With a savage growl, he gave her what she asked for. She’d unleashed the beast in him with her demand, and she was going to pay the price for it with a very sore, very happy pussy. Then again, he’s got those wonderful healing powers…

If she thought he’d been pounding into her before, she was sadly mistaken. He began in earnest, ignoring her howls of pleasure. The big paw holding her arms in place let go, only to take hold of her breasts. He squeezed her nipples to just this side of pain. She whimpered, her breath stolen, unable to beg for more. The hand holding down her head clenched in her hair, holding her steady while he took what he wanted and gave her what she needed.

Her orgasm began, rolling through her, the pleasure so intense she could barely draw the breath to scream. Every muscle in her body clenched, the pleasure damn near tearing her apart.

He quivered around her, in her. How he held back his own orgasm she’d never know. “Oh, fuck yes. Do that again.”

She tried to shake her head no, she wouldn’t survive another one like that, but he was moving again and she couldn’t stop it. The first orgasm rolled right into the second, her body pulsing, her breath lost to her. Her body obeyed his command, heedless of the impossibility of it. He owned her, body and soul, and let her know it in no uncertain terms.

She clenched around him, determined to take him with her this time. She snarled up at him, whimpering when his hand tightened, reminding her of who she belonged to. God, it was incredible, and nothing like what she thought being with a Bear would be like. She’d expected something like this with a Wolf and had felt a small pang that she’d never know the kind of mating that she’d always dreamed of.

Alex was taking those dreams and shattering them with reality.

It was happening again, her entire body shoved into orgasm. This time she had enough breath to scream his name. “Alex!” His fangs pierced her shoulder, intensifying the orgasm until she damn near blacked out, spots dancing in front of her eyes as her body shook.

Alex roared, the sound more feral than any other she’d ever heard. His cock twitched inside her once, twice, and liquid heat poured into her. He’d come, finally, his fangs still buried in her neck, her body quivering at the intensity of her own pleasure.

If he kept fucking her like this, she might never leave his bed. She now understood the meaning of the phrase dying from pleasure . She was wrung out, limp, damp and sated to her toenails.

He pulled out of her and dropped to the mattress beside her. His big chest heaved, glistening with sweat. He rolled his head and looked at her, her head still on the comforter, her ass still in the air. “You okay?”

Her muscles were too weak to move even enough to lower her ass to the mattress.

Maybe she could sleep just like this? She smiled, knowing exactly what it looked like. “Best. Fuck. Evah. ”

Alex chuckled. She almost growled at the smug male satisfaction on his face, but really? He’d earned that look. He pulled and pushed until she was practically on top of him, their feet propped up on the pillows. Neither one appeared to have the strength to move right way around on the bed. They lay there for a few minutes, dropping sweet kisses wherever they could reach without actually moving.

Eventually Alex stirred. “Do me a favor? Next time bite my neck.” He grumbled, but his lips were twitching. “What am I supposed to tell my father when he asks to see my mate mark? Should I drop trou and proudly point?”

She hid her face in his chest and giggled. Her mate had just given her the best orgasm of her life and he was fun in bed? She’d died and gone to Tabby heaven.

Bunny frowned and tried to figure out what it was that had woken him up. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d slept so damn well. He woke up wrapped around the warmth of his mate, his erection nestled between the cheeks of her ass. She was snoring lightly, her green hair plastered to her cheek. Their feet were still propped up on the pillows; they’d never bothered turning right way round. The low hum of the air conditioner reminded him that he’d need to start looking for a place if he was going to stay in Halle. He had no intention of living with the three women in their tiny apartment. He’d have to ask Tabby if there was any particular neighborhood that appealed to her.

There. He heard it again. Beethoven’s “Für Elise”. He carefully climbed out of bed and dug through his mate’s pants. Her cell phone vibrated in his hand, Beethoven blaring out until he got it open. “Hello.”

Bunny pulled the phone away from his ear and glared at it. “This is Bunny. Who is this?”

“This is Tabby’s boyfriend.” A long-suffering sigh sounded through the speaker.

“Fuck. Is she cheating on me again?”

Tabby’s boyfriend? He stared at the woman sleeping in his bed. “I guess so.”

“Damn. Dude, I’m sorry, but I need you to do me a favor. Would you tell her Gary called? I heard she got hurt yesterday and I want to make sure she’s all right.”

The concern in Gary’s voice grated on his nerves. “Despite everything, she’s…

she’s everything to me, you know?”

Something about this just didn’t feel right. All of his instincts were screaming at him that Gary was a lying sack of shit, but how much of that was due to his mate bond with Tabby? “Yeah. I know the feeling.” He took a deep breath and tried to calm the rage inside him. “I’ll make sure she knows you called.”

“Thanks, man. And don’t blame yourself. We’ve been having problems recently and, well, Tabby doesn’t handle stress well.”

Bunny shut the phone and cut him off, unable to listen to another word. He studied the woman on the bed. How well did he really know his mate? Could she have a boyfriend? A fucker named Gary?

Tabby yawned. “Hey, was that my phone?”

Her voice was husky with sleep and affection. He crushed the phone in his hand.

“Alex?” She sat up with a frown. “What’s wrong?”

He took a deep breath. He’d give her a chance to explain, to make this right. “Do you have a boyfriend?”

Damn. Right now, he wished he was a goddamn Coyote. They could smell a lie at fifty paces. “You sure?”