So hot and wet, so tight. Gonna make me come, baby.”

Good idea. Tabby hid her face in the chair clenched her muscles, squeezing his cock as hard as she could.

“Oh, shit !” Bunny slammed into her and came. His arms strained against the chair. She thought she could hear the sound of metal bending and hoped they weren’t about to break anything.

He damn near sobbed as his orgasm drew to an end. “God. Love you, baby.”

He kissed the spot between her shoulder blades. “And?”

She could hear the uncertainty in his voice. Even after everything they’d shared tonight, he still doubted? “Love you too.”

She peeked through the small space where the armrest joined the rest of the chair. “We still need to clean up.”

He moved his hips, his cock flexing inside her. “One more for the road?”

She turned her head as much as her position would allow her and glared up at him.

He lifted off of her. “Fine. But your ass is mine when we get home.”

She couldn’t stop the stupid, silly grin that crossed her face.

Home. She loved the sound of that, even if home right now was a hotel room. And she loved the man who’d given it back to her.

The phone rang at four in the morning. Bunny opened one bleary eye and glared at the nightstand where he’d dropped his cell before collapsing into bed.

“Shh.” He rubbed Tabby’s back with one hand and snagged his phone with the other. “Go back to sleep, baby.”

He didn’t even check the caller ID before answering. “’Lo?”

“Mm-hmm.” Wait. Wasn’t he supposed to be with Chloe tonight? Heart pounding, Bunny sat up. “Chloe?”

“Yup. We owe Julian more than ever.” William chuckled. “Your uncle is considering adoption. Your aunt says it’s a done deal.”

Bunny chuckled. “I wonder how Julian will feel about that.”

“Speaking of which, we tried calling him to make sure he was all right and didn’t get an answer. You mind going to his place and checking on him?”

How the hell had they gotten Julian’s number? Bunny shook his head. His family had ways of finding things out he still didn’t get. “Yeah, no problem. And let Chloe know I’ll be there first thing in the morning.”

“Night, dad.” Bunny hung up and rubbed his eyes. He’d gotten maybe three hours of sleep, but getting up now would be worth it. Julian had just become a Bunsun-Williams, whether he knew it or not, and the family took care of its own.

He got out of bed and reached for his jeans, wincing slightly at the pull of his tattoo.

Damn. He hadn’t meant to wake Tabby. “Go back to sleep, baby.”

Tabby sat halfway up, propping herself on her arms. “Really?”

He nodded and pulled on his pants. “I’m heading out for a little bit. If I’m not back in time for you to head to work, I’ll see you at lunch, okay?”

“Will the hospital let you in at this time of night?”

He thought for all of a second about lying to her. “I’m not going to the hospital.

The family wants me to check on Julian, make sure he’s okay.”

She sat up fully. “I’ll go with you.”

He shook his head. “You have work tomorrow. Besides, if something is wrong I’m a Bear. I can try to heal anything that might be wrong with him.”

“He’s my friend, I need to be there.”

He put his hand on her shoulder and gently pushed her back down. “He’s family, and I’ll take care of it. If I’m out later than planned, I can always sleep. You have to turn people into living art, remember? You can’t do that if you’re exhausted.”

She blew her bangs out of her eyes. “You’ll call me if anything’s wrong.”

It wasn’t a question, but a demand. He nodded. She’d want to know if Julian was all right. “I promise I’ll call if I find anything more than Julian sleeping.”

She bit her lip and nodded reluctantly. “Okay. Be careful. Whoever attacked Chloe is still out there.”

He raised one brow at her.

“I don’t care if you are a fucking grizzly. Even you can be taken down with the right hit to the head.”

“Yes, Mama.” He wondered if she knew that small-caliber bullets would literally bounce off his skull when he was in Bear form?

She shook her head and settled back down. “Please. Take care. For all we know, whoever attacked her is going after your family.”

He paused. That thought hadn’t occurred to him. He figured it had something to do with Chloe being alone, or being a Fox. Why would anyone go after her for being a Williams? “That makes no sense.”

“Your family is well-off. It could have been a kidnapping plot gone wrong.”

He shook his head. “No. She was beaten, remember? That speaks of anger.” He sat on the edge of the bed.

“You think whoever beat her knew her?”

“Maybe.” He rubbed his face. It was too damn early to think, but he had to. If Tabby was endangered because of what had happened with Chloe, he’d never forgive himself. “I’ll find out if she remembers anything when I see her later.” He pressed a soft kiss to Tabby’s forehead. “You go back to sleep. I’m going to finish dressing and get out of here.”

He chuckled and stood, buttoning his jeans. “Brat.”

He grinned. He loved the warm feeling he got whenever he realized that, yes, she was his. “Damn straight.”

He finished dressing as quietly as he could. He pocketed his keys and phone, threw on his jacket and boots and headed for the door. The fall air would be cold this time of morning. He listened for a moment, reassuring himself that Tabby had gone back to sleep before slipping out of the hotel room. He made his way to the parking lot and started his bike.