She pulled her helmet on and patted the seat behind her, enticingly close to her ass. “Come on, sugar. Climb aboard.”

Bunny, his control almost shredded, did, fastening his helmet. She was in for more than one type of ride today.

“Hospital.” He looked over at Cyn. “I mean it. She’s got a lump on her head. Are you sure she should be driving?”

Bunny fought the urge to roll his eyes. There was no way Cyn could know he’d already healed Tabby’s injury, and no way he could explain it in such a mixed crowd. “She’s fine.”

Cyn glared at him. “Lump. Head. Hell, even Tabby’s thick skull isn’t crack-proof.”

“Hey!” Tabby yanked off the helmet. “I feel fine now, thank you.”

“I don’t.” Cyn grabbed Tabby’s helmet and held out her hand. “Hospital. Pinky-swear.”

Tabby rolled her eyes and held out her little pinky. “I swear I’ll get my head checked out.” Of course, they both knew Bunny had already taken care of it, so her oath wasn’t necessary. And she’d phrased it in such a way that she could honestly say she hadn’t lied.

Cyn grabbed it with her own pinky. “Good.” She stepped back, obviously satisfied.

“Take care of her for me.”

“I will.” He wrapped his arms around Tabby. This might even be better than when he drove. He thrust his hips forward, cradling his cock against Tabby’s luscious ass. “Believe me, I will,” he muttered for her ears only.

She shuddered and started the bike. She pulled out into the street, careful until they were out of sight of the store. “You know I don’t need a hospital.”

He did. He’d never have let her drive if he thought for one minute she was impaired in any way. The healing was complete. “I know.” He rubbed his hand briefly across her breast. “But I know what you do need.” And, dear God, what he needed more than anything.

They pulled up to his hotel and found a parking spot close to the front door.

He reached around her for the keys and turned off the bike. “I know so.” He helped her up, tucking their helmets away. “Shall we?”

She looked…disappointed. He knew he had to hold it together until they were in his room. Once he had her in his temporary den, all bets were off.

They rode the elevator in silence, Bunny’s hand wrapped around hers. It felt so small in his big paw. His chest rumbled with a low growl. The thought that anyone would try to harm his mate was inconceivable. She deserved so much more than she’d gotten out of life so far. And he was just the man to see that she got it. But first, she was going to mark him.

The elevator dinged and she sighed, her shoulders slumping wearily. So far it had been a hell of a week and they were both exhausted. That sigh quickly turned into a gasp when he dragged her out of the elevator and almost threw her into his hotel room. God, he needed her. If he didn’t feel her around him soon, he was going to fucking explode. He had to erase the scent of her attacker from her skin, the feel of him from her mind. He closed the door, pushing her up against it.

“Yours.” She was breathless, trying desperately to soothe him.

He wasn’t in any mood to be soothed. He bit her right through her shirt, marking her again, forcing her into orgasm. The scent of her pleasure teased him, drove him insane. She had to be naked. He wanted the feel of her soft flesh in his palms. He pulled at her shirt, ripping it half off her body, exposing her lacy bra.

He pulled one cup of the bra down, exposing one full breast to his hungry gaze.

Oh, fuck, she’s pierced. A little gold ring dangled from her brown nipple, a green bead glowing against her golden skin.

He bent down and sucked her nipple into his mouth. He pulled on it relentlessly, tongued the gold ring, and reveled in her soft cries. Her body began to undulate against him, her hips pushing up against his erection.

He grabbed her around the waist and picked her up, holding her against the door so that he stood upright, her breast right where he wanted it. She wrapped her legs around his waist and grabbed hold of his head, pushing his mouth right where they both wanted it.

He ripped his mouth away only to suck her other breast into his mouth. Her head slammed back into the door. “Fuck, Alex.”

He snarled. She’d called him Alex. No one called him Alex except his immediate family.

Possessiveness roared through him. She was family. She was his.

He looked up to find her staring down at him through Wolf eyes. Her fangs were bared. “Put me down.”

He let his fangs scrape her breast. The moan she let loose was music to his ears.

She grinned. “I want to mark you.”

He turned and threw her onto the bed, ignoring her startled screech. “My way.”

The boots had to come off before he could peel those jeans off her legs. He yanked them off and quickly pulled off her jeans. He eyed the boots lying on the floor. He wasn’t sure he’d allow her to wear those to work again. They screamed fuck me to him.

He was the only one who got that pleasure.

Next went the underwear. She lay there, watching him pull her clothing off, the delicate lace ripping under his hands. He was using too much strength, leaving bruises behind, but he couldn’t seem to stop himself. He needed to feel her coming around him.

Once she was naked , he stood up. “Play with yourself.”

Her eyes widened for a moment before her lids dropped, her hands reaching up to pluck at her nipples. Her thighs spread, allowing him to see the juicy lips of her pussy.

He nearly dropped to his knees, eager to worship the woman writhing on his bed.

He dragged his clothes from his body, not caring where they fell. He only knew he had to climb up there and bury his face between the thighs of the woman he’d claimed.

Tabby watched Alex crawl up the bed. There was no way in hell he looked like a Bunny to her, not with that look in his eye. The expression on his face was one of wicked intent, his gaze glued to her pussy. He licked his lips and everything in Tabby quivered in anticipation.

Oh, hell. He was going to eat her out.

At the first swipe of his tongue, she gasped. Rough and wet and warm, it was almost too much to bear. He licked and sucked and nibbled at her clit like a starving man at a five-course meal.