He keeps alternating between them, then uses the paddle in between her tits, rapidly slapping the pins on the inside of both of them.

"I'm not distracting you too much, am I?" he asks, his voice deliciously sarcastic.

Eventually Bella manages to get him hard enough for his liking, and I wonder how much harder that must have been compared to if it had been me. I would have gotten a hard-on from hurting her alone, but if I'm not completely mistaken, Jazz has been working against her the whole time like this. Bella's certainly worked up by the time he changes his position to standing beside her so that he can take her head and shove his cock into her mouth. She rises to the challenge with alacrity, and for a while he just enjoys the way she bobs her head vigorously up and down on his cock, his head thrown back and his eyes closed.


She halts immediately, her lips sealed halfway down his dick, and looks a little perplexed when he just steps away from her, his wet, hard cock moving up and down with each of his steps. He eyes the clothespins on her pussy curiously, then walks back to the storage cabinet – and returns with a roll of duct tape.

Bella tries to raise her head and watch what he's doing, but the way she had to move her head for the blow job has strained her muscles too much for now. She gives up when she feels him tug on the pins experimentally, then moans softly when he pulls all the pins on one labia towards her thigh and starts running the tape around her leg and over the pins, fixing them in place there. When the tape holds he does the same with her other leg, leaving her labia spread wide and her pussy open and vulnerable. My cock definitely approves of that setup.

Jazz experimentally flicks her clit, making her jerk briefly, then pant from the pain the motion has caused.

"Oh, I like that," he observes conversationally, then goes to fetch another vibrator. Bella moans when he switches it on and holds it to her clit briefly, then hisses and nearly bucks off the bench when he presses it against all of the clothespins on her right pussy lip.

It's fascinating that he obviously has no problem watching her in pain, even pain he has caused directly, if it's not a vicious kind of pain but rather circumstantial. I wonder for a moment how he justifies it to himself, but as long as he somehow does, I don't really care.

Eventually he seems to grow tired of it, and with a grin still on his face tells Bella to open her mouth. Switching the vibrator off, he slides it between her lips, then leaves it there. He runs his cock up and down between her spread labia, teasing her like that for a while, before he shoves himself deep inside her, making her buck against him in turn. Taking her ankles, he pulls them back to his ass, signaling her to close her legs around him, before he picks up fucking her, hard, fast and deep.

Bella is just about to relax into the motion when he reaches towards her tits and starts to pluck the clothespins off, making her scream around her improvised vibrator gag when the blood comes rushing back into the pinched-off flesh. Soon only the last two pins on her nipples are left, and from the way her eyes widen with trepidation, I can tell that she's dreading their removal.

Jazz stops, his cock deep inside her, then grabs the vibe from between her teeth and brings it to her clit, switching it on again. Bella pants in turn, her fists clenching at the direct pleasurable assault. He keeps watching her face without moving until she finally starts to beg.

"Please, Sir, may I come?"

"So soon already?" he taunts, then resumes fucking her, making her pant hard while she fights to remain in control of herself.

"Yes! Please!"


Her teeth clench and her nails dig into her palms, the way she's trying to hold back stunningly erotic.

"Please, let me come, Sir, I beg you, please! I can't hold it much longer!"

Jazz snorts, then shoves the vibe back into her mouth without switching it off this time.

"That's not exactly my problem, is it?"

She tries to talk around the gag but is unable to get a single word out. After watching her tremble for another ten seconds, Jazz reaches for the two remaining clothespins, taking one in each hand and pulling softly, making her keen in return.

"I will count down from five, then remove them. Only after that are you allowed to come."

Bella nods frantically, her eyes open and fixed on him, then on the pins when he pulls harder on them and starts to count, while at the same time increasing the speed of his thrusts into her.

