The Pumas moved en masse to obey their Little General. “It’s like watching Super Grover,” Ryan muttered.

And despite everything that had happened, Tabby found herself laughing as she hauled an unconscious Bear back to her car. “Guys? What do we do with him once we’ve got him there? Tie him to the hood?” Ow. Stupid stick. She hopped on one foot and almost dropped the butt cheek she was currently hoisting.

The white Bear opened one eye and winked at her. He was going to be all right.

She chose not to say anything, but let her Pride carry him. After what he’d done both for her and for Chloe, Julian deserved a little pampering.

Simon laughed. “You may not swing that way, Adrian, but apparently he does.”

“Did you know you have a green Mohawk when you’re Wolf?”

His Tabby blinked up at him. “Huh?”

Bunny laughed, wiping wet green hair from her eyes. “Yup.” He ruffled the top of her head, rinsing out the shampoo. “Right about here. Lime green, just like your hair.”

She tickled his side, earning an undignified giggle. “Do not.”

He slapped her hands away carefully. “Do too.”

“I’ve seen myself in ponds, Baloo. Trust me, there’s no green there.”

“Oh, yes there is, baby.” He reached for the washcloth and soaped it up, being careful to be very gentle with her bruised flesh. Inside, he was still snarling and snapping. There was blood on her skin, her blood. If he knew where Gabe had taken Gary, the Wolf might not live to see the Tribunal. But he didn’t know where Halle’s jail was. Tabby had refused to say, and then the little cheater had gotten naked. One look at the bruises and marks on her body and he’d whisked her into the shower, eager to ease her hurts. The only way to soothe his Bear was to wash away the evidence of her ordeal from her sweet skin, using his powers to heal as much of the damage as he could without falling over. “I’ll make a deal with you.”

“Hmm.” She leaned into the strokes of the washcloth, her eyes closed, her throat exposed. It was fucking incredible the way she trusted him to take care of her. To never, ever hurt her. “Okay. What deal?”

“You shift and I’ll take a picture. If I’m right, I get the sexual favor of my choice.”

He stroked the washcloth between her legs, grinning when she gasped. “If I’m wrong, you get a sexual favor, anything you want.” He blinked and added, “That doesn’t include a third party.”

She chuckled. “Fine.” She stroked his hardening cock, slanting him a sultry look from under those long lashes of hers. “I already know what I want. Do you?”

Bunny shuddered. Oh yeah. He knew what he wanted.

“I’ll dry you off before you change.” She tilted her head, looking confused. “I don’t want the room smelling like wet dog.”

She tickled him again. Damn it, how had she figured out he was ticklish? It wasn’t fair. Despite everything that had happened that day they were both laughing when they tumbled out of the shower. He towel-dried her hair as best he could. It wasn’t like he had a hair dryer. Speaking of which… “Would you do me a favor?”

“Sure.” She folded the damp towel and put it back on the rack.

Her eyebrows rose. Her gaze drifted to his head, her lips twitching. “Trust me that much?”

He stroked her cheek, the bruise fading a bit as he unleashed some of his healing power. He was tired after healing the worst of Julian’s and Tabby’s wounds, but not too tired for what he wanted to do to his mate. “With everything.”

She smiled. “Dig out the camera. I’ve got plans for your ass.” She sashayed out of the room, damp hair clinging to her face, her rounded ass calling to him.

Damn. His mate was so sexy. He ran for his luggage and pulled out the digital camera. “Ready?”

She shrugged and shifted. He snapped the shot and grinned. He already knew he’d won. “Take a look.”

She shifted back and looked. “Well. Damn.” There, in full color, was a wolf with a green tuft right over her eyes. “How come I never noticed that and you did?”

“Yeah, we have trouble with greens, they tend to look gray to us.”

“Bears have full-color vision no matter what form we’re in.”

She rolled her eyes. “That was not a fair bet then.”

He smirked down at her. “Hey, I told you and you didn’t believe me. That makes it more than fair.” He narrowed his eyes, his smirk turning to something more feral.

She pouted up at him through her lashes before gracefully sinking to her knees.

She knew what he wanted, too. She took his cock in her hot little hand and sucked the head in. Her tongue swirled around the opening, lapping up the precome that had begun to seep from the tip. God, she looked so good with his cock in her mouth, those full, ripe lips wrapped around him, straining to hold him. She sank down, burying her nose in his curls and he damn near lost it right then and there. He didn’t think he’d ever get tired of the way she took him down to the root. He’d never had a lover who sucked him the way she did. She pulled back, dragging her tongue along his length.

“Oh shit.” He was going to blow in an embarrassingly short time if she didn’t take it easy on him. “Stop!”

She stopped, halfway down his cock, her nostrils flaring.

She let him go, only to stand and turn him. He let her, curious to see what she was going to do. She pushed and tugged at him until he was on his back in the middle of the bed, her legs straddling his face, her mouth once more descending on his cock.

Perfect. He had that luscious ass of hers right above him, that delicious pussy riding his mouth. This right here was what he was talking about. He began to eat his mate, licking her in steady swipes, clit to hole, over and over again.

Her mouth paused, her groan sending shockwaves through him. He used one hand to hold her hips steady. The other went to the back of her head. He planted his feet on the bed and began thrusting, fucking her mouth, his fist clenching in her hair. Dominating her, just the way his little Wolf liked it. And from the way her tongue went to work and she groaned around him, he knew he was right.