“You’re going to have to tell me to stop if I move too fast.”

Her hands shook as she slid them into my hair, dug her nails into my scalp. “I won’t.”

I kissed up her chin to her mouth, sucking and licking, tasting every millimeter of her soft lips and sweet hungry tongue. I wanted her to lick me, suck marks into my chest and feel the bite of her teeth on my hips, my thighs, my fingers. I felt a little like a criminal unchained, sucking and biting at her, stepping away from her only long enough to pull our jackets off, tug my own shirt over my head, unzip her dress, and push it to the floor. With a flick of my fingers her bra came undone and she shrugged out of it, stepping into my arms. Her br**sts pressed against my skin and I just wanted to rub on her, wild and f**king inside her already.

She pushed me back, taking my hand and leading me down the hall to her bedroom, throwing me a little smile over her shoulder.

Her room was tidy, sparse. A king bed was positioned against one wall, which, other than Hanna, was basically all I saw. She stood in only her panties, hair loose and soft around her shoulders as she looked from my chest, up my neck, to my face.

The room seemed to tick in the silence.

“I’ve thought about this so many times,” she said, hands running up my stomach and then lightly tickling through the hair on my chest. She traced the patterns of the tattoo on my left shoulder, trailed her fingers down my arm. “God, it feels like I’ve been thinking about this forever. But actually having you here . . . I’m nervous.”

“You have no reason to be nervous.”

“It helps me when you tell me what to do,” she admitted in a small voice.

I cupped her breast, lifting it and bending my head to suck the tight peak into my mouth. She gasped, hands sliding into my hair. I smiled into a sharp bite at the full curve below her nipple. “You could start by taking off my pants.”

She unfastened my belt, tugged the buttons free on my jeans. I’d grown obsessed with the memory of the way her hands shook when she was excited like this, a little nervous, too. I studied her almost-naked body in the dim street light filtering in from outside: her neck and breasts, the dip of her waist, curved h*ps and long, soft legs. I reached forward, ran two fingers down her navel and between her thighs, gliding over the fabric of her underwear.

Sliding a knuckle beneath the lace and through the heady slickness there, I whispered, “I love your skin, love feeling your wet.”

“Step out of your pants,” she said, coyly. “You can touch me all night.”

I blinked, realizing my jeans were pooled around my ankles and I stood only in my boxers. She hadn’t taken those off; whether she was nervous still, or just wanted one more chance to remove something, it was all fine with me. I pulled my feet free and walked her backward to her bed, urging her down. She inched back, pushing toward the headboard as I crawled over her. Hanna’s gray eyes were wide and clear—my thrilled, breathless prey.

Her panties were light blue, accentuating the creamy color of her skin, making her look like she was made of blown glass. Only the tiny freckle on her navel hinted that she was even remotely real.

“Did you wear these for him?” I asked before my brain had time to think better of it.

She looked down at the lace, and I moved my eyes up to her full, plump br**sts as she said, “I didn’t even let him take my shirt off. So, I don’t think I wore them for him.”

I kissed down her belly to the elastic hem of her underwear. Hanna had never been timid, or flighty, but this was all new. She was propped on her elbows, watching. Beneath where I was braced over her, she was trembling, her heart beating so fast I could see the trip of her pulse in her neck. This didn’t feel like our standard game of How to Play Sexbomb, didn’t have that veneer. This felt too real, and Hanna looked too perfect lying almost na**d in front of me. I’d kick my own ass for an eternity if I ever f**ked this up. “Well, then I’ll pretend that you wore them for me.”

I pulled at the elastic with my teeth, releasing it with a sharp snap against her hip. “And I’ll pretend that whether you’re na**d or clothed, you’re always thinking about me.”

She looked up at me, gray eyes wide and searching. “Lately, I think I am. Does that worry you?”

Looking up the length of her body, I asked, “Why would it worry me?”

“I know what this is about, Will. I don’t expect you to be anything you’re not.”

I had no idea what she meant; in truth I had no idea what this could or couldn’t be, and for once I didn’t want to define it before it even started. Inching up so my face hovered just over hers, I bent to kiss her, whispering, “I don’t know where to start.”

I felt wild and a little rough, wanting to eat her and f**k her and feel those lips around me. I had a flash of fear that this was all a fleeting moment, a single night, and I had to find a way to condense everything into a few hours. “I’m not going to let you sleep.”

Her eyes widened, and she gave me a tiny smile. “I don’t want to sleep.” Tilting her head, she said, “And start with the first thing I told you in the elevator.”

I kissed my way down her neck, chest, ribs, stomach. Every inch of her was tight and smooth and twitching under my lips, wanting. She never closed her eyes, never once. I’d been with women who watched, but it had never felt like this, so f**king intimate and connected.

As I got closer to the space between her legs, I could see her muscles tense, heard her breath hitch. I turned my head, sucked on her inner thigh. “I’m going to lose my f**king mind with my mouth on you.”

“Will, tell me what to do,” she said, her voice tight. “I’ve never . . .”

“I know. You’re perfect,” I told her. “You like watching?”

“Why, Plum? Why do you watch everything I do?”

She hesitated, holding back some truth in a little swallow. “You know how to . . .” She let the words trail away, ending the thought with a one-shouldered shrug.

“You mean you like to watch me because I know how to make you come?”

She nodded again, eyes widening as I pulled at her panties, sliding them down over her hips.

“You can make yourself come with your hand. Do you watch your hand when you touch yourself?”

I pulled her underwear the rest of the way down her legs, tossing them behind me and onto the floor before returning to the stretch of mattress between her spread legs.

