And then we both heard it at the same time: a crash in the hall, the sound of someone dropping what must have been an entire tray of drinks. We’d never been certain when we were being watched before. At Red Moon, the rooms were soundproofed; here, the walls were thick but not as insulated.

In front of me, Sara shivered, her back arching.

“Apparently they plan to stay long enough to have some drinks delivered.” I took off my suit jacket, folding it over the back of the chair before I bent and slid my hands between the table and her body, palms up to cup her breasts. “Beautiful girl.” I kissed her shoulder, her neck, and down her back, letting my hands slide down the front of her. Licking, nibbling; I couldn’t get enough of her f**king beautiful skin.

“Bloody brilliant,” I whispered, pulling the metal chair close enough for me to sit down and press my teeth into the curve of her ass. “Think we only have time for a tiny taste.” With my hands on the back of her thighs, I spread her open, bending forward to kiss her clit, taste where she was warm and sweet.

“Max.” Her voice was strained, wrapped tight around the single syllable.

“Hmm?” I tasted her again, letting my eyes fall closed. “You’re so perfect right here.” I kissed her right where she would take me inside. “Right f**king here.”

“Please. Now.” Her thighs trembled in my hands.

“You don’t want to come on my mouth?” I asked, already pushing to stand and unfastening my belt.

“I know we don’t have a lot of time. I want to feel you inside before you have to leave.”

Pushing my boxers down my thighs, I teased at her entrance, sliding my c**k up and over her clit. “Before we begin, I need your thoughts on something.”

She moaned, pushing back into me. “Need to know where to put it?”

I bent and kissed her back, laughing. “No, you naughty f**king girl. This will be too quick for that.”

Poised just barely inside her, I asked, “Shall I take you bare? I do have a condom in my pocket.”

My chest squeezed and I stared down at her, wanting to absorb the moment just a little f**king longer. She was tied to a table, na**d and ready for me. My silk tie dragged along her spine as I bent over her, and the deep blue contrasted perfectly with the pale flush of her skin. Bloody hell, she was hot. We never used condoms at home, but here in the club and with her whole night ahead of her, it was a little different.

I slid in so slowly I felt every f**king centimeter of her stretching for me. She cried out, tilting her h*ps up to take me deeply. In this position, with the difference in our heights, I could curl along the entire length of her spine and speak right into her ear. “Are you sure?”

“Because now I’ve just pushed inside you, with no protection, Petal. If I come inside you, the drink-spillers out there will know you belong to me.”

She moaned, fingers curling right around the edge of the table. “And?”

“And you’ll have my come inside you after I leave; is that what you like?”

“You’ll know it’s there,” she whispered, rocking up to meet my movements. “That’s what I’ll like. When you’re out there, sitting with the boys, or at dinner later, you’ll be thinking about how I can still feel you.”

“Too f**king right.” I slid my hand around her h*ps and pressed my fingers all along her sex, giving her friction everywhere.

I started slow, teasing, watching myself disappear and emerge, wet with her. But the reality of the night pressed in on my little private bubble and I knew I didn’t have hours to relish this. This would be quick pleasure only; I would find time to drink her in much more slowly later.

She gasped when I pulled back and returned to her roughly, building a rhythm so hard and fast the table squeaked on the floor, the hinges groaned. Sara took it all with her perfect arse in the air, pushing back into me as hard and fast as I moved forward.

I circled my fingers over her clit, pressed harder, moved faster. I knew this woman’s body as well as my own. Knew how fast she needed it, how hard. Knew how much she loved the sound of her name in my voice.

“Petal,” I groaned. “I’m dying to feel you come around my cock.”

Arching her neck, she pressed the back of her head into my shoulder, letting out a smooth, effortless moan. “More. More.”

That did it; her fingers gripped the table edge so hard her knuckles went white, and her orgasm surged around me, pulled from her in the same rhythm as her hot little sounds.

“What are you feeling?” I managed, lips pressed just below her ear. “Power? Control? Here you are, blindfolded and tied to a table and I’m f**king lost in you. I’m so f**king lost I can barely catch my breath.”

Exhaling heavily, she seemed to sink into the table, sated. “Love.”

My release teased along my back, hovered low in my stomach as my h*ps sped up. “‘Love’?” I repeated. “You’re tied to a metal table, having just orgasmed in front of God knows who, and you feel love. . . . You must be lost in me just the same.”

She turned her head, capturing my lips. Sara gave me her mouth, her tongue, her hoarse hungry sounds, and I was done for, groaning as I lost my rhythm, my h*ps slapping her backside as I grew fevered until finally, my whole body tensed in release.

I stilled, dizzy and relishing the feel of her kisses when she was like this, slow and languid after her orgasm. The room disappeared, and as clichéd as it sounded, time stopped. Everything in this night became about her body, and her lips, her eyes opening and meeting mine as we kissed.

Slowly, I pulled from her, and forced her lips to slow their soft, hungry assault so I could just enjoy the shape of her mouth. I ran two fingers over her pussy, relishing the way she jerked beneath me. Pressing two fingers inside her, I could still feel the heat of the friction, the evidence of my pleasure.

I tugged my fingers back and smiled at the way her body seemed unwilling to let me go.

But she needed to stand, and stretch; and I needed to carry on with my night.

I stood, fixing my trousers, and then kneeled to untie her legs. She straightened, arching her back before turning and pushing up to sit on the table, pulling me by my tie to stand between her legs.

“What are you guys doing next?” she asked, smoothing her hands over my dress shirt.

“Dinner, I believe.” I stepped away only long enough to retrieve her robe from the corner of the room. I was done letting others look at her. “And you?”

