My tongue circled the head and he hissed as his hand fisted in my hair. My ponytail wrapped around his hand as he began to pull and push my head as I worked my mouth over him.

“I don’t want to know why you’re so good at this. Jesus, Lila, holy hell this is better than all the times I’ve imagined this while taking a shower.”

I smiled up at him, and he smirked as his chest rose and fell rapidly. I watched him. Keeping our eyes connected as I ran my tongue over him. Teasing. Flicking the tip and then going back down on it.

“God, baby, just like that. Fuck, that’s good.”

I had never wanted to give a guy a blow job before. But Cruz. I’d imagined this and thought about it. Wished for it. More than once over the past few years.

“I can’t,” he groaned and pulled me back then tossed me on the bed. His eyes were dark, pupils dilated. With one tug, he had my pajama bottoms and panties off. The firm muscular body I was fascinated with covered me. “Open for me, Lila,” he demanded.

My thighs fell open, and he captured both my wrists and held them over my head. Pinned to the mattress. “I was gonna be fucking sweet, but now I need this pussy. You’ve made me crazy, and this won’t be anything resembling sweet, baby.”

The first thrust was hard and I cried out from the pain but my body tingled with pleasure.

“You,” he growled then plunged into me again. “Can’t. Suck my dick like a pro and look like an angel and expect me to be sane.”

I started to laugh when he filled me again and again, taking my breath. All my thoughts. Just the steady climb toward the release I knew was coming. The beautiful explosion that was only possible in his arms.

“I’m addicted to this. To you. Your goddamn pussy,” he said it like he was angry about it. But then he began kissing my neck and taking little bites of my skin. It was erotic and sweet even if he thought it wasn’t. Cruz would never be like Eli. He wasn’t structured, polite, or predictable. Those were traits that I had. I craved something else. I craved the excitement of Cruz’s wildness, dirty mouth, rule breaking. All the things I wasn’t. It balanced me. He was my fit.

“Lila,” he said as he lifted his head and sank into me completely.

“I love you, but I’m about to flip you over and fuck you like a paid for it.”

I didn’t have time to respond before he had me on all fours and his hands were on my hips as he began to pound into me from behind. I lost my breath. The angle where he entered me sent me closer to the climax I craved.

“So fucking proper and perfect with your ass up in the air for me to fuck,” he said between thrusts. “Come for me baby,” it sounded like a command. My body reacted like it was one.

I burst into flames and cried out his name. He pulled free and unloaded his release all over my backside. I felt the heat of the liquid as it hit me. We both went still. My body was humming from being taken so fiercely.

“I’ve got a thing for coming all over your body,” he drawled.

“I like it,” I admitted smiling into the pillow I had collapsed on.

“Stay right here,” he said as if I had the energy to get up and go anywhere. I was close to passing out. Sleeping for a bit sounded good. My body spent in the best way imaginable.

A warm cloth startled me as it ran over my back, bottom and between my thighs. With one last wipe, he slid it over the sensitive area between my thighs and I gasped.

He lay down beside me pulling me against him. “Sorry I was so rough. You set me off with the world class cock sucking.”

I giggled and buried my head in his chest.

“Laugh all you want. You’re a pro, and now that your mouth isn’t on my dick I am a little worried about how you got so damn good.”

I moved so I could see him. His arms still around me. “You’ve slept with hundreds of women, and you’re worried about my blowjob abilities?”

I laughed then. Simply because I had only done this once before and I wasn’t a big fan of it then.

“Glad you think I’m funny,” he didn’t sound pleased.

“What if I said I’m worried about the fact you can undress a girl and be inside her in less than thirty seconds?”

He was still scowling. “I’d say you knew I was a whore. I know you’re a good girl. There’s the difference.”

I buried my head in his neck and traced a heart on his chest. “It was because it was you,” I finally admitted.

“It was you. I wanted to. I’d dreamed about it. Fantasized. You know.”

He pulled back and tilted my head back until I had to look at him. “Are you telling me you’ve been fantasizing about sucking my dick?”

“Damn, baby. All you had to do was say ‘Cruz, can I suck your dick?’ and I’d have made that dream come true a lot faster.”

I HAD SHIT to fix. It was vital that I handled it before it was too late. Some secrets were best kept that way. Mine was one of them. I wasn’t going to lose Lila Kate now that I had enough guts to admit I wanted her. That I loved her. I’d jumped in and done this. I wasn’t letting go. Nor was I going to let her.

She’d become as important to me as breathing. Scary as hell. But the truth.

Leaving her to work at her studio while I went to the club for a meeting with Dad would have been the safe thing. The smart thing. But the idea of leaving her hadn’t been appealing so I asked her to come with me, and we’d have lunch.

She didn’t want this world. She had run from it. She had moved across town. Yet I was reminding her that I was this world. I would one day own the club and all that came with it. Sure, she knew where my future was but I still didn’t want to remind her. Not this damn soon.

When we pulled up to valet and got out of the car to go inside, she seemed happy enough. I slid my arm around her waist and she didn’t freeze or act nervous. She was fine with this public display of affection. I was just beginning to enjoy myself when Shelby, a waitress whose last name I did not remember, came walking out of the dining room. I muttered a curse under my breath when her eyes locked on me and she smiled. Completely nonplussed by the fact my arm was around Lila Kate’s waist.

“Cruz,” she said giving me a smile that was too familiar. Too damn sexual.

“Hello,” I replied with a nod hoping to keep walking on past her. She was an employee; therefore, it was a given I should know who she was. It wasn’t a given, however, that I should know that she got a Brazilian wax once a month.

“I’m just getting off the breakfast shift.” She winked at me as if this meant something.

“Then enjoy the rest of your day.” Hopefully, she took the hint. Her eyes shifted from me to Lila Kate, and they widened as if just now realizing I was with someone.

“Are y’all . . .” she didn’t finish that question as she wagged her finger back and forth at both of us.

“Yes, we are,” I replied. “Enjoy your Saturday.” I then moved on hoping Shelby was done with her questioning.

“You don’t have to get so tense when that happens. Cruz. I’ve known you my entire life. It’s going to happen a lot.”

I gazed down at Lila Kate. “I wish I could make it stop. I don’t want you to be uncomfortable.”