Then the clothespins come off, and Bella nearly pushes off the table, the back of her shoulders and her ass the only parts of her body still on the bench as she comes with a high-pitched scream. Holding onto her hips the whole time, Jazz keeps fucking her, his own orgasm following when the worst of hers is over. For a moment he sags down on her, his lips kissing the red marks on the soft flesh of her tit, before he pushes away and crouches down between her now slack legs to remove the duct tape.

Spent as she is, Bella whimpers a few times while he unwinds the tape, the noises laced with pain when he has to pull harder to unstick it from the clothespins. Finally the tape is gone and he starts taking the pins off, slowly, one after the other. She jerks a few times but takes the pain mostly in silence, then relaxes further when he rubs her clit with one thumb while massaging her reddened labia with the other hand.

When Jazz is done he straightens, then walks back to her head, unclipping the cuffs from the bench but leaving her wrists still restrained.

"Lick your juices off my cock."

She complies quickly, her motions a little sluggish but with no hesitation in them anymore.

"Now kiss it to thank me."

Again she doesn't hesitate, doesn't question, but still scrunches her nose up when she lets her head fall back onto the bench. Jazz laughs softly, then leans down to kiss her gently on the mouth before he unbuckles the cuffs and helps her off the table. Bella's legs are still a little shaky as they both come walking over to where I straighten up from my crouch on the floor.

"Better now?" Jazz asks, cocking one eyebrow dramatically.

"Don't ask me, ask her," I retort, grinning at them both.

"Well, you certainly had a few problems at the beginning, but I can't complain about the end."

Jazz beams at her words, as if they were that much of a surprise. I nod in agreement, then look pointedly at Bella's ass.

"Haven't you forgotten something?"

"Nope, I figured you'd take care of it and relieve what must be, without a doubt, an uncomfortable hard-on," Jazz replies sagely, then hugs Bella before he walks out of the room, leaving us alone.

Bella looks after him with confusion plain on her face, before she turns to me.

"What was that all about?"

"I think he's trying to give us some privacy," I venture a guess.

"What for? It's not like him to walk out on watching us fuck."

I shrug.

"I think he expects us to do more than just fuck."

It's funny to watch her cross her arms over her chest in a clearly defensive gesture, but the way she looks me is hungry, not weary.

"And do you plan on doing that?"

"You know me, I only ever think with my cock, any way you make me come will do."

She huffs, then steps closer to me so she can kiss me, molding her naked body against mine. Very quickly my clothes are gone and we end up on the floor, me on my back and Bella straddling me, her beautiful breasts, all covered with fading marks, right in front of my face.

I sigh contently as she guides my cock into her pussy, feeling the butt plug rub against me as she sinks down. While I'm horny as fuck I still love letting her take the lead, starting to move on me before she takes my hands and brings them to her tits.

"But be nice to them, my nipples still hurt like fuck ."

"They do?" I tease, then grab her hips for a moment so that I can rearrange myself into a position that allows me to reach her breasts with my mouth instead. "Guess I'll have to do something about that."

"You should," she moans as my hungry mouth finds her left nipple, her hands holding my head in place as I start sucking and nibbling on the pierced flesh. I'm so happy her nipples are finally completely healed so that I can lick them again, much to her ongoing amusement. Today she doesn't tease me about it, though, but instead arches her back in an attempt to urge me on as she presses her tits into my face.

"Yeah, like that!" she grunts as my hand finds her other nipple, deftly pinching the already tormented flesh. "May I rub my clit?"

I'm a little surprised that she asks, seeing as we're obviously not playing, but I don't mind, of course.

"No," I tell her succinctly, then grin up at her when she looks disappointed.

"But you may pinch it. I want to listen to you moan in pain."

Her eyes glaze over a little as she nods, then slips one hand in between our bodies. The angle is a little awkward, though, and after a minute or two she stops moving.

"Do you mind fucking my ass instead?"

"Of course not."

She has the plug out before I can even withdraw my cock, and when I try to push her away so I can grab the lube, she simply takes my dick and pulls it back to her anus, then eases herself down on it.