“Dinner,” she said, shrugging. “Then I’m not sure.” She looked up, gave me a teasing little smile. “Maybe we’ll go to another club.”

“And what?” I asked, laughing. “Watch some blokes in banana hammocks wiggle their tackle in your face? No, Petal.”

Her eyes widened in slight challenge. “Well, you go have your fun night, I’ll go have mine.”

With a smile, I leaned in to kiss her, letting her deepen it with her hands on my face, sliding into my hair and around the back of my neck. “I feel like I could f**k for hours,” she whispered into my mouth, and I almost lost it right then; Sara rarely swore, and when she did, it always made me hard. “I just feel a little hollow with how much I want you tonight.”

I groaned and pressed my face into her neck.

“I know, I know,” she murmured, and when she pressed her hands to my chest, I stepped back so she could stand. “I’m sure Chloe is done. We should go.”

We exited from the same door I’d come in, which, unfortunately, was the only way in or out of the room. I preferred the separate exit at Red Moon. It was one thing to know people were out there; it was another thing to possibly see them.

But luckily whoever had been outside had disbanded before we emerged, most likely having already seen me wrap Sara in her robe. When we passed down the hall, we slipped behind other patrons, and I couldn’t help but wonder, had they seen?

I couldn’t decide if I felt f**king awesome—I’d basically just gotten my fiancée off in about three minutes in a back room of a swanky sex club—or more worked up and frustrated than I’d been in a long time. Fucking Chloe. The way she left made her little act feel like some sort of punishment for being in Vegas over Valentine’s Day. But, shit, if I knew my fiancée at all, I knew that—no matter our role in the marketing world—she found the whole prospect of a manufactured romantic holiday completely ridiculous. Clearly she just jumped at the opportunity to play a little game and leave me in her favorite state: worked up and pissed off.

And f**king Max. Had he known Chloe was going to tease me like this? And, if he did . . . well, actually that was a little personal and creepy. I’d either have to kick his ass or drop something sleep-inducing into his drink and tattoo “I’m a wanker” in permanent ink all over his face.

But my revenge would have to wait. Max was gone when I returned, and Henry and Will had the glassy-eyed look of two men given booze and women in heaping quantities.

“How goes it out here?” I asked, sitting back in my chair and picking up what I expected to be a mostly empty drink. Except, no. The drink was fresh, my plate of food refilled. I caught Gia’s eyes across the room and raised my glass to her. For all of the mysterious corners and questionable sex acts behind closed doors, the staff was certainly on the job. She nodded to me, smiling, and then disappeared behind the bar. I couldn’t help but notice that, in my time away, she’d removed everything else she wore and was now serving her tables completely nude.

I hoped for her sake it was a pleasant experience. It sounded a bit like one of my own recurring nightmares.

“How was the dancer?” Henry asked, still not bothering to look away from the stage. I probably could have lit his chair on fire and he wouldn’t have noticed until the flames in his hair obstructed his view.

I studied him, trying to discern whether he was in on Chloe’s surprise, but he didn’t grin knowingly or even look all that interested in my answer. Will, too, only looked at me with bland curiosity.

I grinned. Fuck yes, it was. I almost wished one of them did know about Chloe and her little stunt so I could at least get a high-five.

“There’s some f**king amazing women here,” Henry muttered. “I could watch this for the rest of the night.”

Will stretched, checking his watch. “I’m starving, though. Don’t we have dinner reservations? It’s almost ten.”

“Where’s the Brit?” I asked, doing another survey of the giant room. It would be impossible to find him in here without checking each corner and bar.

“Don’t know,” Will said, shrugging and draining his scotch. “Disappeared right after you did.”

Awareness tickled at the edge of my thoughts before understanding went off like a bomb: Sara was here, too. Chloe didn’t answer when I asked whether she’d come here alone, but I couldn’t imagine she came here solo just for this. Unless she planned to return to her hotel room to lounge in a bubble bath all night, she most definitely had other plans. If I’d been able to get a room alone with Chloe, no doubt Max was getting some time with his girlfriend somewhere as well.

After another drink and at least a handful of songs, Max returned to the table, approaching from behind us. I hadn’t even seen him coming.

“Lads!” he proclaimed, clapping me on the back. “How are we enjoying all of the na**d tits?”

We all murmured some variation of “Great,” and with a laugh that communicated how relaxed he was, Max lowered himself into the chair beside me.

“How was the dance, Ben?” he asked, eyes twinkling. “Not so bad after all, was it?”

I shrugged and took in his drunken smile. He looked about as relaxed as I was wound up. “You just got laid, didn’t you, you f**king asshole?”

His eyes went wide and he leaned closer. “Didn’t you?”

“Fuck no,” I whispered, shaking my head, and Max burst out laughing. “She took care of herself, and then left.”

He let out a low whistle and then sighed. “Guess you’ll just have to catch up with her back home and give her some payback.”

Was he serious? He expected me to let her go for the rest of the night—maybe even the rest of the long weekend—after doing something like that?

“Where are they headed?” I asked under my breath.

Max shrugged, scooping some caviar onto a blini from my plate. “Don’t know, actually. Think they leave in the morning, though.”

“Dunno. Sara took care of all of it.” He seemed so much less concerned with all of this than I was . . . but of course he was. He clearly just got f**ked in some room in the back while I only got to watch Chloe masturbate with my hand.

I glanced at the far wall just as Chloe and Sara stepped out from the black hallway, laughing together, arms linked. Max followed my attention and exhaled a deep breath. “Bloody hell they’re lovely.”

Max looked over at me, already shaking his head as if he’d read my mind. “We’ve got a full night planned, mate.”