"I hope that was enough to prove my point?"

"Yes, Mistress." She cocks one eyebrow, clearly waiting for something, and my sluggish brain is slow to catch up. She definitely likes to play things a little different than I do with her all the time. "Thank you for teaching me a lesson, Mistress."

She nods graciously, her offhand behavior a huge turn-on for me in itself, before she resumes flogging me. I realize that I'm definitely no longer used to this – she doesn't use too much force, and I'm sure I've gone harder on her several times myself, but before long the pain radiating from the harsh contact of the flogger on my skin becomes harder to cope with. I feel myself fidgeting, and as much as I still enjoy it, I'm still glad when she finally relents.

After putting the flogger away Bella returns empty-handed, and admires her work for a moment. Glancing down I see my chest and thighs are a uniform red on the fleshy parts she has been concentrating on, with a few darker striations where she has hit me harder. Her fingers are cool on my hot skin when she runs them over my chest, and I hiss when her gentle caress turns slightly painful as her red lacquered nails dig into my skin.

Smirking, she wraps her arms around my neck and crawls onto my lap, the soft lace of her thong pressing against my tormented cock when she brings her crotch flush with mine. I groan softly when she starts gyrating her hips, trapping my dick between my stomach and her cloth covered pussy while her hands run up and down my bound arms. All the while she stares into my eyes, and I'm the first one to break our gaze by closing my eyes for a moment.

"You've been such a good boy, Edward, taking the flogging so well. I think you deserve a reward."

My cock, having gone a little less hard during the last minutes, springs to full attention then. With a last, deep look into my eyes she pulls herself up into a standing position over me, then hooks her fingers into her thong and slowly steps out of it, leaving it discarded on my raging erection. Grinning down at me she re-arranges herself so that she's pretty much straddling my head, her pussy right in front of my face.

"You've been a good boy so you're allowed to please your Mistress," she clarifies, smiling. I can't say I'm terribly disappointed, and hurry to set to the task.

A low moan leaves her when she feels my tongue eagerly lapping between her labia until I find her clit, a most satisfying sound that urges me on.

She's already soaking wet, the scent of her arousal nearly overwhelming, and I groan myself when she suddenly grabs my hair and grinds her pussy into me, wanting, demanding. I do my best to lick and suck her while she more or less fucks herself on my face, her loud moans and whimpers driving me on. This is so unlike her but I love it, and the sight of her standing over me, her head thrown back when she finally orgasms is divine.

She wavers on her heels for a moment when she comes crashing down from her climax and I wish my hands were free to steady her, but she catches herself on the pole, then gingerly steps off the bench after kicking off her heels. Her chest heaving under the restriction of her corset does terrible things to my by now constantly aching cock, and a brief smile from her tells me she knows exactly what she's doing to me. I close my eyes when she extracts her panties from my dick, and I relax further when her fingers inspect the restrained flesh. Part of me wishes that she will take the tape off now but she leaves everything in place after making sure that it's safe to stay on a while longer. A last playful slap at my cock and she dances away, laughter trailing after her.

I try to calm down while she's busy setting up whatever comes next at the other side of the room. She grins when she catches me licking her juices off my lips as far as I can reach, but takes her sweet time. When she returns she does so with a plastic container holding whatever she has been fetching, but I can't see because of the towel she put on top of everything else.

Now unhampered by her heels she's quick in unfastening the cuffs from the pole, then has me crawling down onto the floor. She lets me stretch my legs a little before she orders me to follow her over to where the thick mats are, then clips my wrist cuffs together and secures them to one of the inlets in the floor with an extra snap hook. With deft slaps of her open palm she has me spread my thighs further but leaves my legs unrestrained, giving me enough wriggle space to relax my slightly aching muscles.

Following her motions in the mirror I see her kneel down behind me, and I arch my back and ass into her hand when she strokes me gently. A playful swat at my ass and she reaches into her box, retrieving a pair of latex gloves and a bottle of lube. Her eyes catch mine over the mirror and she winks at me as she puts on the gloves.