“That can make you come. Does looking at your vibrator make you this wet?” I dipped a finger inside, raising myself up and over her again, slipping the same fingertip into her mouth. She moaned, sucking hard and pulling me closer to kiss her instead. Her lips tasted like sex and heat and, fuck, I wanted to taste her directly. “Is it because you like watching me do this to you?”

“Don’t go shy on me now.” I kissed her, sucking on her bottom lip. “Are you being a little engineer, watching the mechanics of how a man would lick your pussy? Or is it the image of my mouth doing it?”

She ran her hands down my chest and wrapped them around my c**k through my boxers, giving me a slow, hard squeeze. “I like watching you.”

Groaning, I managed to say, “I like when you watch me. I can’t think straight when you have those crazy gray eyes on me.”

“Now let go so you can watch my mouth.”

I paused, searching her expression. She’d sounded scared, but her face was only hunger.

“I won’t,” I said, kissing down her neck, over her breasts, sucking, nipping. I moved farther down her body, and her thighs shook as I pushed them apart, blowing a soft stream of air across her heated flesh.

She propped herself up on her elbows again, and I gave her one more smile before dipping my head and opening my mouth over her sweet slide of skin. My eyes rolled closed at the heat of her, and I groaned, sucking gently.

With a shaky cry, her head fell back, h*ps arching from the bed. “Oh God.”

I smiled into her, licking up one side and down the other before covering her cl*twith my tongue, circling over and over and over.

I wouldn’t. I couldn’t. I added my fingers, sliding them lower to where she was wettest and sweetest, and the heavy drag of my touch as I pushed two fingers into her caused her to fall back, reach blindly for the headboard. As I watched, she turned her head, pulled the pillowcase between her teeth, tugging. Tiny sounds of pleading misery and pleasure slipped from her lips and I did everything I could to not let up on the intensity of it for a single f**king second.

She was right there, hovering at the edge. Fucking her with two fingers, I pushed them deep, sucking her so hard my cheeks hollowed, staring up the length of her body at her f**king perfect br**sts and long neck. With a twist of my wrist, she arched off the mattress, pushing into my mouth. Hanna let out a cry again and again as she contracted around my fingers.

I was so hard I was practically f**king the mattress, and I could feel the tightening of the tendons in her thighs, relished the way her sounds became strained and higher and her hands reached down, threading into my hair and fuck, she started to rock into me, legs wide and h*ps fast, unself-consciously f**king my face for several long, perfect minutes. Oral sex had never felt so much like f**king as it did with this woman, and I gave into it, wild and wide open, roughly devouring her.

With a cry she came again, sweet and hot, her hands pulling so hard on my scalp I thought I might come right along with her. I couldn’t close my eyes, couldn’t for one second look away from the sight above me on the bed. I sucked and sucked on the silk of her skin, completely f**king lost in the feel of her.

“Please,” she gasped, legs shaking and eyes as dark and heavy as I’d ever seen them. She pushed up on one elbow, leaving the other pulling at my hair. “Come up here.”

I pushed my boxers down, dragging the weight of my c**k against her leg as I slid up her body, tasting, licking the dip of her belly button, the rise of her breasts, the tight pull of her nipples.

I wanted to f**k every part of her: the valley between her br**sts and the sweet fullness of her mouth, her round backside, and her soft, capable hands. But right now I wanted only to slide into the warmth of her sex. Her legs spread wider as she reached for her bedside table, for a box of condoms. I stared at the flush blooming across her chest, absently pulling along the length of my cock, until I registered she was extending the box to me.

Pushing the box into my hand, she nodded, eyes wide and pleading.

“I don’t know how to put it on,” she whined sweetly, fingers fumbling to open the packaging. She opened it messily, cardboard ripping wide open, and a snake of condoms spilled out onto her stomach.

I tore a single packet from the train and handed it to her, pushing the others onto the bed beside her. “It’s not complicated. Take it out, roll it down my dick.”

Her hands shook, and I hoped it was anticipation rather than nerves but I was quickly relieved when she reached for me, hungrily, and covered the head of my c**k with latex.

But I knew immediately it was on the wrong way; it wouldn’t unroll.

She realized it after several painful seconds, tossing it away with a little growl and a “damnit!” before grabbing another packet.

I was hard and swollen and so f**king ready I could feel my teeth grinding as she pulled the second condom out, studying it closely, and this time put it on the right way. Her hands were warm and her face was so close to my cock, I could feel her excited breath on my thighs.

She unrolled it awkwardly, fingers too tentative and light, and the whole process seemed to take an eternity. She slid it over me in tiny increments as if I were made of glass and not about to f**k her so hard the bed would drop into the apartment below us.

When she reached the base of my cock, she exhaled in relief, lying back and pushing her h*ps to me. But with an evil smile, I pulled the condom off and tossed it away.

Gritting my teeth through my agony, I told her, “Again. Don’t be so tentative. Put the condom on my dick so I can f**k you.”

She stared up at me, silver eyes full of confusion. And finally, they cleared as if she’d been able to hear my thoughts: I don’t want you to have a single second of uncertainty. I am as hard as I have ever been in my life, I just sucked your pu**y until you were screaming, and I’m not f**king delicate.

With her eyes on mine, she lifted the package to her teeth, tore it open, and pulled out the roll of latex. Feeling the shape, she turned it in her hand, rolled it down my length smoothly, quickly, giving me a rough squeeze at the base. She slid her hand down lower, pulled gently on my balls, and then slid her hand to my inner thigh.

“Good?” she whispered, stroking the sensitive skin there, no smile, no frown, simply needing to know.

I nodded, reaching to run my thumb over her cheek. “You’re perfect.”

With a relieved smile she leaned back and I followed, sliding through the heat of her sex, teasing her, teasing myself, and fuck, I was dizzy with how much I wanted her. My h*ps were tense, ready to arch and thrust, spine already itching with the need to explode inside this woman.