But to my surprise, he answered without hesitation. “Her name was Sylvie. She was an attorney at a small firm in Paris. We were together for three years and broke up a few months before I moved home.”

“Was that why you moved home?”

A smile tugged at one corner of his mouth. “No.”

The smile turned into a full-on smirk directed at me. “No, Chloe.”

“Did you break hers?” Why was I even asking this? Did I want him to say—yes? I knew he was capable of breaking hearts. I was actually fairly certain he would break mine.

He bent to kiss me then, sucking on my lower lip for a few moments before whispering, “No. We just didn’t work anymore. My romantic life was entirely without drama. Until you.”

I laughed. “Happy to change up the pattern.”

I could feel his laugh in the vibrations along my skin as he kissed up my neck. “And oh, you do.” Long fingers made their way down my stomach, to my hips, and finally, between my legs. “Your turn.”

“To have an orgasm? Yes, please.”

He circled a lazy finger around my clit before sliding it inside me. He knew my body better than I did. When did that happen?

“No,” he murmured. “Your turn to spill your history.”

“No way can I think about anything when you’re doing that.”

With a kiss to my shoulder, he moved his hand back to my stomach, drawing circles there once again.

I pouted but he missed it, watching his fingers on me instead. “God, there have been so many men, where will I ever begin?”

“A couple in high school, one in college.”

“You’ve only had sex with three men?”

I pulled back to look at him. “Hello, Einstein. I’ve had sex with four men.”

A cocky grin spread across his face. “Right. And am I the best by an embarrassingly wide margin?”

His grin disappeared, and he blinked, surprised. “Yes.”

It was sincere. It made something inside me melt into a tiny, warm hum. I reached to kiss his chin, trying to hide what that information did to me. “Good.”

Kissing along his shoulder, I moaned happily. I loved his taste, loved to inhale that clean, sage smell of his. Digging my fingers into his hair, I tugged him down so I could nibble at his jaw, his neck, his shoulders. He held himself very still, propped over me, very clearly not kissing me back.

He inhaled to speak and then closed his mouth again. Somehow I managed to drag my mouth away long enough to ask, “What?”

“I realize you think I’m just a filthy manwhore, but it does actually matter to me.”

“I want to hear you to say it.”

I stared at him, and he stared back, irises growing a familiar shade of angry brown-green. Mentally rifling through the last few minutes, I tried to understand what he was talking about.

His brows pulled together. “Yes, what, Miss Mills?”

Heat pulsed through me. His voice was different when he said that. Sharp. Commanding. Hot as hell. “Yes, you’re the best by a very embarrassing margin.”

He rolled on top of me, grabbing my wrists and pinning them above my head. “Don’t tease.”

“Don’t tease? Please,” I said, breathless. His c**k pressed into my thigh. I wanted it higher. I wanted it pushing inside me. “Teasing is all we do.”

As if to prove me wrong, he reached down, grabbing his length and guiding himself into me, pulling my leg around his hip. Holding very still, he stared down at me. His upper lip twitched.

I bit my lip, tried to glare at him.

“Please?” I tried to move my hips but he followed my movements so I couldn’t gain any friction.

“Chloe, I never tease you. I f**k the sense out of you.”

I laughed, and his eyes fell closed when I did, my body constricting him even more.

“Not that you have much sense to begin with,” he said, biting my neck. “Now tell me how good I make you feel.” Something in his voice, some vulnerability or dip in its strength as the sentence ended told me he wasn’t playing around.

“No one has ever made me come before. Not with hands or mouth or anything else.”

He’d been holding still before, though the telltale signs of strain had been apparent; his shoulders trembled and his breath came out in shallow pants, as if his entire body wanted to explode into a wild tangle in the sheets. But when I said this, he completely froze. “No one?”

“Only you.” I stretched to nibble his jaw. “I’d say that puts you a bit ahead of the field.”

He exhaled my name as his hips moved back and then forward. And again back and forward. The conversation was done; his mouth found mine, and then my chin, and my jaw, and my ears. His hand moved up my side, to my breast, and finally to my face.

And when I thought we were both lost to the rhythm and I could feel my climax just beyond me, but so close, and I dug both heels into his ass, needing more, and faster, and all of him, he whispered, “I wish I’d known that.”