I shudder lightly when I feel the cool lube hitting my asshole, but it quickly warms up when her latex covered fingers start working it inside. The sensation of her slowly opening me up is a little unfamiliar but pleasant, and I let my head sink onto my forearms as I gradually relax. Bella stops for a moment, then I feel her resume, with her other hand, also covered with lube, wrapping around my cock and stroking me in time with her fingers penetrating me. Soon she has me uttering soft sounds as I try to hold still, not knowing if I should grind back against her fingers or thrust into her fist.

"You like that, don't you?" she asks, her smile clear in her voice.

"Yes, Mistress," I moan out, causing more of that delightful laughter to spill from her.

"You're such a slut."

I bite down on my lip to keep from snorting, then raise my head and look back at her as I answer.

"Yes, Mistress."

Her lips curl into a wicked grin and she lets go of my cock to slap my ass.

Then her fingers are gone from me completely, and I watch her fiddle with the towel covering the box. She produces a medium sized butt plug that quickly takes the place her fingers have previously occupied. I moan louder when she picks up fucking me with the black toy for a minute, and feel myself relax again when she pushes it in completely, creating a nice sensation of fullness.

Picking up the lube and something else I don't see Bella gets up and kneels down in front of me, her back facing me. Turning partly to me she inches closer, then grins brightly as she pushes her wet pussy and ass closer still.

"Be a nice boy and repay the favor, will you?"

A little unsure of what exactly she wanted of me I lick a slow line over her puffy, swollen lips, but get the hint when she reaches back with both of her hands, now once again uncovered, and spreads her cheeks for me. I'm a little surprised that she actually wants me to give her a rimjob as she usually flees blushing from me when I suggest it – unless I tie her down first

– but quickly rise to the challenge. Of course I can't see her face so I don't know if she's blushing now or not, but the way she keeps moaning and sighing while I lave her puckered hole and ease my tongue into her shows me that she's highly enjoying myself.

I'm a little distressed when she moves out of my reach too soon, but when she reaches back around with a lubed up butt plug and starts sliding it in and out of her ass right in front of me, I don't really feel cheated of my fun.

She keeps watching me, then rearranges herself so that she's lying on her side, one leg raised, giving me an even better view of her while she goes on sodomizing herself.

"Do you like watching me fuck myself?"

I nod, only for a moment tearing my eyes from where the toy keeps disappearing into her, and she laughs at my inability to answer her properly. Bella takes her sweet time, and I wish she would let me eat her out while she continues, but I don't feel like she'd like me suggesting that.

It's clear that she enjoys being in control, and I don't want to make her feel like I don't appreciate that. A lot.

Finally she slides the plug home with a sigh, then gets up to walk back to her plastic container still sitting just out of sight for me. Wiping her fingers clean on the towel she reaches back inside, producing a black colored toy I'm unfamiliar with, but I can guess it's purpose. One side of it is shaped like a penis, the other, at a right angle, like an elongated egg. Bella grins as she holds it up for me to get a better look at it.

"Let's call it my birthday present to myself," she smiles, straightening, then puts one of her feet up onto my shoulder, spreading herself open that way.

I watch transfixed as she pushes the egg part of the toy into her pussy, sighing as it slides home easily.

"I've tried it without a plug first but it feels better this way. I definitely need to exercise my Kegels better to use it otherwise."

Reaching down for the lube she then spreads the clear liquid all over her

'cock', before she kneels on one leg behind me to slowly extract my plug.

"Just so you know, Beth laughed her ass off when I told her I want the

'stout' one. I mean we're both comfortable having a dick up our butts, so why bother with the slim or normal size?"

She doesn't leave me time to answer, not that I have anything to say to that quip, but goes right ahead and thrusts the dildo right into me. I grunt at the intrusion, surprised at her speed and force, but the toy keeps rubbing right at my prostate on it's way out again and the stunted protest dies on my lips.

