded. “Exactly.” He bent over Chloe, leaving Julian to Tabby and Bunny. Bunny checked Julian’s vitals with his own healing power and smiled.

He’d settled into a deep sleep and would probably be starving when he woke up, but he was going to be fine. He smiled at Tabby when she arranged Julian’s legs more comfortably on her lap. “Damn, Bear. Not bad. She’ll make it to the hospital.” Bunny turned from Tabby to find Doc Howard smiling. “I need to have a long talk with him when he wakes up. We could use someone like him.” Dr.

Howard stood and motioned to the paramedics. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the horror that flashed across Tabby’s face and wondered at it. Could it have anything to do with the way Julian had collapsed after saving Chloe? How close was his mate to Julian anyway? “I want both Ms. Williams and Mr. Ducharme loaded into the ambulances. I’ll want vitals on both of them when I arrive.”

“But, Doc, the girl.” The paramedic still had that horrible look on his face. It made Bunny want to smash something.

“She’s going to make it. Just do what I say and load her up.”

“Yes, sir.” The paramedics didn’t look convinced, but they put Chloe on the gurney anyway. She moaned as they moved her, startling the paramedics who quickly loaded her into the ambulance.

Bunny watched his cousin being maneuvered onto the gurney. Her face was white where it wasn’t black and blue, her breathing shallow. She wasn’t out of the woods yet. “We have to follow them.”

“Of course.” He shuddered and a small hand touched his arm. “I’m here, Bunny.”

He turned and watched those amazing legs of hers stride toward his Harley. She straddled the seat, pulled on a helmet and waited for him.

The ambulance, lights flashing, started down the street. Bunny didn’t watch it go.

He had a horrifying thought to deal with.

God, if they crashed, nothing was between her sweet flesh and the harshness of the road. He studied her for a moment, mentally measuring her, knowing the next time she rode with him she’d need to be in denim or leathers.

Not even the amazing Julian could heal a case of dead.

He shuddered at the thought of the body on the ground being hers, of being forced to watch as her blood poured onto the road. She was his, quirky green hair and all. The fear he’d felt seeing Chloe broken on the road suddenly centered on Tabby. He couldn’t watch that again.

He strode over to his bike and tugged the helmet off her head.

If anything happened to her on the way to the hospital, she would die his. It wasn’t logical, he knew that, but right then, he didn’t give a rat’s ass. Someone he loved was on her way to the hospital. He needed something to reaffirm life, and marking his little Wolf would do nicely.

He swallowed her protest, drinking deep of her sweetness. Her soft, full mouth opened in shock and he took complete advantage, thrusting between her lips hungrily. The urge to mate her, mark her as his, was overwhelming.

Thank God for sleeveless dresses. He pushed the leather jacket aside and, without a second thought, bit down into her shoulder. His mark formed under his tongue on her silky smooth skin. He felt her shudder, her head thrown back, her thighs clamping convulsively on the bike as she came. The mating enzyme raced through her system, the first hint of his scent mingled with hers. His Bear settled down, content now that she’d been marked.

She was his.

Tabby sat in the hospital chair and glowered at Bunny. Her hand reached up to touch her shoulder. The mark he’d placed on her burned against her skin. She kept the leather jacket on so no one would see the bite he’d left behind and ask if she’d gotten bitten by a fucking Bear. The only reason she wasn’t more pissed off was because of Chloe. She’d seen how his cousin’s accident had affected Bunny.