It was her turn to shiver. The thought of fucking him while he was still fully dressed and she was almost naked was an incredible turn-on. She wanted to feel the stiff cloth of his jeans under her fingers, the soft T-shirt between her thighs.

And then she couldn’t wait to turn around and feel the denim scratching her inner thighs while she rode him. The only thing sexier was the feel of his whiskers scratching her thighs.

She pulled off her thong and crawled onto the bed, her Wolf close to the surface.

She was going to take her mate, show him how incredible being mated to a she-Wolf could be. She knew the look on her face bordered on evil just before she bent down, lapping at the head of his cock.

Salty-sweetness exploded onto her tongue. Yum. The scent of her mate was strong here, mingling with the smell of his need. It was a heady combination. She buried her face in his balls and licked, sucking one into her mouth. The zipper dug into her chin, making her moan around the sac.

“Oh, fuck.” His hands buried themselves in her hair. “Get your ass up here.” She lifted her head from his lap and licked her lips. He glared down at her. “Don’t make me say it again.”

Fuck that. If he reacted that way to a little suck and lick, she wanted to see exactly what he would do while his cock was buried balls-deep in her mouth. She slowly sucked him, her lips sliding bit by bit down to the root.

He reared up, his hands pressing against the back of her head, holding her in place. “Oh shit . That’s it, suck it, baby.” He bent over her body, one of his hands going to her ass. He slapped it, hard enough to make her grunt.

She sucked, laving the sensitive opening of his cock with her tongue, drawing out the spicy-sweet taste of his come.

He groaned below her, his cock twitching inside her. His hands moved from her head to her hips, tugging on them. “Gonna let me have a taste, baby?”

“Mm-hmm.” She nodded her head, but refused to release his cock. She’d figure out a way to keep him right where she wanted him while she gave him what he’d asked for.

He moaned, petting her hair one last time before he lay back down. She maneuvered herself until she was straddling his face, eager to feel that hot tongue on her clit.

He pulled on her hips until he had her right where he wanted her. His hands stroked the globes of her ass. “So beautiful.”

That’s when she felt it. The most wonderful thing she’d ever felt in her whole life.

Alex pulled her pussy to his face and sucked her clit into that amazing mouth.

She bucked her hips, riding him, unashamed. He was fucking amazing .

A slap to her ass reminded her of what she was supposed to be doing. She bobbed her head, taking him back down her throat, swallowing around the head of his cock. His rumble of approval was matched by the thrust of his hips as he began to fuck her face. She pulled back a little, wrapping her hand around the base of his cock, letting him control the blowjob while she held on and sucked for all she was worth.

Meanwhile, Alex was driving her insane with that tongue of his. He was eating her like a starving man at an all-you-can-eat buffet, leaving no part of her pussy untouched. His hands dug into her ass, pulling the cheeks apart, exposing that part of her that was still virgin.

He lifted his mouth away from her, much to her disappointment, but was soon back, his lips wrapping once more around her clit. She whined around his cock, so close to coming she was ready to scream from frustration. She tightened her legs, the feel of the cotton of his shirt ratcheting up her desire. She let go of the base of his cock and palmed his balls in one hand, rolling them back and forth to his obvious enjoyment. He planted both feet on the mattress and began to seriously fuck her face at the same moment he gently inserted a wet finger into her ass.

Apparently the bottle with the black lid was lube.

The slight sting, the dark invasion, pushed her over the edge. She came, screaming around his cock, riding that finger and mouth until he’d almost drained her.

He kept fucking her in the ass with that finger, stretching her out. She felt the slight burn subside, the pleasure slowly building again.

“More,” he muttered, lapping at her pussy lips. She heard a click and wondered at it. One of his arms wrapped around her waist, holding her in place while he inserted something wider into her ass. Oh, that stung, stung so good. He must have gone up to two fingers. Warmth spread from where he was inside her. She had no idea what that warmth was, but it felt damn good.

She lifted her head from his cock, ignoring the wet slap of it against her cheek.

Her hands dug into his thighs, the denim harsh against her fingertips. She rode his hand, his lips, felt the orgasm racing down her spine again. “Gonna come again.”

He moaned and nibbled her clit with his teeth and that was it, she was coming around his fingers, whimpering and still wanting.

He pulled himself out from under her. “Down.” He held up the bottle and shook it at her with a dark grin.

She went down, her legs so rubbery they couldn’t hold her up anymore anyway.

His hand stroked one of her ass cheeks, kneading the soft flesh. “I am going to enjoy this.”

She heard the snick of a cap, felt the cold gel glide between her ass cheeks. It began to warm almost immediately. “Alex?”

He bent down and nibbled at her ass. “Mine.”

She felt she’d better warn him. If his cock felt as good as his fingers, she knew she’d enjoy it, but even she knew this wasn’t something you did without some preparation. “Never done this.”

“Good.” The dark satisfaction in his voice had her burying her face in her hands, her hips writhing in the bed. “Gonna fuck this tight hole of yours. You’ll think of me every time you sit tomorrow.”

“Hell.” Like she didn’t think of him too much already!

She jumped when she felt his fingers stroke between the cheeks of her ass, rubbing the lube against the tight pucker. “Gonna feel so good, baby.”

She felt the stretch when he inserted his fingers and wondered if someone could die of pleasure.

Bunny watched Tabby squirming beneath him. He’d never had a lover take to anal play the way Tabby had. She was practically humping the sheets, sucking his fingers into her tight body. And she’d never done this before?

No way was he going to hurt his virgin mate. Hell, if he’d known she’d never done this before, he would have used even more of the cinnamon-scented, self-warming lube. Not that she’d complained; she’d come as sweet as you please. His she-Wolf seemed to enjoy a little sting of pain with her pleasure.