I wonder for a moment where she has practised this, but when her hands grip my hips while she picks up fucking me pretty much take away my ability to form even simple thoughts.

"Look at me," Bella suddenly pants, one hand leaving my hip to smack my ass hard. "Watch me fuck you!"

My head snaps up at her command, then to the side to get a better look. I nearly come right then, the pain in my cock instantly morphing to white hot need as I see her, pretty much uninhibited thrusting into me, her whole body moving with her hips. She catches my gaze over the mirror and grins, then speeds up further, rapidly decimating my control of myself.

"Please!" I pant, the one word all that will come forth. Trying again I add,

"please may I come, Mistress?"She stops instantly, causing an unintended groan to come forth from me, but she lets that slide with a hard smack against my ass."No, I don't think so," she teases, panting, then resumes at a shallower, slower pace, driving me insane. I can now feel the head of the toy rub again my prostate the whole time, making it virtually impossible to hold back. I have no idea if she's doing it intentionally or not, but right then that really doesn't matter."Please! Mistress, please, let me come!"The urgency in my voice must have given away my predicament because she stops again, her hands letting go to idly stroke my thighs and ass while she pushes the dildo deep into me. She seems to consider her options, then leans over me, her fingers dragging around my legs until she's cupping my aching balls. I pant at the contact, even her gentle touch eliciting new pain, and the slightly annoyed look leaves her face.She lets go and the toy slips out of me when she gets up."Spread your legs wider," she commands, and I follow suit, unsure what she's up to now.I'm surprised when she lies down on her back, then shimmies up between my thighs until her head and shoulders are under me. She smiles at me for a moment before she reaches for my balls again, caressing them lovingly while her lips wrap around my cock. I nearly scream at the joint sensation of pain and pleasure she's causing in me, and it takes a lot for me to hold still while she starts undoing the tape, now constantly sucking on my cock.The sight of her bright red lips around me is too much for me, but a sudden squeeze of her hand around my balls stops my climax short. I still scream, my hips bucking for a moment.Then the tape is off, and the pain of the blood surging back into my previously bound genitals makes my whole body sense up. Bella keeps sucking on my cock, harder now, but the intensity of the pain has successfully dragged me away from the point of no return. She seems to realize that soon and stops, then shimmies out from under me again to resume her previous position.I arch my back when I feel the dildo slide back into my ass, and the slow but deep rhythm she pick up quickly eases the agony away. My cock is still hyper sensitive when she pushes herself up on my back and reaches under me to stroke it, making me buck back against the toy, driving it deeper.Bella doesn't relent and keeps stroking me, and even though – or maybe because – my dick is still on fire, I'm hard again in no time.Before long she has me panting and begging her once more, and I feel like screaming when she stops – again. I know this is probably payback for me playing with her like that before, but let's just say being on the receiving end of it is by far not as entertaining as being the mean bastard – or bitch –doing the teasing."How badly do you need to come?" she asks me, leaning forward so she can stroke my hair, then roughly pull my head back by it."Bad!" I pant out, making her laugh."Can you hold back a while longer if I let you come in my cunt instead of spraying your worthless jizz all over the floor now?"I'm pretty sure she knows exactly what her using crude language does to me, and another grind of her hips against me renders me speechless for a few moments. Bella uses the time to idly lick at my shoulder, then sink her teeth into my muscles when I take too long with my reply."I'm gracious today, Edward, so I will not punish your shortcomings in answering me by just leaving you like this while I make you watch while I come using one of the vibrators. I'll even go so far to forgive you if you manage to hold back while I let you fuck my pussy. But if you come before I tell you, this will have severe consequences. So, again, can you hold back so I can use your cock properly, or do you have to come right away?"The short respite my body gets while she is talking is enough for me to calm down a little."Please use me as you see fit, Mistress. I will do my best.""Of course you will," she laughs, then gets off me, leaving me kneeling on the floor.Bella unclasps my wrist cuffs from the anchoring point in the floor but leaves them chained together, then tells