Close enough I was bent backward as he curled over me, his lips parting only enough to let loose another deep sound as his tongue slid into my mouth, tasting me.

Close enough that I was positive he felt my heart hammering through my chest.

Close enough for me to feel him growing hard, longer, pressing into my stomach.

I was so wildly, deliriously hungry for him, for this, that I let out tiny gasps, a tight moan at the feel of his tongue sliding over mine. I barely had time to process what I was saying before “Niall. Please,” escaped.

“Please what?” He slid his lips to my ear, kissing, exhaling in a shaking gust of air. “Anything.”

I felt his small laugh. “I believe I was kissing you.”

“Show me,” he whispered against my mouth. “Show me where you ache.”

I couldn’t stop the small whimper that escaped my throat, and I pulled back, just enough to meet his eyes.

Turning my hand so that our palms touched, I twisted my fingers with his, bringing them up to place a single kiss on the back of his hand. His gaze flickered from my eyes to my mouth, and back again, before he nodded, slowly. Hands still entwined, I brought them between us and down until together they slipped beneath the hem of my skirt.

“Yes,” he groaned, feeling bare skin as we moved up together, finally brushing the damp fabric of my panties. I took a step back, and then another, bringing him with me until my back was pressed against the door.

He followed my lead, fingertips slipping beneath the lace to skim along my skin, slick from wanting him.

“Already,” he gasped moving back and forth so easily.

I nodded but couldn’t form even a single word in response. I wanted him so much it hurt, and now he was touching me, finally, his long index finger smoothing along my bare flesh to slip over and between, finally to where I wanted him most of all.

I gave him every thought before I was even conscious of it.

He traced the same path again, along my entrance and back up to my clit with a surprisingly competent touch for someone who wasn’t even sure whether the woman he’d spent over a decade with had enjoyed the nights they shared together. His lips moved from the corner of my mouth to my jaw and then up, finally tracking the shell of my ear.

“This is what I’ve wanted,” he whispered. “What I think about. What I thought about last night. I thought about your soft tongue, how you would feel just here. What it would feel like to slip into your body, your mouth. I think about it nearly to the point of obsession.”

I pushed back into the door, wanting to escape the increasing urgency of his touch, or needing the support it offered me, I wasn’t sure. I only knew that I was lost, only a breath away from falling apart so completely he might never be able to put me back together.

“Inside,” I whispered, voice breaking. “Want to come with you inside me.”

“When you speak this way . . .” he said, but did as I asked. He pushed one finger into me, and then two, pumping deeply. “Bloody hell . . .”

Sensation built, making my legs weak and my kisses distracted and wet all over his lips, his chin. My desperate sounds carried only so far as his mouth before he consumed them. His thumb circled, firm and sure, as fingers slid in and out. I could swear he was pushing deeper with every stroke, reaching something inside me that was wild and untouched.

And then, the feeling built until it was spilling over and I came, my body arching into his hand. His mouth found mine again, and he whispered things I only barely understood.

“Give me your sounds,” he said. “Let me keep them to think about tonight.”

But we had all night together, I remembered. No meetings and no dinners planned with anyone from the conference. Nobody that would interrupt us. I wondered if he knew that, too. Maybe doing this here was easier, with the distant sounds of office life coming from the other rooms around us, reminding us both that we couldn’t take it too far. Maybe—

“I can’t believe I’m the one saying this,” he said, rubbing his nose along mine, “but stop thinking.”

“Just . . . wow,” I said, wanting to slip like warm honey down to the floor. Regretfully, he pulled his hand from my skirt and wrapped his arms around me, keeping me upright.

“We should do that again,” I said, feeling my stupid grin.

“Just seeing how quickly you fell apart in my arms . . .”

He glanced at the door, his expression falling the smallest bit. “But we’ve been gone for some time; we should join the others.”

“You—” I started, eyes flickering down to his cock.

He was still hard—impressively so—but he stilled my hand when I reached for his belt. “Quite used to it by now, I can assure you.”

As if on cue, a voice called out from the other end of the hall. Time was up.

For now, I thought. We had an entire night, and I planned on enjoying every second of it.

I could sense from the way Ruby kept glancing at me that she was up to something.

“What?” I mouthed when she’d trapped that full pink bottom lip between her teeth and finally looked up at my face after staring at my neck, my arms, my hands.