My fingers dug into the flesh of her ass as I pulled back and plunged deeper. Groaning in pleasure, I bit her shoulder, and she began to beg. “Please, harder. I want to feel you there tomorrow.”

Any sanity I was holding onto left. I picked her up sinking her deeper onto my rigid cock and carried her to the bed where I dropped to the softness with her. Not wanting to pull away. I had to pull out in one quick movement and flip her on her stomach. “Ass in the air,” I ordered.

She did it without question. On all fours, she stuck it up higher and I was hammering inside her immediately. Her cries became more frantic as did my breathing. I slapped her ass as hard as I could without really meaning to hurt her. Just to make it sting.

“Oh God!” she screamed. “I’m coming!” her body began to shake and her climax pulsed with my dick still locked inside her. I shook with the need to explode. It felt so fucking amazing it was all I could think about. Just before I lost the small amount of control I had left, I pulled back until I was free from her and cried out her name as my load covered her upturned ass.

Her body was still quivering, and my legs were weak. Too weak to move. We stayed there. Her head now rested on the bed. All that could be heard was both of us gasping for breath. That had been more. Much more than I expected. It had been addicting. I could tell myself it was too dangerous to do this again, but I’d be a fool. I wanted more. Hell, I wanted more as soon as I could take a deep breath again.

She began to lower her entire body to the bed.

“I need to clean you,” I told her enjoying the look of my seed on her skin.

“M’kay,” she said softly, still sinking until she was pressed completely against the mattress.

Smiling at the simple beauty of it I found the strength to stand and went to the bathroom to get a wet washcloth. I cleaned her quickly then covered her up. She lifted her head and looked at me. “You’re coming to bed too?”

Lila’s always perfect hair was mused. Her eyes were heavy, the lashes fanned her cheeks. The flush on her face was still there, and nothing had ever looked so damn beautiful in my life. “Yeah. I am.”

I climbed in beside her and covered us both pulling her back against my chest. I’d be hard in a few fucking minutes, but she’d be asleep too soon to notice. I inhaled the smell of her hair and her hand covered mine.

It took less than two minutes for her breathing to slow. She was asleep in my arms, and I knew nothing would ever be the same for me. The ruin I had feared was much worse than that. I wasn’t ever going to be able to let go.

HIS SMELL I recognized before I even opened my eyes. The warmth from his arms made me sigh and sink in closer. This had been better than I dreamed. And I had dreamed about this more than I cared to admit. Reminding myself it was for a short time, that it wasn’t forever caused a sharp pain of loss so I pushed it away. For now, I would enjoy this time I did have. Each moment we had together, I would soak it all in.

“If you keep squirming closer we’re gonna fuck before we get fully awake,” his sleepy voice startled me, and I giggled. I never giggled, but I did then. It felt nice. Last night the alcohol had given me the courage I needed. This morning there were no regrets. No wishing it had been different. Because after opening up to him and walking back to the hotel I had sobered enough. I remembered every detail. I’d never forget a moment.

“Lila,” his deep raspy voice warned as I pressed my body further into him. “You’ve got to be sore,” he said as he kissed my shoulder.

He inhaled sharply then rolled on top of me. His naked body loomed over me. His hair messy and his eyes still heavy from sleep. “You’ve found your naughty mouth and you like it, don’t you?” he asked as his knee opened my thighs.

Then he was inside me. That fast. I closed my eyes tightly, and gasped from the tenderness and the pleasure.

“Hurt?” he asked as he stayed completely still.

“Yes. But like I said, a good pain,” I told him opening my eyes back to look at him. “Make it hurt more.”

“Jesus, Lila. You’re gonna kill us both,” he groaned as he began to move. Pumping his hips in and out of me. His mouth trailed kisses over my collarbone and up my neck. His warm breath on my ear only heightened the feeling. “Say more dirty shit from that pretty mouth,” he said in a whisper before nibbling on my ear.

I opened my legs wider lifting my knees to lock on his hips. “I want to feel you come inside me. To feel the heat from your release spill down my thighs,” I told him, and he froze.

“Fuck, Lila. Don’t say that kind of shit if you don’t want me to explode.”

“I do want you to explode.”

His arms shook as he held himself completely still. “Are you on birth control?”

I smiled up at him. “Yes. I don’t want to be a mommy any time soon.”

He moved then, his expression fierce. “I’m clean. I’d never have touched you without a condom if I didn’t know I was completely clean.”

I trusted him. He was a lot of things, but he wouldn’t put me in any danger. I knew that. “Then come inside me.”

His hips began to pound against me. All other thoughts fell away. All I felt was the climb to my own climax. I could hear his breath deepen and his muttered curse words. I opened my eyes and atched his arms flex with each movement.

When I jerked up against him and wrapped my legs around his waist to hold him there, I cried out his name.

“Goddamn, Lila,” he swore, and then I felt it. All of it as he gave me exactly what I had begged for. I wanted this to last forever. I wouldn’t think about the day it would all end. Because at this moment, I had it all.

He rolled to the side taking me with him. We were both panting and sweaty as our bodies stayed plastered against each other. No talking was needed or even possible. I was trying to catch my breath and come back to earth. Sex had never been so good. But then my experience was limited. Very limited. I couldn’t imagine it got better than this though.

Cruz’s hand began to play with my hair casually. I turned my head to look at him, and his eyes were closed. I had always hated that he was so breathtakingly handsome. It made my feelings for him even harder to ignore. I would watch him and be disgusted with myself for doing it. The way he walked, carried himself, the sound of his voice, and that smile of his. All of it was impossible not to notice. All females noticed him.

“Let’s go north. What about Memphis?” he said with his eyes closed.

“Memphis? What’s in Memphis?” I asked enjoying the freedom to look at him.

“Fucking Graceland is in Memphis,” he smirked then.

“You mean you want to see where Elvis lived?” I laughed as I said it.

He tilted his head to look at me and opened one eye. “Hell yeah, I do. That shit is supposed to be tacky. Who wants to miss that?”

I didn’t care where we went. I was good with anywhere. “Okay. Memphis it is then.”

“You called your parents?” His question surprised me.

“You better,” he sighed. “I’m sure they all know we are together now. Nate would have told them.”

He ran a hand over his face and groaned. “Grant is going to kill me.”