Will was grinning at his wife like he’d won the lottery. Bunny never doubted that his parents adored one another. He was just grateful the man hadn’t said banged.

He was still planning on sending Will the therapy bills.

“Aw, that’s so sweet.” Tabby got up, crossed the room and bussed his dad on the cheek.

“You can tell you really love her.”

Will beamed as his wife laughed. “I wouldn’t pounce on just anyone.”

And even though they’d been together for years now, Bunny knew that just one glance from his mom could have his big father blushing and stammering within seconds. There was still a bit of that shy, dorky college student in the strong, confident man who’d raised him. Claiming his mother had just been the beginning. They’d had to fight her family, who hadn’t wanted a white son-in-law, and his mother had to learn how to be a Bear.

They’d made a wonderful life together, and Bunny hoped his mating went just as well as theirs.

Without thought he tucked Tabby under his arm, holding her close. There was nothing he wouldn’t do for his mate…except listen to the sex life of his parents. He watched as Will and

Barb roped his brother into helping with the garland Tabby wanted strung on their front porch.

They might embarrass the hell out of him, but he loved them.

Bunny rested his hand on Tabby’s swollen stomach as his family stood around him,bitching about the cold. He rested his forehead against hers, wondering how in the hell he’d gotten so lucky. “Merry Christmas, baby.”