"No, Master."

"Not even a little? Like that you probably won't get my cock in your cunt for a week? Month? Maybe never if I feel like using your tight asshole and mouth instead?"

"I so won't complain about that!"

Laughing again I lick her shoulder where I've bitten it before, then go on to suck and bite my way over to her neck. That clearly makes her squirm, the motion doing wonderful things to my cock sliding in and out of her ass almost languidly, and I could keep this up for hours. Well, except for the fact that even my restraint and stamina won't hold out that long, but I wouldn't tease her like that for no reason.

Eventually keeping my position up starts to put uncomfortable strain on my arms and legs so I speed up again. Before long she's moaning into the pillows again, making me grin as I keep molesting her neck.

"I don't want you to come," I finally whisper into her ear, the words making her stop moving immediately as they register. Instead she tenses up, making my next thrust all the more pleasurable for me.


not at all?" she asks, her voice between breathless and desperate.

"I think that's the common meaning of my words, yes."

Two more thrusts she doesn't physically respond to, and I grip her wrists a little tighter until I hear her utter a soft gasp.

"Will you be my good little slut and obey my order?"

"Yes, Master, I won't come. I won't come!"

She keeps repeating that with a low voice like a mantra while I feel her muscles squeeze me even more, and I wonder just how close to losing that battle she really is. I'm tempted to wait until she actually does so I have a reason to punish her, but my plans for tomorrow don't really fit into that scheme. Taking pity on her I speed up further, continuing to talk to her in a low voice.

"Yeah, keep squeezing like that, milk my cock with your ass! You want me to come fast, don't you? Because if you don't try to make me come I'll keep fucking you until you can't hold out any longer, and trust me, you don't want that to happen."

Her answering moan as much as her attempt to help finally make me come, my face pressed into her hair as I grunt in pleasure. She shudders in return but it doesn't feel like she has actually lost it, and when I finally withdraw and let go of her I catch her rubbing her thighs together stealthily.

"Roll over onto your back and spread those sticky thighs of yours. Let me see how much of a whore you are, all wet from pleasing me."

It takes her a few moments to comply, mainly because she looks as tired as I feel, and when I catch a glimpse of her face the frustration alone satisfies my curiosity. I still run my fingers up and down her legs, then spread her labia and idly flick her clit a few times, loving the way she tries to cringe away from the contact that can make her come any second.

"Still all wound up, I see?"

"Yes, Master."

"You really didn't come?"


"Good. If you keep being my obedient little whore I might let you come tomorrow."

I can tell that part of her wants to speak up and demand her release but she stays quiet, and eventually manages a smile.

"Thank you, Master."

"You're so welcome."

Snuggling up with her is heaven, at least for me, as I wrap my body around hers and hold her against my chest, maybe a little tighter than usual. It takes her a long time, much longer than usual to eventually relax and for her breath to even out as she falls asleep, and I can't help grinning into the darkness. This is fun, and I intend to find out soon just how much I can keep her hanging until she snaps. Definitely a win-win situation for me as either she shows me her obedience or I get to be even meaner on her when I chastise her, but I know that in the end, she'll reap the benefits of it, too.

After a while I fall asleep, still smiling, content and happy with the woman I love in my arms.

The next morning I sleep in long, at least for my standards, and refuse to acknowledge being awake even when the sun tickles my face. I keep dozing for a while but eventually have to realize that Bella is awake when the bed goes cold and empty next to me. The stress of the last days, both work and relationship related makes me wary to get up, though, so I just stay in bed and enjoy being lazy.

That changes somewhat when I feel the bed dip at my feet, followed by warm skin brushing against mine under the blanket. I'm just about to open my eyes and wish Bella a good morning when her hot, wet mouth slides over my cock, taking in as much as she comfortably can while her fingers wrap around the rest of the shaft and my balls. The words get stuck in my throat and all I can manage is a low moan when she starts sucking me off, expertly manipulating me. Her only reply is a chuckle, the vibrations of which drive me crazy, but of course I don't protest. Instead I relax again and let her fare, eventually bringing one of my hands down to gently tangle my fingers in her hair, but without restricting or guiding her movements.