"There's more than enough lubrication, Jazz got very enthusiastic about it,"

she laughs, then dutifully brings her fingers back to her clit. "Shall we go on?"Instead of answering I thrust upwards into her, then bite down on her nipple while I dig the fingers of my other hand into her aching breast. She clenches hard around me in turn, letting me hear the moan rising up from her, loud and clear.It doesn't take long until I'm close, and when I feel her bear down on me as her own orgasm makes her body shake, I let go, finishing with my cock buried deep inside her."That was fun," Bella pants when I help her off me, and we leave the playroom together. I can always clean up on my own later, but right now I want to rub myself all over her ass in the shower.We find Jazz still in the bathroom, and he looks perplexed that we're done so soon. Bella laughs at his astonishment as she draws me along into the shower."Not all scenes take two hours or longer, and I don't mind still being able to walk out of the playroom without needing additional support. You did a good job, no need to get my kink on any further."It's still early in the day when we're done cleaning ourselves, barely noon, so we don't head for the bed afterwards but downstairs. Bella excuses herself; she has some research to do, or so she says. That leaves Jazz and me to talk about the scene."Better?" he asks, unnecessarily."Lots. You did a good job there finding a balance between her needs and your comfort zone.""It's still kind of weird to play with her," he admits. "And not just because it's her, but because her expectations are kind of, well, intimidating."I sigh, for a moment wondering how often I will have to explain this part to him."Jazz, her expectations as a submissive are simple – she wants you to dominate her, to assume, be, and stay in control of her. That's all. You don't have to cater to all her needs, you don't have to max her out until she's close to using her safeword, she just wants not to be in charge, and to not have to think. It's not your responsibility to do anything that makes you uncomfortable just because you want to indulge her.""I know. You've told me that often enough.""Then why do I have to tell you again?"He shrugs, but doesn't answer."Do you think I'm a hypocrite for having problems being rough with her when I don't have the same issues with you?"No idea why, but his question cracks me up."Uhm, why should I? At least you're honest about that, so no harm done, no deluding anyone, right?""Yeah, but doesn't that make you feel like I, well, don't know, discriminate too much between the two of you?""And why should that be a bad thing?" I want to know, then grab his head and pull him close for a quick yet passionate kiss. "You discriminate between us on other levels, too, and I so don't mind.""True," he huffs, but while I can tell that it was the right answer from me, I think he needs a little more convincing still."Look at it like this – Bella can get her kink on with me, too, and we both enjoy that a lot. But whenever we switch, it's mostly her indulging my needs. I know that she likes it once in a while, but she doesn't need it, and I wouldn't ask it of her more often. Now with you in the picture, she doesn't have to do it unless she wants to, and she does enjoy playing with you on both sides of the equation. Otherwise you wouldn't have had her begging like that. You did a good job once you got your groove on, and you both had fun. That's what counts."Jazz is a little pensive after that."You know, it's kind of strange. I don't want to hurt her, but I like to make her react and writhe like that, which I only manage to do when I hurt her.Still feels hypocritical to me."I sigh, shaking my head."Then you're a lost cause, and the endless guilt will eat you up! Will my bending you over the back of the couch and fucking you long and hard help ease the emotional pain weighing down your soul?""And there I thought we were having a real conversation!" he proclaims dramatically, then leans back and regards me levelly. "Although I wouldn't mind bending you over the back of the couch.""No wrecking the couch or I won't cook for a week!" Bella interjects from across the room, not even looking up from her laptop."That's a serious threat! Not fair!" Jazz complains, then sobers up again, turning back to me. "But I really liked the way she started to respond to me when I picked up the pace a little. That look in her eyes, the way she was begging for it even when she couldn't do so with her mouth.""Now we're talking," I laugh, amused when he sneers in return."I told you before, I'm not into it for the pain, I like the whole power exchange thing way more. Even if it scares the crap out of me, taking all that responsibility and