Despite that, he wouldn’t give her true pain. She might be begging for it, but Bunny knew just how much she could take right now. He reached beneath her and began to strum her clit with his free hand, her sighs music to his ears. He inserted two fingers into her ass, scissoring them, stretching her wide for his cock. He wouldn’t enter her until she was begging for it, her hole wide and inviting, ready for him.

He let her ride his two fingers, taking his time, noticing the way she moaned and squirmed when his jeans brushed her thighs. My baby has a fetish, huh? He’d have to take her more often while still fully clothed if she reacted like this.

He stirred, letting her feel the denim against her skin and inserted a third finger into her ass.

She snarled, the sound inhuman. One dark brown eye peered up at him through a fall of damp green hair. He could see her fangs descending.

He smirked, the satisfaction that he could reduce his mate to nothing but a mass of wanton need coursing through him. It was better than anything he’d ever experienced.

He fucked her with his fingers, gentle at first. He wanted her used to the stretch and burn of three fingers. He was wider around than that, especially at the head of his cock. When she relaxed back into him, he took his fingers out and added more lube.

She snapped at him, those sharp teeth flashing. Thank God. He was very happy his cock was currently nowhere near her very talented mouth.

He reinserted his fingers and she smiled. She pushed back as much as he would allow, rode his hand with a smile. His other hand remained busy at her clit, keeping her on the edge of orgasm.

When those sweet little whimpers began pouring from her mouth, he pulled his fingers free. “Gonna fuck you so good, baby.”

Her hips lifted in invitation, one he had no intention of turning down. He put a thick coating of lube on his cock and stroked it, knowing she could hear the sounds of it squelching through his palm. “Ready for me?”

He put the head of his cock against her asshole. “Push out, baby.”

He entered her slowly, pausing every time a wince crossed that incredible face. He moaned when the head passed through the tight ring of her muscles. He stilled, letting her get used to the sensation. When she shivered and relaxed, he inched forward. He paused with each stroke to let her get used to his invasion. When his balls finally rested against her pussy, he sighed. “You okay?”

He almost laughed. Damn, she was extraordinary. Her ass pulsed around him.

She nodded, wiggling a little bit. Her eyes widened and she shuddered. “Oh fuck.”

She reached back and stroked his thigh, her nails scratching the material of his jeans. “Need.”

And he would provide. He began with small movements, swiveling his hips every now and then so she’d feel the rasp of his zipper against her flesh, know he was fucking her still fully clothed. Hell, he hadn’t even taken his boots off.

She began to respond. Tabby rocked against him, their movements becoming surer, sharper, the sensation indescribable. He could feel the tingling at the base of his spine, the pleasure already more than he could bear. He needed her to go over with him, needed to feel the clench of her muscles while she came. She was so tight, she might snap his dick off when she came, but fuck if it wouldn’t be worth it.

There, that was the sound he’d been waiting for, that delicious little whimper that signaled she was close. She was pushing back against him, riding him, barely letting him guide her. He lowered himself over her, forcing her down, his hands on her hips keeping her ass in the air. He pulled her hair roughly to the side. He was almost there, his cock throbbing inside her.

Her face was red, her eyes scrunched up, and it was the most beautiful sight he’d ever seen. “Come on my cock.”

He thrust one arm toward her face, hoping she understood what he wanted. He didn’t wait though, he took what he needed. He bit his mate, forcing the mating enzyme into her system, throwing her over the edge into orgasm.

Oh. Oh fuck. So good. So tight. Her scream was muffled against his arm, her teeth clenched, her face screwed up. He could barely move inside her body, she was coming so hard.

It was too much, too tight, too hot and he was coming, pouring himself into her, coming so hard his world turned gray.

She collapsed beneath him and he followed her down, reluctant to leave the tight clasp of her body. He licked the wound on her shoulder, lapping at the blood, her taste exploding inside him.

He smiled. Her ass was still quivering around his softening cock.

“Seriously. I think I’m blind. You fucked me blind.”

He kissed her damp cheek. It was going to be so easy to fall in love with his mate.

He said a silent prayer of thanks for the awesome gift fate had given him in the form of one small she-Wolf. “Your eyes are closed.”

“Oh.” He waited. He knew she wasn’t done yet. “Are you sure?”

“Hmm.” She elbowed him until he rolled off of her, then snuggled into him, her ass resting against his hip. She wriggled and sighed happily, purring like her namesake. He got up long enough to clean himself and her off, then put his cock back into his pants and maneuvered until he was spooned up against her body. If his baby got off on the feel of denim, he’d buy fucking denim pajamas. They would be uncomfortable as hell, but Tabby was worth it.

He drifted off to sleep, a satisfied smile on his face.

Tabby raised her brow, wondering what the hell Alex was up to. He’d let her shower by herself this morning, his demeanor quiet and thoughtful. He’d finished his yoga before she got out, and damn if she wasn’t sorry to miss that. Watching him stretch that amazing body, his muscles quivering with strain, had been an incredible turn-on. After he was done, he’d led her to IHOP for breakfast, his expression still peaceful after his morning workout.

She thudded her head down on the Formica table hard enough she’d probably have a red mark. “Bacon. Need bacon.”

She huffed out a breath, leaving her face on the table. “Fine. Gary is a student at the college who thinks it’s fun to try to fuck with me.” She couldn’t go into too much detail; it was Saturday morning and the IHOP was packed to the rafters with humans and Pumas. One mention of shifters right now could lead to either a long life in a hug-me jacket or being forced to leave the only real home she’d ever known. Neither one was an option she wanted to contemplate.