Coming in her mouth first thing in the morning is a wonderful experience, and once I can think clearly again I wonder if I should ask her to do it more often.

Once she is done cleaning me up Bella smiles at me, then turns her face into the hand previously entangled in her hair and softly kisses the leather wristband similar to her own, before she climbs up the rest of the way to grin into my face.


"A good morning indeed," I reply smiling, then draw her down into a long, passionate kiss.

After that we get up, and while I take a quick shower Bella busies herself with reading through the brochures of the resort and surrounding countryside. Once dressed we leave for the main building to enjoy the breakfast buffet, as usual with such things eating too much so that afterwards we're stuck with lounging in bed and reading until we feel able to move comfortably again.

The weather is cloudy outside but it doesn't look as if it is about to rain any time soon – ideal for my plans. Putting my book down I watch Bella for a little while where she's absentmindedly nibbling on her lower lip, clearly engrossed in her reading material.

"Wanna do something fun?"


She nods but still doesn't look up, inadvertently sealing her fate.

"I think you're wearing way too many clothes for that."

A smile curls up the corner of her mouth, but she keeps ignoring me. That simply won't do.

"Bella?" I pronounce her name very precisely, but she's still oblivious as she flips a page.



Her finger stops in mid-motion, and finally her eyes zoom to me, flitting over my face to take in my mood. A moment later the book is all but forgotten as she starts shedding her clothes. I take my time admiring her body when she comes to stand naked before me where I sit in the easy chair by the window, letting my eyes roam over my canvas.

"Fetch me the dark blue sports bag from the other room."

