Sometimes I forget. Although how I could with those titties in my face, I have no idea.

Friday rides me, taking me quickly, her boobs bouncing slightly, because she knows I like it hard. I hold her hips and help her. She’s tight on my dick and I’m close, but I hold off, because I want her to come again. My goal in life is to make her come as many times as possible. The second time is never a shaking, quaking clitoral orgasm, but I can feel her tighten. I can see the pleasure on her face. I can feel her when she goes all soft inside, and when she cries out my name again I pull her down to me and power into her, holding her still as I pound out my orgasm, and I feel her walls tighten on me, and then soften, and I know she came again.

Between us, my chest is wet, because she leaks milk when she comes, most of the time. Sky assures her that will stop at some point, but I don’t care. I want all the intimate parts of her. I want her to come on my dick and get breast milk on my chest, because it’s her and me and ours. It’s perfect.

I slip out of her, and she lies there on my chest, not moving, putting the soft blanket of her weight on me.

I rub my fingertips up and down her back, and she lies there quietly purring at me.

“What’s on your mind?” I ask.

“Nothing.” But she tips her head up and lays her chin on the back of her hand so she can look into my face.

“You may as well tell me. Or I’ll have to withhold sexual favors until you do.”

She laughs. “I was thinking about Sam.”

“Right now?” I try to sound astounded. But I’m not, because I was thinking about him too.

“Yes.” She giggles. But then she sobers. “Do you think he knows about Peck’s stutter?”

“Don’t tell him,” she says.

“It will be better if he figures it out on his own.”

“I know.” I brush her hair back from her forehead. “He’s the last one,” I say. The last one I need to get settled.

“I know.” She smiles at me. “Then you get to do it all over again with the kids you actually made.” She laughs.

“I’m not sure I can do it with a girl,” I say.

I get a towel, dry us off, and pull Friday into my arms. Sometimes I can’t believe she’s mine.

A knock sounds on the door and I hear a baby crying. I toss Friday my shirt and she pulls it over her head. I put on my boxers. When I know she’s all covered up, I tell Sam to come in.

“He’s hungry,” Sam says. “He keeps trying to suck on my face.”

I take the baby from Sam and he leaves without saying another word. I pull the covers down and Friday draws PJ to her, and he latches on. She sighs and closes her eyes. The breast PJ isn’t on drips a little, and I can see the wet spot spreading on my shirt that she’s wearing. I’ll never get used to this. Ever.

I look down at them and think about where I was before, and where I am now. There’s another knock on the door, so I get up and pull on my shorts over the boxers. Friday tucks the covers tightly around her bottom half. Hayley bursts into the room and hops up onto the bed.

She rolls her eyes. “Is he nursing again?” she asks.

I run my hand down the length of her hair. “Yep, he was hungry.”

“Then can we go swimming?” She looks expectantly up at me.

“You’re not too tired?” I ask her. She was up several times last night feeding PJ.

She shakes her head. “I’ll just lie here until he’s done.”

She closes her eyes. I lean over and kiss her forehead. I take Hayley by the hand and lead her from the room, whispering to her. She whispers back. “I love you, Daddy,” she says with a grin.

Since I let Hayley play with the girls long enough for Paul to get laid, I’m going to let him watch mine. Yeah, I know it’s not fair. I have five. But Seth is going with them. Seth can help with Joey and Mellie, and the twins are asleep, at least for now.

I wave to the girls as they go off with Paul and Friday, and I creep back down the hallway, trying to be as quiet as I can. Friday laid PJ down for a nap and he’s in their room, so I go and look down at him. He has his legs tucked under him like a little turtle, and I wonder at the majesty that is my life. And my brothers’ lives. We went from nothing but getting a little tail every now and then to having families.

I try to count my blessings every day.

Looking back, it’s hard to remember when I was fighting to see tomorrow. My struggling days are over, at least for now. We’re never guaranteed a tomorrow, though. That’s one thing I try to remember. No one is guaranteed to see the next day, so we need to look forward to every minute.

I cover my mouth and yawn. Last night, Hoppy was up a couple of times. She isn’t doing as well as Matty, being in a strange place.

PJ lies on his tummy with his mouth open, his pink lips in a perfect bow. I take the monitor Friday left on the dresser and go back to my own room.

Both my babies are still asleep in their cribs in the adjoining room, so I close the door, taking care to muffle the click. I don’t want them to wake up. At least for a little while. I lift the covers and slide into bed behind Sky.