me to roll over onto my back. I do as ordered, watching her as she walks across the room, the toy still inside of her. She grimaces when she pulls first the plug, then the toy out, and sets to cleaning both. I figure she is nice and gives me some extra time to calm down, but I'm a little puzzled when she returns with the toy still in hand.Grinning deviously, she reaches for the lube and applies it liberally to the egg end, then nudges my legs apart to slide it slowly into my ass. More lube gets applied to the cock end, now sticking up next to my equally erect dick, and I realize what she's up to.Still highly amused Bella then mounts me, moaning loudly as she impales herself on both the toy cock in her ass, and mine in her pussy."Told you it was my present."Putting her hands down square on my chest she starts moving up and down slowly, her eyes closed at first, her face slack with the pleasure clearly racing through her. Then she looks at me, smiling, and starts moving faster while one of her hands skims down between her legs where she starts to rub her clit.I have serious trouble keeping myself from coming. Seeing her above me like that, the corset still encasing her upper body, her lips parted as moan after moan leaves her throat alone would normally be my end in itself. But the sensation of her hot, slick cunt gripping my tormented cock hard while she's tighter than usual due to the toy in her ass that somehow creates a different feel for me than when she's wearing a butt plug nearly kills me. I think it's sheer luck that I can hold out, although it gets harder when she urges me on in turn.She's already starting to tremble with her impending climax when her eyes bear into mine, her whole upper body flushed from the exertion."You may come, but only after I'm finished. And you better keep fucking me until I'm done!"Her words barely leave her lips before I feel her bearing down harder, then she's lost in the throes of passion. I do my best to keep thrusting into her, and at her nearly inaudible moan – "Come!" - I obey and shoot my load deep into her. It feels so fucking good that I nearly pass out, the weight of Bella sagging down onto me the only thing anchoring me here.Once I stop panting loudly she kisses me with those luscious red lips, but before I can reciprocate she's off me, taking the toy out of my ass slowly.I'm smiling when she rubs her fingers in our joined liquids seeping out of her, and eagerly suck them clean when she holds them up to my mouth.The fact that I don't mind the taste of my own sperm always seems to amuse her, and even if I didn't, there's no reason for me not to oblige her."Good boy," she gently praises me, then kisses me again before she gets up and walks away, leaving me lying on the floor.Bella returns to me shortly after taking the remaining used toys inside her box to the door, and slowly unfastens my cuffs. Once my wrists are free I try to reach for those on my ankles but she batts my hands away, rolling her eyes at me. The last thing that comes off is the collar, and I'm surprised at how lonely and naked that makes me feel. She smiles at me as she remains kneeling before me, my collar still in hand, watching me intently."Anything you would like to say before we end this?"I wonder for a moment if I should thank her now, but there's something more pressing I need to tell her."I love you."She grins, clearly surprised, then lets the collar slide onto the floor before she moves closer, straddling me. My arms come around her lower back while she treads her fingers through my sweaty hair, and this time it's an equal kiss, both of us giving and taking. I feel her relax against me but then she pulls away, her eyes sparkling with unspilled laughter."I think there is one last thing I will order you to perform for me.""Everything you want, Mistress," I answer, now teasing her, but when her hand drifts down to my aching, flaccid cock I wince and sigh. "Well, everything except that, probably."Her fingers squeeze me lightly but then she lets go."Don't worry, you've performed up to my expectations, and I'm not going to ask for a reprise so quickly. But be a dear and help peel your Mistress out of this horrible torture device that pretends to be a corset. I seriously don't think I can get it off by myself."Laughing, I capture her mouth with mine for a quick but deep kiss, before I let my hands drift up to find the laces at the back."With pleasure."It takes some fiddling and tugging to get them partly eased up so Bella can undo the hooks holding the front of the corset tightly together. She groans loudly when I help her pull the sweaty leather away from her body, discarding it on the mat next to us. Her groan turns into something between a sigh and a moan when I let my fingers skim over her back while my lips wander down her chest, kissing and lapping at her breasts."Fuck, that feels good!"