She scurries off, soon to return with the few toys I've packed. Taking the bag from her I open it but pay attention that she can't see inside, extracting the long coils of bleached hemp rope. At my nod she turns around, facing away from me, and I get up and start on the knots for the rope harness I intend for her to wear instead of underwear today.It's a simple yet time and rope consuming tie, and actually the first real bondage I've done with Bella. Finding the middle point of the rope I drape it around her neck that both ends trail to the floor between her breasts, before I tie the two rope ends together at several places that will later span her torso. Checking that I have the distance right I add another five knots for where the rope will be running between her legs, before I stop and regard her levelly."Are you still convinced that using a small butt plug is beneath you?"She hedges for a moment, then nods."As you wish."Bending down to rummage inside the toy bag until I find the medium sized plug, I then tell her to turn around and bend over. Lubing up the plug and her anus alike I make sure that there's enough lubrication that she won't feel uncomfortable later because of the lack thereof I push it into her, taking a little extra time to fuck her with it than strictly necessary. By the time I have her straighten again her cheeks are a little flushed, and her pussy is wet when I pull the knotted rope between her labia and up her back to her neck again where I tie it to the initial loop that started the harness. Once it is complete she won't be able to get rid of the plug herself, and the knots should stimulate her clit and the exterior of her pussy with their rough texture whenever she moves.I have her raise her arms then and start criss-crossing the two now separated ends of the rope between the front and back parallel starting rope, always going through the intervals between the knots at her front.That way I can comfortably encase her whole torso in a visually appealing way that doesn't really restrict her, but should make her hyper aware of every patch of skin covered, and put some light pressure on her breasts where the ropes run above and below them. Finally down at her ass and hips I tie off the rest of the ropes around her thighs, forcing her to keep her legs slightly open at all times.When I'm done I check some of the connecting knots again, but as there's no real strain on the rope it's not as vital as with suspension. Satisfied with my work I reach for her face and cradling her cheeks in my hands kiss her deeply until I feel her mold her naked and bound body against my fully clothed one."I hope you didn't forget the old clothes you don't really wear anymore that I asked you to bring?""Of course not, Master.""Show me, I'll tell you what to wear."Bella positively glows as she scampers off towards the wardrobe, and soon returns with a small stack of clothes. I look them through critically, then point at a jersey sundress and short cardigan I remember her wearing a lot the summer she hooked up with Mike. That definitely deserves to be ripped to shreds."Wear that, and some shoes you can walk in comfortably.""Socks, too?"I snort, then kiss her again while I slap her ass hard."Smartass. Now hurry up, I expect you kneeling outside on the patio in two minutes."I wait until she's dressed and outside before I grab what I need from the toy bag and put it in a backpack, together with a comfy pair of sweat pants and sweater from the to be discarded pile, too. She probably thinks I just let her stew outside, which is part of the plan, but I also want her as oblivious as I can get her.Once I have everything assembled I follow her outside and lock up behind me, before I draw her to her feet and we set out towards one of the trails leading into the wilderness all around us. Striking up a casual conversation I'm inwardly amused to see her struggle with trying to decide how she should act. In the end our banter is nearly as free and unrestrained as always, but she keeps shooting me looks every time her answer falls short of being polite or well versed. I could have told her to just act normally for the time being, but I like that she's working on that adjusting we've been talking about yesterday.We encounter very few people even on the main path, and then eventually lead her away from that, using one of the many deer trails instead to put a comfortable distance between us and any joggers or other people taking a longer afternoon stroll. I soon find a place that is ideal, and turning to Bella I let her glimpse a hint of the malicious glee running rampant inside of me."See that oak over there? Stand against it, your back facing the tree."She quickly nods and complies, her eyes alight with excitement. I love the way how she keeps looking around, checking if someone can see us, but it seems she's not really concerned about that.Yet."Hands in front of your body."I set the backpack down and get out more rope, and I can see her eyes go wide when she realizes how many yards of hemp rope I've packed. Using one of the shorter coils I tie her wrists together, then have her raise her arms over her head. The oak is gnarly enough that I find a few knobs in the trunk I can run the ropes over to secure them from slipping down, before I tie both ends of the rope behind the massive tree.Kneeling down next to her I wrap a generous amount of rope around each of her ankles, then tell her to spread her legs, her heels against the tree, as wide as she can. Bella complies but looks more uncomfortable already when I drag both ropes around the tree and tie them together there. Now she's helpless and at both ends of her body tied to the tree, and not really able to get herself out of the situation unless she intends to yank on the ropes for an extended amount of time. Eventually my slip knots would open, but I don't think we'll need that failsafe.Picking up another rope from the floor I knot up the middle four inches of it, then turn back to her."Open your mouth."She complies willingly, then lowers her head onto my shoulder so I can tie the ends of the rope gag behind her head. Gathering her hair into an impromptu ponytail I wind the long ends of the rope leading from the gag around it, making sure the knots I place around it don't snag and pull on her long strands. Tugging gently on her hair makes her straighten