Friday unbuttons her shirt very slowly as she walks toward me. She’s wearing a nursing bra. I never expected white cotton with eye hooks and flaps to be sexy, but damn if it’s not sexy as hell. My dick goes hard immediately, and I adjust the fly of my shorts.

Friday drops her shirt and turns around, pulling her hair to the side so I can unhook the back of her bra. I do, and I draw the straps down and off.

She turns toward me, and I have to stop for a minute just to appreciate her. Her boobs are full and heavy, her waist not quite as narrow as it used to be, her hips a little wider, but she’s so fucking perfect that she takes my breath away.

She stands on tiptoe and wraps her arms around my neck. I palm her breasts, being gentle, because I know they’re tender. She makes a happy noise and I wrap my arms around her naked waist and pull her against me.

“How long do you think PJ will last?” she asks.

“Long enough for me to make you come at least once,” I say.

“He didn’t nurse for long. He’ll be hungry in a half hour or so.”

“I can make you come more than once in a half hour.”

The hair on her arms stands up, her naked nipples hard against my chest. “Prove it,” she says.

I pull my shirt over my head and shuck my shorts and boxers so quickly that I trip over them. She laughs until I drop down in front of her to take her pants off.

She stands in front of me naked and unashamed. Mine. All mine.

I lift her boobs and squeeze them gently. My son was just taking nourishment from these beautiful tits. There’s not much that’s more beautiful than that.

“Just be easy,” she says, biting her lower lip between her teeth.

I lift one of her breasts to my lips and kiss the nipple gently. She whispers, “A little more.”

I take the dark, turgid tip into my mouth, a burst of sweetness spreading across my tongue as I give it a tug.

“Okay,” I whisper. But her milk is already flowing. A drop drips down across her belly and I chase it with my tongue. “Sorry,” I say. “Didn’t mean to.”

“I know,” she whispers. She lifts her other breast to my lips. “Don’t suck,” she says.

I lick instead, and nibble as gently as I can, and she threads her fingers into my hair, tugging gently as she growls.

It feels almost odd taking Friday’s nipples into my mouth with no piercings. She took them out before PJ was born. I don’t have any metal to play with, so I just concentrate on getting them hard and tongue her nipples until she pulls me away.

She walks to the bed and sits down, spreading her thighs. She’s still shaved down there, and she’s shiny and wet. I know she wants me. And God, I want her.

She points to the apex of her thighs and lies back, making room for me.

I don’t waste a moment. I dive in. I hold her thighs spread wide and slide two fingers inside her, the way I know she likes. I scissor them apart, and find the sweet spot that only I can find. She cries out as I latch onto her clit.

She holds my head in place with her hand fisted in my hair. I let her, because I know she likes to pretend like she’s in charge. Her hips arch and she rocks against my mouth. I know how to get her off like this, and quickly. I just happen to like eating at the Y and her pussy is my favorite place to be. It’s all about finding a rhythm for her. Once I have that, I will have her coming all over my face.

She cries out, and I know she’s close. She presses me harder into her pussy and I keep doing what I’m doing, because her legs are shaking around me and she’s creaming all over the place.

She breaks, her body shuddering and quaking as she cries out my name. My name is on her lips. Only mine. Always.

She pulls her hands from my hair, and I wipe my face on the sheets and climb up her body. “That was fast,” I say.

She shoves my chest. “Stop gloating.” She laughs and rolls me over onto my back.

She leans over me and takes me into her hand, giving my dick a quick pump. “Not that,” I say. “You.”

She touches the tattoo that’s on my lower belly. I cringe. It has my ex’s name on it. “I’m going to cover this up,” she says.

“Okay.” I’d like nothing more.

“I don’t like her name being so close to your dick.”

“What do you want me to cover it with?”

“What?” she asks, stroking up and down the length of my dick with her tight fist. But she’s grinning.

I pick her up and spread her legs so that she’s straddling me.

“You’re such a bully,” she says.

But I know she’s teasing. She likes it when I pick her up and put her where I want her. She’s tough, but she’s soft, too. I know that. I think I’m the only one who does.

She leans down and kisses me. “You could have just said please,” she whispers. She takes me inside her and slowly slides down my dick, until I’m all the way in her. All the way. That’s where I want to be. Always.

She balances with her hands flat on my chest. “Like this?” She grins and squeezes me inside her. I rock my hips and she starts to move.

“God, you’re so beautiful,” I say, hefting her boobs in my hands, strumming across her nipples.