all.""Which just proves that you're the right guy for the job. Don't worry, it gets easier with time, and a hell of a lot more rewarding.""I think I'll just take your word on that," he remarks dryly, then leans closer so that his breath tickles the side of my neck. "Still, as it is right now, I prefer not to be the one who calls all the shots. But maybe if the next time it's you kneeling on the floor, looking up at me with pleading eyes while I fuck your throat, I think I could get used to it faster.""Tease."He laughs until I silence him with my tongue, plunging it into his mouth.Still, I have to admit, I really like the idea myself. It certainly beats playing watchdog all the time.Chapter 35The sound of moaning in my ears.Sweat covering my whole body.The telltale slap of flesh against flesh loud throughout the room.A wet cunt gripping my cock and a hard dick shoving into my ass.My definition of heaven. Nothing beats coming, wedged between the two people I love the most in this world.Jazz laughs softly in my ear as he grips my shoulder, slumping against me while I do my best not to collapse on Bella. Her eyes flutter open slowly when she feels me pull out, and her lips draw back from where her teeth dig into the gag in what I presume is a grin. Leaning down I place a peck on her nose, then laugh when Jazz slaps my ass playfully."I think I'll leave you two love birds alone now, I really need a shower!" he exclaims, and before I can say anything in reply, he's gone."Smartass," I grumble, then can't hold back a chuckle as I turn to Bella. "He only does that so I'm stuck with cleaning up! Don't you think?"She raises one sweaty eyebrow but doesn't say anything, letting her silence speak for itself. Considering she couldn't have said much in the first place with the gag still firmly lodged between her teeth, too large to make even basic vocalization possible, that's probably a good move.I shake my head and call him a lazy dog under my breath, while I set to the task of divesting Bella of the rope that has her tied into a neat, helpless human parcel. When I finally remove the gag from her mouth, she works her jaw slowly and opens and closes her mouth a few times before she makes a face, not quite able to shake off the discomfort yet."It's not like you'd accept any help," she points out, stretching her muscles with a few moves that instantly make me want to bend her over the bench a third time. "Last week you spent half an hour complaining about how the spreader bars belonged in the other cabinet, how he had folded the rope the wrong way, forgotten to bring one of the rope coils back for washing, and put one of the canes in with the crops, and that's not even a comprehensive list. There's a reason we wisely leave you to do your own cleanup, then suffer in silence when you mope about having to do it all by yourself."I snort, but can't deny she has a point. Still I round on her, then grab her head and kiss her roughly, feeling her body mold itself against my own.Moving back, I keep holding her like that, staring deep into her eyes."Just when do you ever suffer anything in silence?"As intended, that makes her crack up, and she keeps grinning at me even when I let go of her again."Like you don't get off on my grunts and moans and screams!""Of course I do. That's the whole point of making you grunt and moan and scream.""And here I thought you were just indulging my needs," she huffs good-naturedly, then watches as I continue to fold the ropes – the right way, of course."You know, I've been thinking," she starts, then waits until I look at her before she goes on. "Jazz will be away for a day next week. Maybe we could plan something fun to do while he's gone?""Define fun?" I ask, more to humor her than anything, as I know I probably won't get to see her at all between Wednesday and Saturday because of my forty-hour shift."Well, you know, the kind that leaves me banged up and unable to walk?"I flash her a grin, because how could I not? But at the same time I feel a wave of regret already seeping through my gut."I'd love to, but -""Before you go raining on my parade, I should probably tell you that I've been on a sneaky mission for the past week, tracking down your colleagues and sweet-talking them into trading shifts with you. I didn't even have to lie much when I told them about our upcoming anniversary, and how I might have planned something, and how it's only possible to do it between Thursday and Sunday next week."I don't know why I'm even surprised to hear that. Ever since she stopped being the shy, polite little trophy wife that Mike wanted her to be, she has turned into a persuasive force of nature that no one is able to withstand, or say 'no' to. I still offer her a stern look, but she only grins back.