She murmurs something at me when I wrap my arm around her and draw her back, nestling her bottom into my lap. She’s three months pregnant, so she’s more tired now than she normally is, not to mention that she is taking care of twins who just learned to walk. And Joey and Mellie. And Seth, occasionally. I heard her griping at him last night on the deck, when he came back from the beach holding hands with a girl. He had more of her lipstick on his mouth than she had on hers.

The boy is about to start college, he’s not a virgin, and he’s more or less walking hormones, but she still laid into him. She did exactly what my mother would have done. I was proud of her when I heard it.

She settled into motherhood like she was made for it. I doubted her in the beginning, but she has devoted herself to her family, even the kids she didn’t give birth to. Joey, Mellie, and Seth are just as much our children as Matty and Hoppy are.

Sky scrubs her face into her pillow and then rolls toward me. “Go back to sleep,” I say.

“Nuh-uh,” she mumbles. She reaches for my zipper, and presses her fingers against my dick. “Are the kids asleep?”

“Joey and Mellie are with Paul and Friday. The twins are asleep. Seth is probably somewhere thinking about getting laid, but he’s watching Joey and Mellie while he does it.”

She snorts. Her fingers outline my dick, until she rolls toward me and pops the button of my pants. “Take these off,” she says.

“Yes ma’am.” A grin tugs at my lips as I stand up and shuck my clothes as quickly as I can. I jerk the covers off her, and see that she’s wearing panties and a T-shirt, so I lean over her and hook my fingers in the hips of her panties and pull them over her thighs and down to her toes. She kicks her foot and they fly across the room. “You sure you don’t want to finish your nap?” I look down at her beautiful face as I kneel between her legs and lift her foot up to rest on my shoulder.

“I can nap after,” she says. She grins and her cheeks grow rosy.

“I’ll get the kids after,” I say. I kiss the inside of her ankle and work my way up her calf.

“Mm-hmm,” she hums as I press a kiss to her inner thigh. “Keep going.”

She giggles as I scrub my day’s worth of beard stubble against her inner thigh. “Stop that,” she cries.

She lets her legs fall open and I dip my head, taking in the beauty of my wife.

I hear a noise from the adjoining room, and drop my head to Sky’s belly and groan. “They’re awake.”

The twins jabber at one another from behind the closed door. I’m guessing we have about three minutes before they start to get impatient.

Sky reaches for the nightstand and opens the drawer. She pulls out a little pink vibrator and raises her brow.

“Hell yes,” I say. I guide her hand down to her pussy, and she turns it on. I grin, and slide inside her.

She’s wet and hot and I am ready to come almost as soon as I get inside her. But she’s not quite ready yet.

The twins in the other room get louder. I sit up and lift Sky’s feet and cross them, then put them on my left shoulder. I lean forward, and her hips tilt up. I shove her T-shirt above her tits, and tug gently on the left, elongating it with my fingertips, stretching it gently but firmly. Since she’s not nursing now, I can be a little rougher.

I pump inside her, and her mouth falls open. She squeezes me, and I know she’s close. I can tell by the hitch of her breath and the bow of her body, which I have come to know as well as I know my own.

“Can you come for me?” I ask. I press her legs forward and go deeper, and she cries out.

“Now,” she says, and her walls clamp down on me. I grow still, and enjoy the little flutters of her pussy around my length, and let her ride out the clitoral orgasm the vibrator just gave her. Then I spread her legs, put one foot on each of my shoulders, and I give her an orgasm of a different kind. Her nails rake down my back as I take her nipple into my mouth and suck it harshly, the way I know she likes. “Come, Matt,” she says.

So I do. She’s so fucking wet and so fucking hot, and she’s mine. I ride out the orgasm, coming deep inside her, just the way I like it. I let her legs fall and drop my weight on top of her. She brushes my hair back behind my ears. “I love you,” she says, looking into my eyes.

I kiss her quickly on the lips. “You satisfied for now?”

She grins. “It’ll do for now.”

We learned when she was pregnant with the twins that she’s a horny pregnant lady.

“Sorry I had to use you so shamelessly,” she says. She makes a tsk-ing sound with her teeth. “Such a tough life you have,” she teases.

“Making my wife come. It’s so difficult for me.” I pretend to be tired, and drop down onto the bed beside her.

She shoves my shoulder and stretches, yawning.

I pick up the vibrator she dropped and wipe it on the sheets, and then drop it into the drawer. “You want to finish your nap?”

She shakes her head and gets up. She cleans up really quickly in the bathroom and gets dressed. Then she goes into the twins’ room and comes back with one of them on each hip. “We should start dinner.”

“Dinner can wait.” I brush her hair back from her forehead. “You’re pregnant. You get a pass.”

“I can’t believe you told them all around the campfire. You can’t keep a secret for shit.”