Wolf once or twice before, and rumour had it he was not only honourable but strong enough to protect Barb’s friend.

The two men exchanged a quick glance. Ross would protect Stacy, and let Stacy know where Barb had gone. “Ross is a good guy, and he’ll make sure your friend is safe.” He tugged her towards the door. “Trust me.”

He watched as she shot a look over at Stacy. Stacy rolled her eyes but gave her two thumbs’ up.

Will didn’t wait to see any more. He snagged his coat and tugged his mate out the door, glad to get away from the increasingly strong smell of pot. He just hoped Ross managed to get

Stacy out of there before things turned bad.

He kept a firm grip on Barb’s hand, terrified she’d try and get away. “So. I’m an only child, my father runs Bunsun Exteriors, my mother is going to love you and I think I’m going the wrong way.” He paused, ignoring her choked laughter. “Why am I going to your dorm instead of mine?”

“Because you’re a gentleman and you’re seeing me safely home.”

He rolled his eyes. He’d done it so many times his brain had gone on autopilot. “Fuck that. I want you in my de… uh, room.” He turned around and began walking the other way.

“What about you? Any brothers or sisters?”

“I have two brothers who are going to try and kick your ass simply because you’re white.

My father works in construction, my mother is a waitress and you’re squeezing all the blood out of my fingers.”

Oops. “Sorry.” Will eased up a little on his grip.

“You’re welcome.” He paused and looked down at her. He wanted to let her know he’d never hurt her or her family. “Just so you know, they can try and kick my ass. I promise not to hurt them too much when they do.”

She just shook her head. “Why do I have the feeling you’re not just saying that to impress me?”

He shrugged. He couldn’t help it if it was the truth. He might be a dork, but he was still a

“Anything else you want to tell me?”

Yup. I’m a Bear and you’re my mate. In about two seconds I’m going to bite you and mark you so no other shifter tries to steal you from me. Then I’m going to fuck you stupid.

He had the feeling that it was just better to show her, so he did.

Will had stopped dead in his tracks. He looked down at her, a strange gleam in his eye, and she swore she could hear the spooky music from The Exorcist. “Will? Is this where you kill me and eat me?”

“No and yes.” His sweet smile didn’t reassure her in the least. “Bear with me for a second, I have something I need to do.”

Will picked her up, gently pushed her jacket down her arms and (dear God where those fangs?) bit into her shoulder.

Barb shrieked. Piercing, blinding pain was swiftly followed by the best orgasm she’d ever had, bar none. She shuddered in his arms, the feel of his whiskers against her skin driving her insane. She wanted to grab hold of his head and keep him there, keep the sensations moving through her body.

Hell, if he could make her feel like this with just a bite she couldn’t wait to see what happened when they got naked.

The orgasm faded and Will lowered her to the ground. His expression was full of masculine satisfaction. “All done. Let’s go home.”

“Uh-huh.” Will sighed happily and tugged on her arm.

“Um. Yup.” Will hefted her over his shoulder. “You know, I get the feeling you’re about to freak out on me.”

“You think?” She pounded his ass with her fists. “You’re a vampire, aren’t you?”

How could the man sound offended? “You have fangs and you drank my blood. That makes you a vampire, asshole.”

“They do if someone grows fangs and drinks your blood.”

Her mighty fists of fury didn’t seem to be having any effect on him. So much for my love of Bruce Lee movies. Apparently she hadn’t learned enough from the Mighty Bruce, because

Will was completely ignoring her efforts to get free. “How come you don’t fry in the sun?”

He carried her into his dorm and started to jog up the steps, knocking the breath out of her. “Oof.”

“Sorry.” He opened his door and stepped inside, dumping her on the twin bed. He snagged the back of her jean skirt and dumped her back on the bed when she made a break for it.

Will shut the door and leaned back against it, effectively caging her. “I’m not a vampire.”

Barb held up her fingers and counted. “Fangs. Blood drinking. Raging orgasm.” She ignored his pleased grin. “Did you hypnotize me with your eyes?”

He rolled them, obviously fighting a laugh. “I’m not a vampire. I’m a Bear.”

She wiggled her finger in her ear. “A what now?”

“I’m a Bear. A were Bear, if you like.”

She smiled sweetly. “Oh. Is that all.”

He had the gall to look relieved, like she was the crazy monster vampire instead of him.

She screamed her head off. No way was the freaky vampire dude keeping her locked in with him, no matter how hot he was.

Will dove for the bed and slapped his hand across her mouth. The bedframe collapsed under his bulk, but somehow he managed to keep from hurting her. “Shh! You’ll make the dorm monitor come check on us.”

That was the plan. “Mmf nmph.”

“What?” Will lifted her hand a fraction of an inch from her mouth.

“I said I know.” She took a deep breath, but his hand was across her mouth again before she could blink.

“If I can prove to you that I’m a Bear and you’re my mate, will you promise not to scream?” He grinned down at her, the look full of sexual heat. “Except in the good way.”

She could feel him, hard and hot against her, and knew her time was running out. He had to be using his freaky vampire powers to seduce her. That had to be it. She nodded, sure he wouldn’t be able to prove a damn thing.

“Okay. You promise, no screaming. You’re a woman of your word, right?”