again, and I can tie the rest of the rope to her wrists, forcing her to either look up or straight ahead, but not onto the floor.I expect that on some level at least she must have guessed I would do something like that with her, but my next move should surprise her."Smile," I tell her, then reach back into the bag and get out the small, portable video camera. Her eyes go very wide and she utters a few grunts around the rope gag caught between her teeth, but I choose not to try to make out the words. Their meaning is clear enough anyway, but I ignore that, too. Walking behind the tree stump a few yards away from the oak I place the camera down on the top, using two small twigs to create an even surface. The angle isn't perfect but then the purpose of that home video is more that she knows now that I'm going to record every single minute of this, not necessarily to use it for later ever. Once she sees the red light come on Bella stops protesting and goes still again, probably reasoning with herself that she can't do anything to prevent this now, and having her mewling on tape might just lead to any kind of punishment later.Making sure I'm not obstructing the view for the camera I return to her, an evil smirk on my face."I love how helpless you are like this. Completely at my mercy, and I can do whatever I want with you."Stepping closer, I reach for her chest, grabbing and fondling her left tit roughly. She grunts in what sounds like real protest, but there's no fear in her eyes, only a certain level of anger."Not really happy right now, are you?"She shakes her head as much as she dares with her hair tied to her wrists, her gaze for a moment pleading, until I twist her nipple cruelly through the fabric of the dress. Pain clouds her gaze for a moment, then she's back to glaring at me again. Next she tries to jerk on the bonds holding her feet apart and tied to the tree, but there is virtually no slack in the ropes, and she gives up after a few moments."You can stop struggling right here, you're only getting out of that if I set you free. And there's no one else here to help you, either. You're mine, and I intend to make the best of that. Not necessarily the best for you, though."I see her swallow hard at my laugh, then her eyes go wide when I grab the faded blue fabric of the dress over her chest and tear, managing to rip it a good six inches on the first attempt. Leering into her eyes I hook my fingers into the ruined fabric and keep tearing, jostling her body hard in the process. With every rough pull the garment falls away further, revealing her creamy, rope adorned flesh to me. A last harder jerk and I'm done ripping the front completely, prompting her to utter a partly frightened, partly defiant sound.Yanking the fabric aside I bare her fully to my gaze, before I bend down and catch first one of her nipples, then the other between my lips, licking and sucking on them until they start puckering up. Then I turn my attention back to the ruined dress and light jacket and keep on ripping it to shreds.Before long she's completely naked except for the shoes – and socks –with the torn fabric littering the floor around the tree. I step a little to the side so that her whole body is in the center focus of the camera, then start fondling her tits again, squeezing them roughly until I see the first fingerprint sized patches stay on the skin. I want her to carry away a few bruises from our adventure in the woods, and if she really wants to take things to the next level she'll better not complain later.Satisfied with the soft sounds she keeps making I let my hand move lower, over the ropes that cover her sex. First I pluck at them, then when I'm satisfied that they don't really move I cup her pussy and rub over the knots, stimulating her clit that way. Bella's eyes roll back in her head for a moment and she moans, but the sound cuts off when I laugh at her tauntingly."So soaking wet already, looks like you're really enjoying this."She's back to glaring at me then, and just for fun I slap her thigh hard a few times. Her teeth sink deeper into the rope of the gag but she doesn't even grunt, and that simply won't do. Stepping away from her I cast a quick look around, but in the end walk back to the backpack to get the leather flogger I've packed instead. I can always spice things up later.Bella knows the impact toy well, it's one of the heavier floggers that leave a thudding rather than stinging sensation, and I usually only use it on her juicy ass. Seeing me approach her now with my intent clear on my face turns most of her defiance into unease, but except for closing her eyes when she sees me take the first swing she doesn't protest.Even through the flogger can inflict quite a lot of pain I start slow and relatively gentle as I hit her outer thighs, taking away her anxiety while I go through the warm-up. After a while I see her relax, and even when I let my aim stray to her stomach and soft inner thighs she doesn't seem frightened anymore. Apprehensive, yes, because she must know I will not keep it to slow and gentler strokes, but as with so many things, the actual sensation is obviously more pleasant for her than painful.After a few minutes of that I stop to tease her nipples a little more and rub her pussy through the rope knots, before I return to flogging her – now also hitting her breasts a few times. It seems to be an acquired taste as the first lighter strokes make her squeal and tense, but once the hits turn steady and a little harder she stops protesting. Varying my aim further I do a good job reddening most of the exposed parts of her body, in the end mostly centered on her tits and inner thighs. I'm pleasantly surprised how well she's responding, and the moment I return to masturbating her, I am rewarded with a very nice lusty moan from her.Time for phase two.After making sure that the circulation in her fingers is still well – they are rosy and warm, so no concern there – I pick up the tatters of her dress and tear off a long chunk. She gives a soft sound of protest when I wind it around her head, making sure that while not cast in darkness, she can't see anything, the fabric covering her face from the hairline down to her nose. To test if she's really properly blindfolded I make as if to slap her face, but I know she can't see anything when she doesn't even tense up, let alone shy away.