She was. She nodded and eyed the door.

“And no running away either. Promise.”

He eyed her suspiciously. “Are your fingers crossed?”

She held up her hands, showing her uncrossed fingers.

“Good.” He eased off of her and stripped off his vest. “Before you freak, I have to take my clothes off.”

She eased towards the door.

“Uh-uh! You promised.” The white shirt was whipped over his head, and Barb felt herself drooling again. The boy had a solid six-pack on him. Dear God, she’d love to run her tongue down that treasure trail.

She bit her lip. What the hell was she thinking? Hello! Vampire!

The belt dropped to the floor, and the boots soon followed. His hands paused on his pants zipper, but at that point Barb was still debating whether to make a run for it or see where that trail led. Did it go straight to Nirvana or Munchkin Land?

Please let it be Nirvana.

The pants came off and William Bunsun stood in front of her in all his aroused glory, hallelujah. Barb licked her lips, all thoughts of fleeing gone at the stunning sight before her.

“Whoa.” He had more than enough to keep a woman Interlude the First

Bunny slapped his hands over his ears and lalala’d at the top of his lungs. Next to him,

There was no way he was listening to a tale of his parents getting their freak on.

“Aw, c’mon.” Will poked Bunny in the side. “Don’t you want to hear how your mom jingled my bells?”

Bunny was horrified. “No. No, I do not.” There weren’t enough yoga and deep breathing exercises in the freakin’ world. God, he hated it when his parents did this shit. Just because he was an adult and knew what his penis was really for, they thought it was okay to talk about…

He shuddered. The egg nog was going to curdle in his stomach, he just knew it.

Barb winked at Tabby, who looked utterly fascinated. “We didn’t have sex until after he showed me his Bear.”

“You really thought he was a vampire?” Tabby was grinning so hard he thought her face might split.

As Will picked up the tale, Bunny prayed his father would keep the, er, tail out of it.

She stared, amazed, as Will began to sprout fur. He grew at least three feet, his arms shortening, black claws replacing his fingers. Within seconds a huge-ass grizzly bear sat in front of her, scratching behind one ear with a hind paw.

Barb lay down on the broken bed, terrified she’d pass out or wind up Pooh’s honey covered snack. She closed her eyes and began to mutter to herself. “Play dead. Play dead. They don’t eat dead people.”

Will’s rich laugh filled the room. “You’re right. I’m not into necrophilia.” He was suddenly on top of her, all six foot two inches of gloriously naked male, and licked the bite mark he’d left on her. “Now. Where were we?”

When his hips hunched forward, pressing his dick into her thigh, she knew exactly where he hoped to be.

“Oh, no.” Eric was waving his hands around like a maniac. “No dicks. This is a PG show, people.” He pointed to Tabby’s stomach. “You are not traumatizing my unborn niece or nephew.

You know the cub can hear you, right?”

Tabby was laughing her ass off as his brother freaked. Not that Bunny could blame him.

Why couldn’t his parents have told him they found him under a cabbage patch like normal parents?

Will and Barb exchanged a look. “I think we can leave that part of the story out, just this once…”

Will reached over to his radio and flipped it on. The sweet strains of West End Girls drifted quietly through the room as he started to take Barb’s jacket off. “You need to know the rest of it.”

“When I bit you, I started the change in you.”

That brow rose again, arrogant and demanding. It was hot as hell. “Oh?”

“You’ll be a Bear like me inside of a week. Maybe two.”

She freaking growled at him, the tiny little thing. Like he’d be intimidated by that.

Okay, when she grabbed his nut hairs and yanked he had to admit he was a little bit intimidated. “Say what now?”

“There’s an upside to this.” He winced as she pulled some of the hairs out. “You’ll be able to drop-kick guys like Brian across a football field.”

Her eyes narrowed, but she didn’t let go. “Tell me more.”

He kissed the side of her neck, letting his five o’clock shadow scrap across her skin. He’d noticed she liked that when he marked her. “You won’t feel any pain during childbirth unless you want to.”

Her hand eased up on his balls, thank God. “Really?”

“Mm-hmm. Menstrual cramps are a thing of the past.”

“This is sounding better and better.” She caressed his prick and he moaned. “Tell me more.”

“Bears are born healers. You’ll be able to heal minor injuries on your friends, your family, and your children. And Bear will protect your dreams.”

Of course she would latch onto that. He grinned down at her, prepared to negotiate. He knew what he wanted, but he also knew where to start from. “I want at least four.”

“Four? I don’t think so.” She sniffed, but he noticed she wasn’t pulling away from him.

“I’m thinking no more than one.”

Yes! She was bargaining. Perfect. “Three.”

She glared up at him, her and beginning to tighten once more around him. “Two.”

Which was what he wanted in the first place. “Done.”

Will was done waiting. He’d marked her, and she was his. He shut her mouth in the next best possible way, kissing her until they were both breathless.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and grinned at him, and for the first time since he’d caught her scent he knew everything was going to work out fine. “I’ll think about it.”